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The Nightmare Is Over Meta-Achievement Guide

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December 12, 2013 - 7:15am -- Lee B.

These meta-achievements take you solely into Kessex Hills to complete. A few Living World daily achievements will require you to do things vaguely associated with the achievement (like consume 5 Toxic Consumables) but mostly everything will keep you within the Tower perimeter. You will get this achievement done in about 3-4 days depending on how focused you are to get every established achievement, and if you do the associated daily every reset. 

Nightmare's Aftermath

25 Achievement Points - Tricolor Key

Standard "finish all the achievements and a few Living World dailies!". 

Aftermath Arachnicide

2 Achievement Points

Slay the Toxic Spider Queen. For me she usually spawned in these two locations I've circled in the screenshot above. Bring a reflect, if you can, to handle her barrage but mostly it's just a tank and spank. 

Nightmare Ender

4 Achievement Points

Just complete the instance you get when you zone into Kessex. Good stuff.

Aftermath Vermicide

2 Achievement Points

Slay the Toxic Wurm Queen. Always spawns at the location I've circled in the screenshot above. Tank and spank, avoid the AoE circles. Easy as can be.

Aftermath Viathan Cleanser

5 Achievement Points

Complete 10 events around Viathan Lake. Can be associated with the Toxic Alliance or not. Go beat up some Modniir, go escort the guy looking for heirlooms, go beat up the Toxic Spider Queen a few times. All of it works.

Aftermath Treasure Hunter

3 Achievement Points

Open the Tri-Key chest 5 times. Best way to do this, in my opinion, is to just wait for the daily reset of Marjory's Helper Dee to get the three key pieces and make a Trikey. It's too random, otherwise, to get the pieces you actually want.

Aftermath Toxic Counteragent

3 Achievement Points

Slay the Toxic Alchemist. He'll spawn at this location on the map and it's up to you to burn him down before he gets the Toxicity level too high. You will need to make sure to destroy all the Toxifiers before he will respawn. Generally this is about til a quarter of a health, then you start the main event where you fight the Champion Toxic Alchemist. Pretty easy fight.

( As of the time of writing this this event was super bugged. Be aware of that. )

Nightmare Euthanizer

3 Achievement Points

Nightmare Terminator

3 Achievement Points

Aftermath Cobweb Cleaner

3 Achievement Points

This achievement is fairly straight forward. After you kill the Toxic Spider Queen this achievement unlocks to track how many cocoons you break. This also counts if you use the 1 skill if you're inside the cocoon. Just destroy five and you're done.

Aftermath Detoxifier

2 Achievement Points

This achievement is unlocked after you kill the Champion Toxic Alchemist the first time. Your agenda is to participate in the pre-event to the Champion Toxic Alchemist. Kill five of the toxifiers and you're done. Truly just doing the pre-event just once, really.

Aftermath Shock Wave Jumper

3 Achievement Points

This achievement is unlocked after you kill the Toxic Wurm Queen. When you fight it again you need to jump the shockwaves it will occasionally do during it's attack cycle. Everyone involved should stack up on one side so the jumps can be done a bit lass chaotically. Easy once you figure out how the jumps work.


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I feel the meta reward is a bit lacking.

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Yeah, very week.