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The Origins of Madness Meta-Achievement Guide

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January 23, 2014 - 10:51pm -- Lee B.
The Origin of Madness Achievement Guide

This new Meta-Achievement will pull you between Lornar's Pass and Bloodtide Coast. As with other meta-achievements before it there are daily achievements tied with it that could towards the over-arching meta-achievement path. With a bit of focus you can get the big meta-achievement done in 3 days.

The Origins of Madness

135 Total Achievement Points

The Origins of Madness Completionist

50 Achievement Points - Gift of Sprockets

Complete 11 of The Origins of Madness Achievements, including some of the daily achievements.

Energy Probe Dismantler

5 Achievement Points

Destroy the energy probes on 1/5 different map(s).

Can find them marked at the red locations below.

Map of Energy Probe Locations

Energy Probe Defender Slayer

8 Achievement Points

Defeat 1/10/25/50 defenders around an Energy Probe.

For me it was easiest to go to Southun and look for the Probe icons on the map near the Eastern Encampment Waypoint and the Lion Point Waypoint. Get about 6 mobs on about a fifteen minute respawn timer.

The Secret Lair

1 Achievement Point - Bag of Power Core Pieces

Find Scarlet Briar's secret lair. Can find it beneath Durmand Priory in Lornar's Pass where the Living World icon is.

While not necessary for the achievement it is highly recommended you bring a completed Power Core, an Aetherblade Cypher, a Molten Cypher, a Watchwork Cypher, a Toxic Cypher and a Scarlet's Lockbow Cypher.

Marionette Defender

10 Achievement Points

Defend 1/5 Marionette Portals.

Just work your way through the lanes from top to bottom in the Twisted Marionette World Boss event in Lornar's Pass. The meta-event begins at the False River Waypoint every even hour.

Vigil Field Supporter

5 Achievement Points

Escort 1/2/3 Vigil Crusaders to each of the Wurm locations in Bloodtide Coast.

Begins at the Firthside Vigil Waypoint at every odd hour. Every time the event start follow a different one of the three Crusaders (Yipp, Xutt, Zepp) that will lead you to the three different Wurm heads you must fight.

Marionette Deregulator

10 Achievement Points

Defeat 1/5 of the Marionette's power regulator wardens.

This achievement is tied into the completion of Phase 2 when it comes time for your lane to participate. It is only awared when every group trying to destroy the power regulators succeeds, which can mean you can destroy your particular warden but not get credit because your lane failed phase 2.

If a lane fails that mission the warden that spawn will reappear for the next lane.

Marionette Dismisser

1 Achievement Point

/Cheer when you successfully finish the Twisted Marionette fight.

Marionette Dodger/Lightfoot/Muter/Short-Circuiter/Sidestepper

10/5/10/5/5 Achievement Points





Regulator Warden I: Blocks all attacks from the front.

Marionette Lightfoot


Regulator Warden II: Invincible while spinning. Must kite the Warden into the mines it drops to stun it to hurt it.

Marionette Sidestepper


Regulator Warden III: Launches bombs and knocks down players repeatedly.

Marionette Short-Circuiter


Regulator Warden IV: Does a shriek that stacks confusion and fires missles you must dodge.

Marionette Dodge


Regulator Warden V: Splits when you kill it to a total of five different mobs. Must kills the five before you can destroy the regulator.

Marionette Muter

Each of these achievements are tied into the completion of Phase 2. Avoid the attack the Marionette does during the fight for the Power Regulators and successfully break the chain.

Marionette Tangler

10 Achievement Points

Successfully defeat Scarlet's Twisted Marionette.

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