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Prepare for the Upcoming Secret of Southsun!

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May 9, 2013 - 6:44pm -- Lee B.
Prepare for the Secret of Southsun!

The Karka are a foe we are all kind of glad to ignore. The events that introduced them were nothing short of a nightmare with their massive numbers, the mire of lag and that whole fiasco involving the Ancient Karka fight. Needless to say not many people remember these beasts fondly, but they are coming back with a vengeance and it's warranted to take a second look at how to handle them just to be prepared for Lionguard Ellen Kiel and her new problems.

Young Karka

First I think it's best to say that one will want to become very familiar with vigor, stability and skills that provide projectile reflection/negation. The Veteran and normal Young Karka like to open up with a five shot projectile attack that can add up to some serious damage. Running in on them, dropping a Wall of Reflection (for you Guardians out there) and going all out from there is perfectly acceptable. 

The Karka also love to do knockdowns. The Veteran Young Karka have a charge attack that will plant you on your back and the Veteran Karka will do a stomping attack that can leave you knocked down and with a few stacks of vulnerability for about seven seconds. Dodging, stun breaking and stability are your best friends all throughout the Southsun area.

Karka Hatchlings. These suckers will latch all over you to put on some long lasting debuffs that are best handled by dodging as soon as you get them. When facing a Veteran Karka make sure you spend the time to smash the eggs they lay, else you will find yourself taking some spikes of damage as they explode on you and add their debuffs to your list of problems.

Veteran Karka

Veteran Karka are the worst of them all. Not only do they do all of that above, but some of them also have a lovely rolling attack that dodges all attacks and wrecks your heatlh if you get caught in their roll. They are almost always under the affects of stability making most control effects worthless and you have to kill them twice due to their Armored buff. Give them all of your attention or give them a wide berth.

All in all? Take some time before the launch date and get familiar with these lovely crab-beasts. Who knows how long Southsun will remain the hotspot and we might as well get ourselves ready for crab meat and Karka brand pain.