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Profession Build Guides: Which Would You Like?

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May 6, 2013 - 3:07pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Professions

There are lots of amazing builds for all professions in Guild Wars 2. As you might have noticed, we rolled out our first build guide on Friday of last week, covering the bunker ranger. There will be some refinement on the presentation of these builds over the coming days to make digesting the information even easier. However and in the interim, we want to know what professions you play and depending on how much feedback we get via comments, email or twitter, we'll head in that direction. To shed a little light on further build guides, we're going to be covering the below throughout this week so if you'd prefer something different be sure ot let us know.

  • Ranger Build Guide: Longbow/Greatsword
  • Ranger Build Guide: Trapper/Spike
  • Necromancer Build Guide: Bunker Buster
  • Necromancer Build Guide: Conditionmancer
  • Necromancer Build Guide: Double Dagger


Phug's picture
Submitted by Phug on

Engineer builds.  100Nades, HGH and Flamethrower are popular.  A formal guide would be good for starting out.


Elementalists are arguably the most complicated classes to play.  Dagger/Dagger and Staff guides would be awesome. 


As an overall, I generally play mostly PVE/Dungeon, so guides tied to that, vs WvW or sPVP would be preferred. 

Ayelet's picture
Submitted by Ayelet on

I would love to see some builds for WvW Engineer.

chaosgyro's picture
Submitted by chaosgyro on

I suppose I'm a little late to the comment party, but since you've already covered the only two good ranger builds I'm sort of at a loss... I just rolled a warrior and was going to try a regeneration spec (healing sig, adrenal health, regen from banners, etc) so any words on that would be great.  Also, anything for a thief in pve would be cool too.

bargamer's picture
Submitted by bargamer on

I just broke level 40 on my Thief, and I've got this ridiculously-silly Assassin's Reward/Signet of Malice/Unload with Rejuvenation gear thing going. Interested?

bargamer's picture
Submitted by bargamer on

Sorry I'm late with this build, busy at work.

This build is for new Thieves, who are worried that without much Vitality or Toughness, they will be too squishy to survive against multiple opponents or one tough one.

That's why Assassin's Reward/Signet of Malice is great. Use Pistol/Pistol's Unload against single opponents and Dagger/Dagger's Death Blossom against multiple opponents. The biggest mistake you can make with DB is blowing all your Initiative too soon by just spamming the skill. Get into melee of the ranged mob and wait for the melee mobs to catch up. DB, AND THEN WAIT for the melee to catch up before you DB again. Pacing your DBs in this way will do more damage, you can control where you "jump" much better, and your Initiative will regen while you wait.

Underwater, AR/SoM is even MORE AWESOME! ...I apologize for that pun. You won't be using your Harpoon Gun much, because the Spear is MUCH better. Against single opponents, Shadow Assault will allow you to kill a mob without taking a single hit. Against multiple opponents, well-timed Nine Tailed Strikes are your best friend.

Starting out, go for the Shadow Arts line and Infusion of Shadow. Then the Trickery line, and pick up Thrill of the Crime. Finally, go down Acrobatics and work towards Power of Inertia, even though by the time you get it, you'll be 40. At your 40 respec, get Power of Inertia and Assassin's Reward. You can fill out your last 10 trait points with either Shadow Arts or Trickery, depending on whether you like Infusion of Shadow or Initial Strike more. At your 60 respec, go full Acrobatics and choose either Quick Pockets or Quick Recovery. Then continue down Trickery and/or Shadow Arts, whichever you like better first.

Your mileage may vary according to which utility skills you prefer. For Tier 1, good picks are Infiltrator's Signet, Assassin's Signet, Blinding Powder, Roll for Initiative, and Pain Inverter. T2, Signet of Agility, Needle Trap, Shadow Trap, and Caltrops. If you're saving up skill points for your elite, feel free to skip Tier 3, even though all of them are good except for Devourer Venom.

Your Elite skill might also vary. If you like the extra DPS that Ambush and Thieves Guild provides, feel free to stop there, but I really like Dagger Storm against clumps of ranged.

Naturally, you want Healing Power. That means Healing, Pearls, Rejuvenation, Spinels, Cleric's, Sapphires, and eventually, Apothecary's. That also means Runes of Dwayna, Runes of the Water, and/or if you love dungeons, Runes of the Monk. Your land weapons will have matching pairs of Sigils of Earth and Agony, or Sigils of Restoration/Life, whatever suits you. Your Harpoon Gun should have a Sigil of Earth, and your Spear a Sigil of Frailty.