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Tengu Announced as Next Playable Race!

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April 1, 2014 - 9:51pm -- Lee B.
Tengu Announced as Next Playable Race!

Rise of the Tengu is coming soon for Guild Wars 2 and with it introduces a new playable race, a new weapon set, increased level cap, two new zones and so much more! This expansion will fully feature the Tengu race and show all the trials they have faced within the Dominion of Winds and in their home map the Aerie. While no date has been set it has been announced that we can expect to see it sometime before the next year.

Playable Tengu

To access the new content players will be required to pay for the new expansion through retailers or straight from ArenaNet. We have been told that the expansion will bring “release-like content” and therefor will be priced about the same as Guild Wars 2 when it was first released. There has been no mention if this expansion will be purchasable through the gemstore.

To unlock the new Tengu race players will have to enter the Aerie, home of the Tengu, and participate in a special Living World release that is only available to players who purchase the expansion. These events will span over two to three months as players earn the trust of the Tengu by aiding them with the threats they have been facing. After these events participating players will be given a special character slot unlock that allows players to choose the Tengu race. More of these character slots can be purchased for double the price of a normal character slot but only by those who have participated in the Living World events.

Dominion of Winds

The Dominions of Winds will become a level 90 zone for players to explore after purchasing the new content. Players will only be able to freely traverse this new zone after participating in the Living World events otherwise the Tengu will attack the player on sight for infiltrating their lands. This zone will feature more Destroyer creatures as well as some assault from the underwater Dragon. Finally players will be able to find all new crafting materials that will be used exclusively for crafting of the new Tengu armor, weaponry and Ascended Trinkets and Foods.

More information will been promised to be announced in the near future. We have been speaking with ArenaNet and are currently in discussions about having an interview with them discussing this new feature. Check back often for more information coming soon!

Tengu Fighting

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