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Spring Season WvW Predictions

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March 31, 2014 - 2:16pm -- Lee B.
Spring Season WvW Predictions

Redditor CommentloafSurprise posted up a graph that predicted the current outcomes of the top six North American servers based on their performances up until this date. It is a very thought out graph that shows a lot of what could already be predicted of this match. So is this tournament even worthwhile for the Gold Leagues?

The most notable issue from the graph is that there is no competition for first place. Blackgate has forever dominated first place and will continue to do so with ease due to their sheer numbers at all times of the day. I don’t think anyone will claim to have the ability to displace them from that for this tournament either. So what makes it a fair match for anyone below them? It feels as if we’re just competing to solidify our positions that we have forever been fighting for. I know that ArenaNet claimed that this system will hopefully mix things up but does it really do anything but show sympathy to those in a lower tier and continue to glorify Blackgate for just being Blackgate?

The thing that will surprise me the most is that Sea of Sorrows will come out in second place only because they fight at a level where they don’t have to go up against Blackgate too much. Tarnished Coast, because they are too skilled or too populated, will have to face the top two servers more often and seemingly gets punished for it. Ultimately this leads to Tarnished Coast being pushed down to the fifth ranking for that simple fact they were in the top three position too often.

WvW Spring Tournament

You might be saying right now that these are just the top ranking servers and there is much more to look at here. You’re right to say that, too. The problem is it is much harder to predict the lower tiered North American servers and the European servers because they are more evenly matched games. They seem to have a better playing field that relies more on strategies and skill rather than constant presence and sheer numbers. These other servers have a more fair and even playing field that will make for a much more interesting tournament.

ArenaNet is going to have to fix this issue before the next WvW Season and the only solution I can see is if the players are dispersed more equally. Perhaps removing Blackgate and a few of the lower tier servers will force players to spread out more evenly in order to make a fairly equal playing field where skill prevails over numbers.

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