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Sky Pirates of Tyria

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June 20, 2013 - 10:47am -- Lee B.
GW2 Banner Announcement

This new content announcement for the Guild Wars 2 team has be on the edge of my seat. To follow up the investigation that is currently going on currently, they have already announced a next to the Dragon Bash and Aetherblade story called "Sky Pirate of Tyria".

For the PvE side of things we're promised a new story dungeon called the Aetherblade Retreat where we will be facing off with the strength of the Aetherblade Pirates and finally go toe to toe with the Captain and the First Mate. In addition to that is a Sea of Sorrows Scavenger Hunt, a bit of content to go along with the release of their newest novel Sea of Sorrows (Which we will also be ready and covering for you!). All of this is promised to come with rewards in the way of Aetherblade caches, a new First Mate Horrik Mini, a stylish monocole to make us all dapper and even more.

For everyone we're seeing the largest balance patch ever. Updates to all traits and skills, trait lines are being revamped and less-than-popular skills being pumped (Ranger Spirits anyone?). If they pull this off correctly we could hopefully see a massive change in Dungeon elitism, the current stagnant PvP Meta and hopefully more things for players to provide in WvW.

B Reel

Lastly PvPers will see a massive bit of news in the form of: Custom Arena Starter Kits. Allowing anyone to purchase them from the Gem Store and open their own PvP servers. Teams can now skrim to their own desires, set up private practice and build servers and possibly make the silliest servers. It's also good to note that the Spectator Mode leaves beta as well, so we could see some new improvements coming out for this soon. Finally, Mortar Mastery joins the WvWers skill repitoire which, if leveled up, will allow a larger blast radius, more damage, skill recharge reduction and a new skill called "Mortar Barrage".

All of this is going to be huge, and fun. Personally I can't wait to see what they provide us in the Skill and Balance updates. Mesmer's feel so shoe-horned as of late, Rangers get no "organized group" love and forget about Necromancer trait lines. Furthermore I'm excited to see if this Sky Pirate thing gives us a new Steampunk twist on Tyria and to improve our characters.

As always, however, we will be covering all the new content coming up. Check back often and we will be getting it all up to get you well on your way prepared for the Sky Pirates of Tyria.


chaosgyro's picture
Submitted by chaosgyro on

Well, if it all goes correctly it could certainly answer some of the issues raised in the "Quality of LIfe Improvments" entry, but I still feel like the temporary content will be as bland as ever.  We'll likely see the need to press F on objects scattered through Lion's Arch and sundry zones about 7000 times, followed by some underwhelming, too-short dialogue scenes, and capped with rushing through a temporary dungeon as many times as possible in a few days to (not) reap extremely rare rewards.

Revons's picture
Submitted by Revons (not verified) on

I quite enjoyed the dragon bash post achievement nerf. Finishing the mini story line was pretty awesome to me