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Prepare To Escape From Lion’s Arch!

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February 17, 2014 - 5:22pm -- Lee B.
Prepare To Escape From Lion’s Arch!

We all have seen what just might be incoming: Fire, death and destruction for Lion’s Arch. We need to make sure we’re prepared as best as we can be for the fight and get as much of the content as we can get! It is important, too, that we get things done that are still in Lion’s Arch. We may just not get the chance to do so ever again.

Use your Fragments and Cyphers

Come update time tomorrow we will likely have no more use of the Code Fragments and Cyphers that were obtained from the Twisted Marionette dynamic event. It is time to use them and lose them while you still can. It may even be worthwhile to farm the event today as well, to make sure you get the most profit you still can from the event. Hands down it is one of the better farms in the game, currently.

Finish Exploring Lion’s Arch

Lion's Arch

We don’t know the exact outcome of Lion’s Arch. We know there will be fire and destruction at the very least that will severely change the landscape. It may be worth the effort to finish map completion, the jumping puzzles and the “History Buff” explorer achievement while you still can without enemies piling onto you.

Do Your Living World Achievements

With this new Living World incoming we will likely get a whole new set of achievements incoming that will replace the ones under the Living World map. Make sure that you get the meta-achievement chests at the very least, if you aren’t interested in gathering the full amount of achievements points. Check out our guides on The Origins of Madness and Edge of the Mists if you still need help getting them done.

Prepare to Fight


Scarlet is coming and she isn’t holding anything back. I highly recommend that players get Loaves of Saffron Bread or Bowls of Lemongrass Poultry Soup to fight off the ridiculous amount of conditions that the Alliances like to throw on players. I wouldn’t recommend the Potions of Slaying as there will likely be a diverse set of enemies, so stick to using your usual Maintenance Oil, Sharpening Stone, or Potion of Karka Toughness. Keep consumables like: Repair Canisters, Revive Orbs, Merchant Expresses, Fire Elemental Powders and Ogre Pet Whistles on whatever character you plan on using the most in this new content. It also wouldn’t hurt to keep a Mystic Salvage Kit or two on hand, too.