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Top 6 Things to Do This Week!

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February 25, 2014 - 9:00pm -- Lee B.
Top 6 Things to Do This Week!

Now is the time to gather up those limited resources that might not be around after the newest update hits. There are all sorts of things to gather, too, like all the special consumables from the merchants and the drops from the Aetherblade Supplies. You don't want to be caught struggling to get these all last minute, especially when you consider that most of these new items are account bound. You can find our list of what items can be purchased where at our Merchant Guide.

1. Gather Spinal Blade Blueprint Scraps and Blade Shards.

Colored Spinal Backpacks

In particular you will want to get those Spinal Blade Blueprint Scraps and Blade Shards. You will want to make at least four different backpacks for yourself so that you can have one normal Blade Pack and, when the new update hits, be able to make the three special colored back pieces. That will be 925 Blade Scraps per backpack, so about 3,700 total. This is assuming that they don't introduce something else we can do with these scraps.

After that you can sell the spare Blueprint Scraps well after the update for a gross mark-up due to these items not dropping anymore.

2. Make sure you have Endless Quaggan Tonics, especially the Endless Mystery Quaggan Tonics.

Endless Quaggan Tonic Prices

Also gather up as many of the Endless Quaggan Tonics you can get your hands on. The Endless Mystery Quaggan Tonic is still selling for ten gold at the moment, and will skyrocket in price once you can't get them from drops anymore. The colored Endless Tonics, while barely sell for half a gold right now, will still be worth a fair penny once they stop dropping. For colored Tonics I'd say just rely on normal drop rates for that, but I would highly recommend purchasing up five or so Endless Mystery Quaggan Tonics to resell later.

3. Get yourself a Selfless or Thoughtless Potion, or both!

Finally make sure you get a Selfless or Thoughtless Potion from the vendors for 250 Found Heirlooms. While you can't sell these later on they are still pretty good to have so you can show off to other players that you were here. Plus who doesn't want a Halo to prove you're completely innocent?

4. Don't forget to spend your Found Belongings.

Your Found Belongings can be used for plenty of different things, depending on your need. It is currently one of the cheapest ways to get Tomes of Knowledge and Obsidian Shards. It also isn't a bad idea to get the Gift of Blades recipes if you happen to be short on gold to outright buy them from Miyani.

5. Prepare for the Fight.

Clockwork Assault Knight

This is the big finale for Season One Living World stories. You can bet your butt that there will be some grand, epic fight that will put your through a challenge or two. Let us also consider the fact they have already said that we will be fighting, and who do you think we're going to fight at the end? Scarlet. Make sure you have a character you are completely comfortable with in a tough fight, and preferably as best geared out as they can be. Also wouldn't hurt to make sure you have good food consumables for the fight.

Something tells me we are going to be pit up against some difficult fights in our attempt to retake Lion's Arch.

6. Get Black Lion Keys.

I've said it once I'll say it a million times more: Get Black Lion Keys. This is their big, grand finale and they are probably going to do all the biggest features they can think up. They love to have exclusive items being sold by the Black Lion Weapon Vendor and you can expect to see some pretty amazing items with this update. We may just see the next amazing skin to rival that of the Fused Weapons.