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January 10, 2014 - 4:50pm -- Lee B.

A big splash on the forums and the Guild Wars 2 subreddit is a post made about a recent bit of information that was data mined from the Edge of the Mists server. This post caught my attention in particular because it hinted to much more about what is going on behind the scenes for Guild Wars 2 as a product, and even hints to some things we might see as players in the Western market. I'm not going to weigh in on how this is a terrible or amazing idea, because this is clearly meant for a different market and that was made clear by Martin Kerstein - Head of the Global Community - on the official forums:

This statement is the heart of what I want to discuss about why we might just see more about this feature. Martin Kerstein, while he states that this is no guarantee of anything, does mention that "That particular experiment is not being tested for the West". This whole experiment we won't see; but, we might just see some parts of these coming our way or have even already seen these. 

ArenaNet works in a way that whenever they test something they like to test in a live environment first. We see that with Tequatl when they are testing how well the community receives such a revamp and upscaling of a world boss; and we see that with the Edge of the Mists where they plan to implement test features first to see how well they do in an "official" WvW setting. They add these features in a smaller way before they really unleash their grand scheme, because they want to see what our initial reaction will be.

Prime example of where we've already seen this on a smaller scale? The Queen's Jubilee and the Royal Terrace. An exclusive zone that has unprecedented ease of access to merchants, crafting stations and world travel in such a small space that it is a bit more appealing than just sticking with Lion's Arch. If you spent 1,000 gems you have permanent access to an exclusive part of the game that nobody else has access to for the time being. It's still there, still being used and still relevant.

So for all we know the Royal Terrace could just be remarketed to the Eastern Market so that the product can still benefit from that content. Could be the Eastern Market has a whole new thing in that regard (think Hall of Monuments but with all that stuff?). Could be just nothing as the statement does say this doesn't guarantee anything will come of it.

However what if we see this come up in a new live test? Could we potentially see a new item that lets us teleport to friends or even that being part of the new Commander Tag system? We already know the Permanent Banker, Black Lion Agent and Black Lion Merchants exist, too!

It's very interesting to think about that we may just already have VIPs in this Western Market, but not being branded as such. Very interesting to see if we may just see some new items or information come up in regards to the VIP benefits. All I can say for sure is to keep your eyes peeled and let's see if anything more comes of this.


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Submitted by LiveSpartan235 on

I believe GW2 is gonna be F2P in China the same with Blade and Soul with the exact same VIP optional sub although the Blade and Soul VIP is Pay to Win at its finest with the VIP giving players stat boosts