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The Living World Atlas

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February 25, 2014 - 11:42am -- Lee B.
Living World Atlas

The Living World Atlas is the newest part of the over-all narrative ArenaNet has been using to tell this massive, living story. Through the “Living World Atlas,” users explore this storyline as it unfolded in the game through videos, art, screenshots, audio clips and other content. They also uncover new content from the coming release “Battle for Lion’s Arch,” getting glimpses into what exactly is Scarlet’s nefarious aim, and how her plan may play out come March 4th.

Living World Atlas

Exploring the Atlas allows players to go over the world map and discover nodes that tell more of the story. All over Tyria there are important places that tell parts of the story that have come so far. However nine brightly glowing node will tell you secrets on the upcoming release, and often requires you to get close in on the map to discover exactly where they hide.


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Tell us what you think of this new tool, too. Do you think it will be a great new chapter for Living World story-telling or do you think it will be a dud that most of us won't check but once? Tell us below or on our Twitter!