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My Legendary is Finished!

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March 13, 2013 - 12:00am -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Kudzu

After 3 months my Kudzu is finally finished. At a total cost of 1000 gold and several hundred hours it's creation is complete. While the road was bumpy; draining, repetitive and fun all the same time, it really was worth it. 

For anyone wanting to know just how I managed to afford it, it was really all thanks to two friends; Mystik Llama and Rodasta. We three set about making a Bolt to then craft and sell it for a total of 3,333 gold. We then built a second, which we sold for 3,000 gold. This allowed the three of us to earn enough money to build our own legendaries (Bolt, Kudzu and Juggernaut) alongside many other treats, such as the Tier 3 cultural armour I'm wearing below.

Along the way, I also did a large amount of minature gambling, throwing 4 rare minatures into the forge in the hopes of gaining an exotic. As luck would have it, I ended up with 2 Giant Oakhearts, 1 Undead Chicken and a Krait Witch all of which sold for considerable sums. 

If you ask me now for any money however, I'd sadly disappoint you; I only have 97 silver.


Guild Wars 2 Kudzu

Guild Wars 2 Kudzu

Guild Wars 2 Kudzu



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Submitted by Yski on

Congratulations, now go put that thing to good use and shoot some guardians! laugh

Every single forum I've used to spread anti guardian propaganda has subsequently died out on me. Coincidence? I think not!