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Spend Your Glory Before March 18th

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March 13, 2014 - 3:09am -- Lee B.
Spend Your Glory Before March 18th

As part of ArenaNet’s Player vs. Player Rewards Map we will be seeing glory removed from PvP on March 18th. The update will introduce new rank rewards and remove existing random reward chests, which were purchased with glory, from PvP which includes removing most rank reward vendors. There will still be venues to purchase items with your remaining glory after the update but there will be no way to earn any new glory. More details about the glory changes can be found on the official forums and on ArenaNet's blog post.

Glory Vendor

All Glory Boosters and Chalices of Glory will be made into dead items when the update hits so use them while you still can. These items will not be refunded in any way. Below we list out three items you will want to purchase first and foremost to prepare for future updates or for a bit of extra coing in your pocket.

Weapon and Armor skins are important if you are interested in getting cheap armor that can be used between PvP and PvE sometime later on in the year. This information comes from the rewards map that has promised that filling out your PvP locker now will still benefit you in future updates. Now would be the time to pick out the particular armor and weapons, like Tier 3 cultural armor and some dungeon armors, to use between PvP and PvE freely when that update comes.

If you have every bit of gear you could ever want for your characters then it is worth investing in Tomes of Knowledge. These items are great at bypassing the grind when leveling alternate characters you currently have or worthwhile to stock up for future characters you don’t know you want yet. These will especially be useful when a new expansion hits and players will get their hands on a new class or race.

Finally if you have everything you could possibly want from the glory vendors there is a way to make gold profit for yourself. Following the recipe below you can make yourself an account bound Unidentified Dye. Opening this dye removes the account bound status so that you can sell the colored dye for a potentially huge profit. This method is particularly useful for those who already have a large cache of the other items necessary for the recipe.

Unidentified Dye Recipe