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Top Five Moments of Living World Season One

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March 18, 2014 - 1:17am -- Lee B.
Top Five Moments

Tomorrow is officially the end of the first Living World season and throughout we have seen some great reveals or awesome stories. I wanted to share some of my favorite moments that I have seen that I will always look back on and say “Yeah. I was there and that was awesome.” This spans all the way back to the Shadow of the Mad King to the Battle for Lion’s Arch and covers singular moments within their respective updates.

5. Heal-o-Tron Proves Its Innocence


Who doesn’t love Job-o-Tron (aka Hobo-Tron and Ho-Ho-Tron) in all the roles it has played until this point? Nobody really weighed its significance in Southsun, but when we saw it at the Queen’s Jubilee everyone was buzzing about this quirky golem that was squeezing in on the turf of a minstrel. It has had quite a long, difficult road and the ending of the Prime Hologram fight really let us see it move on to a new chapter in its existence. I know it may be a bit early to call this a truly unforgettable moment but I know I will look back and smile when thinking about if it truly experienced joy.

4. Meeting Marjory Delqua

It was when we first met Marjory, during Dragon Bash update, in that film noir styled cinematic that I knew we were dealing with a badass here. While there is much to be said about the things she has done meeting her in that cinematic showed us who we were dealing with and why we needed to be interested. She came out as a character with personality and ArenaNet made sure that cinematic, and the character, are still something we talk about to this day.

3. Beating King Toad

King Toad

Maybe I’m bad at jumping puzzles and things of that nature but finally reaching King Toad and figuring out how to beat him was very satisfying. It took me so many runs to learn how to dodge his attacks and how to chuck the shards into his mouth at the right times. When I finally watched that punk sink into the swamp so I could collect my extra heart from his crown? I probably let out the loudest, glorious battle cry of victory that probably deafened the guys on my Ventrilo. Sorry guys.

2. Ellen Wins!

Ellen Wins!

One of my favorite moments because of the full community involvement in invoked. Everyone had an opinion, everyone voted in some form and it made it an absolute blast to be part of it. This was the most fun I had in a Living World update because I knew this was in the players’ hands. Everything that had to do with the future of these characters involved us and I am so glad I was part of it. ELLEN 4 LYFE!

1. Defeating the Ancient Karka

Death to the Ancient Karka!

Despite the lag. Despite the disconnects. Despite everything that went wrong. That is still one of my favorite boss fights of all time in Guild Wars 2. This makes the top of my list because of the creativity, absolute fun this fight was supposed to be and for the fact that it was an exclusive event for those who were on at the right time.

Think about it, guys, this is the only “world boss” we’ve faced that actively ran through an entire zone in our fight against it. We utilized terrain, we fought through every minion the Ancient Karka had and it concluded in an epic fall into lava. It was an amazing fight that I know would blow people away if they had the knowledge they do today about their servers.

ArenaNet has left me with some lasting memories for this season that easily will fit into some of my all-time favorites in my gaming history. I hope they learned a lot from the first season and continue to give us these awesome moments. Hopefully they will blow us all away and beat this list!

Agree or disagree with these choices? Have some favorite moments of your own to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below or shoot me a message @CanadasMathlete on twitter!


Manassas's picture
Submitted by Manassas on

It's funny how opinions can differ, because that abysmal Karka fight is perhaps the worst gaming moment I've had since Deus Ex 2. It was so pointless and boring and it dragged on forever and ever. In the end I gave up staying awake for it so I logged off and stayed off and away from the game for most of a year. I only came back recently for the escape and the battle for Lions Arch, which definitely ranks as the best I've seen in the game so far.

Galen's picture
Submitted by Galen on

Oh, dear friend, you have missed much in your year's absence.  Not all of it good, but some of it fantastic!

I must admit, however, I saw the Karka fight both ways.  The lag was so horrible that it was nearly mind numbing, and it played into one of the greatest failiings of the game at the time, that being killed by mystery mobs that didn't show up on your screen do to cropping.  I will, howver, always keep in my mind the images of the naked reving brigade, made up of players who had died so many times all their armor was broken and they were naked, sticking around and running around reving people.  Hysterical!

of course, another great moment, is the moment they finally managed fix that whole cropping issue.  I don't really remember when it was, but it was a fantastic moment in GW history!

I think one of my favorite living storys, however, has to have been the Bazzar of the Three Winds.  The conection to Glint and all the fun of Sanctum Sprint....I thought the entire island was a great treat.  I can't wait to see if they bring it back this year for even more fun.