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Ten Things All GW2 Players Should Know

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July 12, 2013 - 4:37am -- Lee B.

When leveling your character there are a few tricks to keep yourself well ahead of the curve and allow you to reap some serious benefits and these ten I find are most important for every player to know. Use these to get the most experience out of a dungeon, as a basic guide for the Trading Post and Mystic Forge or as a simple guide for making gold.

1. Leveling a new character and playing them all the way through zones to get more achievement points? Got a few spare Experience Boosters? Upgrade them to Improved Experience Boosters that STACKS WITH normal Experience Boosters, Foods, Guild Buffs and Banner buffs. ( Check out our Consumable Guide which explains all sorts of buffs in full! Click here!) 

2. Also, while leveling, do make a note to go out of your way to kill various yellow named mobs like Moas. Mobs can give bonus experience depending upon how long they've been in the world, and yellow mobs tend to be left untouched which means you can get up to a 200% bonus in experience when killing them.

Moa Slaying

Bahahaah! This is what you get for being an innocent bystander!

3. Another tip while leveling is to buy all the equipment you need from the Trading Post. All the equipment will be mostly dirt cheap and will be better than most things you find from Karma vendors and from drops. At about level 60 stick to blue or green items just to avoid the mark ups due to ectoplasm salvaging from yellow items.

4. Need some keys for all those Black Lion Chests? Make a new character and run them through the personal story until you get the first Black Lion Key reward! Has been okay'd by ArenaNet to do this! (Link to the thread here.)

5. Know all those Mystic Forge Stones those of you with 1,000 Achievement points got recently? They can be used to make a Mystic Salvage Kit or (and more importantly) used as a “random fourth item of equal rarity to other items put in the forge”. Meaning that if you put 3 exotic items in the forge a Mystic Forge Stone will count has a fourth random exotic item.

Mystic Forge Stone

6. Want a cheaper way to travel to all the different racial towns or even Lion's Arch? Click the crossed sword icon in the top left of your screen (PvP tab) and click “Go to the Heart of the Mists”. After doing a quick “tutorial” world, you will then be put in a new zone which has an Asura Gate right across from you. Walk through it and you'll instantly be in Lion's Arch and from there to any of the different racial towns for free!

7. Some basic advice to handle your drops, obviously adjust this to your needs!

  • Salvage white items for Resources to either keep or sell to the Trading Post.
  • Vendor blue items.
  • Check the Trading Post on green items to see if they are worth more than the vendor.
  • Salvage level 68 or higher yellow items for a decent chance to get 1-3 ectoplasms with a Black Lion Salvage Kit or Mystic/Master's Salvage Kit (Trading Post everything below 68 if you don't need them) OR keep them to Mystic Forge them into a potential Precursor.
  • Trading Post or Mystic Forge (high level ones for a Precursor) any Exotic items you don't want.

8. When salvaging all those yellow items you'll tend to get a lot of runes and sigils. Four identically tiered runes and sigils can be Mystic Forged for a chance to upgrade it to the next tier of power. (IE: 4 Major Runes can be upgraded to a random Superior Rune)

Four Runes

9. Save your Karma until you're in Orr. The only things you should really ever purchase with Karma are: Obsidian Shards, Lost Orrian Jewelry Boxes, Exotic items, Items with skins you like and food and alcohol for the achievements associated with them.

10. Make a guild that only has you in it and put enough influence in it to get a Guild Bank. Essentially you get free storage space without having to buy a Bank expansion tab!

My bank

Yes. It's full of Candy Corn. Don't judge me!


Michael's picture
Submitted by Michael (not verified) on

"Leveling a new character and playing them all the way through zones to get more achievement points"

How does that give me more achievement points?

Verlaine's picture
Submitted by Verlaine (not verified) on

Think he meant the Personal Story, and not just simply zones.

Alex's picture
Submitted by Alex (not verified) on

Typically from more passive methods such as Slayers, Weapon Masters, the Event and Skill Point Achievements. Initially from Explorer achievements also and some Community ones (both if haven't done on other characters first).

A guy's picture
Submitted by A guy (not verified) on

Highly disagree about orrian boxes. they're a rng karma sink. there are far better ways to use karma without wasting it. Upwards 10c a karma point, no jokes. Too bad nobody will believe it.

That guy's picture
Submitted by That guy (not verified) on

Why don't you tell us... It prob doesn't exist!

T's picture
Submitted by T (not verified) on
He probably means via cooking. Buy most ingredients with karma, sell finished result on TP.

Guy's picture
Submitted by Guy (not verified) on

"Salvage level 68 or higher yellow items for a decent chance to get 1-3 ectoplasms with a Black Lion Salvage Kit or Mystic/Master's Salvage Kit"

Actually your chances of getting ectos are equal regardless of the kit used, because they aren't categorized as rare mats. So if you want the sigil or rune, feel free to use a Mystic kit. But you should never use a BLK, and if there's no rune, just use a basic one.


"Trading Post or Mystic Forge (high level ones for a Precursor) any Exotic items you don't want."

It's called the Mystic Toilet for a reason. You can get lucky, but I'd almost always recommend people sell them on the TP rather than MF. Also it's odd that this very specific guide didn't mention checking the value of exotic runes and sigils, because they can exceed the value of the item and are them worth salvaging.


"Essentially you get free storage space without having to buy a Bank expansion tab!"

It's only free if you take two characters through the full story mode and get the rewards. Otherwise it costs several gold to buy the influence.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

You're not right.

My own testing over 1000 salvages with each kit, and many others' prove you wrong.


tenser's picture
Submitted by tenser (not verified) on
That's not true about story mode for guild influence. Even one friend helping with the guild will add up over time. Anyway you need 2500 influence for a guild stash which to buy would cost 5 gold. But you can get 2000 influence for 16 laurels from the daily. 16 days of logging in is another 160 influence. 5 events a day is another 160 influence. And 1 dungeon run a day is 160 influence. You only need 20 influence which you could buy for 4 silver or do 2 more events. I just convinced myself to make another guild bank.

Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

Useful tips. One thing I would change though concerns tip 7 (although this mainly applies once you hit level 80, but it's useful to know anyway). 

Green items I always sell to the vendor, as they are never worth more on the TP. Blue items, however, are often worth more. I've found that items such as Rampagers / Clerics / Berzerker Shields / Pistols / daggers, which are worth around 66c to sell to the merchant, often have a buy order of ~1s20c, with a lowest sell price of ~1s30c odd. I always check my blue items, and if people are buying them for more than the merchant price, I sell directly to them. 

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

i am terrible at this game i dont know anything about it and i started 1 year ago and my thief is only lv 56

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Submitted by mike (not verified) on

candy corn magic