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The Trading Post Needs to Change

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February 21, 2014 - 5:59pm -- Lee B.

Have you ever had a high ticket item and tried to sell it on the Trading Post? I’m talking the sort of item that either has a huge price jump, or an item that is exchanging hands swiftly. Typically this surrounds crafting materials, but it does bleed out into things like dyes and some exotics. If you have you undoubtedly know exactly what I am going to say next: The Trading Post is utter frustration.

When I attempted to sell a Mystic Forge Conduit for 450 gold I was undercut once by two guys who put their listing for 449 gold 99 silver and 99 copper, then by a guy who dropped the price down to 430 gold, then by another guy who cut it down to 429 gold 99 silver and 99 copper. I eventually had to settle down to 400 gold in order to get this item off of me. Woe is me and the gross profit I made despite having to cut fifty gold, right?

This is dumb!

Seriously. Just look at those single copper differences. Dumb.

Most of you will probably note that I essentially participated in the same strategies I am ranting about. Where the popular practice on the Trading Post in undercutting the other guy so you can get to the top of the “buy now” to get your gold immediately. So what right do I have to rant, right?

The difference is that I did a strategy where I was willing to sell the Conduit at the lowest price that I would be pleased with in order to deter other sellers from undercutting me further. The strategy where a person undercuts by a single copper does nothing but to put themselves to the front of the line. It completely screws over everyone else behind them.

Why can’t we all just work together to screw over the buyers and make the biggest profit possible? I want more gold, dang it! Relisting is a pain for everyone in the higher price market. Yes I realize this will screw me over somewhere else down the road but at least I’ll have the gold to deal with it!

Some of you might be saying “Well who cares about the moving of high priced items? Your rant clearly doesn’t fit into the ‘normal’ market.” The normal market suffers just as much as the high priced market. There is a whole different type of argument for that market that would turn this into a five page piece. I’ll save that for later.

Bottom line is that the current Trading Post deals mainly in frustration for everyone involved. Maybe a 5% minimum difference in listings would be a solution for both sides of the market. Maybe we ought to switch to a proper Auction House.

Frankly, I think these options are too nice. I think there should be an option to turn on open world PvP for the person who gets undercut by another by one copper. We don’t get to know their names but we do get to know the server they’re on. If we kill them before their listing sells we get the tax they paid.

Let the hunt commence!