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Necromancer Build Guide: Dhuumfire/Terror/Conditions

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December 5, 2013 - 5:46pm -- Lee B.

It's time to test people's survivability with this build, as you will be prodding at them until they used every means of survival or you will end them with your conditions. This build exploits the need for survivability, a strong heal and vitality and constant condition removal. If you play smart and follow the guide lines below you will find that you are laying an incredible amount of pressure that people can't ignore for long periods of time.



Excellent Damage

Poor Survivability

Makes the absolute best use of Fear.

Countered easily by a condition cleanse/stability.

Great when working with a coordinated team.

Terrible if left to solo queue or hot join PvP.

This build is for those wanting to be a force of attrition and able to hit hard while not necessarily under fire. The beauty of this build is in the 900 and 1,200 range you can keep and lay on some serious conditions while your enemy struggles to shake it all off even more so if you manage to drop your Epidemic in the middle of three or more of them. Such a beautiful moment. 

The main aspect of this build is, of course, the conditions. If you understand that your job usually won't be the one that kills people, but helps others kill your target, you will get further. Lay on conditions and leave your opponent to an ally or watch them run away as you take a point. Like I said before: Beautiful.

The purpose is not to solely hold points or take them. The purpose is to back up others. You are damage support for your allies, so let others lead and support from afar.

Once again you are more of a reactionary build to how other's are doing. When you focus on someone you are just going through your scepter 1, 2 and 5 normally to keep them pinned under conditions, but start reacting when they condition cleanse, stack boons or turn their focus on you.

If they condition cleanse you know you have taken out (usually) their own condition remover. Focus up even harder with a full suite of scepter skills and drop an Epidemic on them after a buddy or two shows up. You can even keep them further pinned with conditions if you do a full suite of scepter skills then swap to staff to drop marks under foot and top it off with Death Shroud's Torment.

If they stack boons you immediately Corrupt Boon and follow up with Scepter 3. By this point they'll usually condition cleanse and you refocus up with your full array of skills. 

If they turn to attack you then you get to have a lot of fun. Every condition they give you can generally be bounced back to them with Scepter 3, and Staff 4. Top it off that your staff will give you a fear to keep them off your hands, and continue on with Death Shroud's fear you will keep them far away from you as you hammer conditions on them while they are running away. Also weigh if you're going to use Death Shroud first or Spectral Armor. If you have a full Death Shroud up go for that and keep it going as long as possible, then follow up with Spectral Armor to recharge it quickly and get right back into it. Lastly Plague form's Blindness is invaluable for your survival and works wonders if you have a single team mate nearby to take advantage of it.