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Sky Pirates of Tyria: Traits Preview Part One

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June 24, 2013 - 9:00am -- Lee B.
Build Patch Notes

We at the Hub took the time to document all the changes we could find about Trait lines during the Press Preview. All of this is provided by us and is subject to change at ArenaNet's discretion. By no means are these Official.




  • Nothing changed on this trait line.


  • "Protected Mantras" which will give you +400 toughness (at level 80) as compared to the previous +250 toughness.
  • Grandmaster Trait "Furious Interruption" which gives 3 seconds of Quickness when you interrupt a foe every fifteen seconds.


  • The Master trait "Chaotic Interruption" has been swapped with the Grandmaster trait "Bountiful Interruption". "Bountiful Interruption" now provides might for five seconds when you interrupt a foe, then gain another boon randomly.
  • "Chaotic Interruption" now Immobilizes your target when you interrupt them and randomly applies blind, cripple or chill.


  • "Malicious Sorcery" now gives +200 condition damage when wielding a scepter.
  • "Shattered Conditions" now removes conditions from allies around you and yourself. 


  • The Minor Adept trait "Illusionists Celerity" has been made the Minor Grandmaster trait and the other Minor traits have been pushed down.
  • "Imbued Diversion" has been clarified to Diversion hits up to 5 targets in a large area. 




  • "Dual Wielding" was moved to Adept Trait.
  • "Phyiscal Training" was moved to Master Trait.
  • "Berserker's Power" was moved to Grandmaster Trait with a adjustments of bonus damage of 5% at Stage 1, 10% at Stage 2, 15% at Stage 3.
  • "Berserker's Might" has been changed to: Generate two strikes of adrenaline every three seconds while in combat.


  • "Furious Speed" has been changed to: Gain 10 seconds of swiftness on critical hits. This effect can only occur once every 15 seconds.
  • "Furious" has been changed to: Critical hits grant triple adrenaline.
  • "Last Chance" has had it's cooldown reduced to 45 seconds.


  • "Embrace the Pain" has been removed.
  • "Shield Master" has been moved to Adept Trait.
  • "Vigorous Return" has been changed to: Increases health by 35% and endurance by 100% on rally.
  • New Master Trait "Cleansing Ire": Gain adrenaline when hit. Remove a condition for every bar of adrenaline spent.


  • "Empower Allies" now increases power of nearby allies by +150.
  • "Desperate Power" now gives 20% additional damage while below 50% maximum health. 


  • Adept Minor trait "Versatile Rage" now only triggers once every 5 seconds.
  • "Vigorous Focus" has been moved to Adept Trait.
  • "Destruction of the Empowered" has been moved to Master Trait.
  • "Sharpened Axes" now reduce axe skill recharge time by 20% in addition to what it already does.
  • "Burst Mastery" has been changed to: Burst skills deal more damage and cost less.
  • "Heightened Focus" has been moved to Grandmaster Trait XII and has been changed to: Gain 5% critical-hit chance for 1 stage of adrenaline, 10% for 2 stages and 15% for 3 stages.




  • The Master Trait "Zealous Blade" now reads: Attacks with your greatsword deal an extra 5% damage and heal you.
  • Master Trait "Scepter Power" now increases scepter damage by 10%.
  • Grandmaster Trait "Wrathful Spirits" now increases spirit weapon damage by 50%.
  • New Grandmaster Trait "Kindled Zeal" reads: 10% of your power is converted to condition damage.


  • The Master Trait "Radiant Fire" now increases all burning durations by 20% in addition to reducing torch skill recharge time by 20%. 


  • Adept Trait "Strength in Numbers" now provides up to +150 toughness.
  • The Master Trait "Mace of Justice" gives up to +250 healing power in addition to 5% additional damage when wielding a mace.
  • Master Trait "Glacial Heart" has now been completely revamped to: Critical hits with a hammer have a 100% chance to chill your target for 5 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds. 


  • Remains unchanged.


  • Remains unchanged.




  • Adept Trait "Keen Edge" now reads as: Use Sharpening Stone when your foes health reaches 50%. The effect can only trigger once every 45 seconds.
  • Master Trait "Spotter" now increases precision of nearby allies up to +150.
  • Master Trait "Beastmaster's Might" now reads: Activating a signet grats 3 stacks of might (15 seconds).


  • The Adept Trait "Companion's Might" reads: Critical hits grant 5 seconds of might to your pet. 

Wilderness Survival

  • The Grandmaster Minor Trait "Peak Strength" now grants 10% extra damage when your health is above 90%.
  • The Adept Trait "Healer's Celerity" now increases revive speed by 10% in addition to granting swiftness to you and your ally when you revive. 

Nature Magic

  • The Adept Trait "Vigorous Spirits" now reads: Spirits have twice as much health. Spirit bonuses have a 35% better chance of providing their benefits.
  • The Grandmaster Trait "Evasive Purity" has been moved to a Master Trait.
  • New Grandmaster Trait "Nature's Voice": Shouts apply Regeneration (10 seconds) and Swiftness (10 seconds) to Allies. 360 degree radius.


  • Adept Minor Trait "Zephyr's Speed" has been removed for "Instinctual Bond" which reads: When you are downed, your pet gains quickness for 5 seconds. 50 second cooldown.
  • New Grandmaster Trait "Zephyr's Speed": You and your pet gain 3 seconds of quickness when you swap pets.


Use the Waypoint below to just to Part Two of the Traits and Trait Lines Preview which covers Elementalist, Necromancer, Engineer and Thief!


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

These notes are different from the ones that were posted on reedit why is that.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

because the reddit post was a list of possible changes.

some things the devs thought about.

what you see here is the result what they chose

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Well I see no mention of torment anywhere and they officially said torment was going to be in there so your wrong.

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Submitted by alysflorent (not verified) on

The changes relating to the addition to Torment will be on utility and weapon skills, not traits. Only trait changes are shown here.

Lee B.'s picture
Submitted by Lee B. on

I want to make clear that these are not Official patch notes, for one.

As the other poster has mentioned these are only trait changes, as well. To cover every skill in every weapon and utility would just take way too much time for me to cover over a weekend as well as the rest of the content we released.