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Legendary Weapon Wipeout

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February 11, 2013 - 5:00pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Mystic Clovers

With 27 Mystic Clovers remaining until I finally complete my Kudzu, I can safely say there has been nothing legendary about its construction. Arduous or laborious, yes, but not legendary. I would also go as far as to state that constructing a legendary weapon almost killed all the passion I had for Guild Wars 2.

Fundamentally, a legendary weapon requires little more than money. If you have it, at least 80% of it can be completed in moments (if you don’t, I dread to think). In my circumstance, my buy orders for Leaf of Kudzu and Tier 6 crafting materials were fulfilled in around thirty minutes, I then finished up by heading over to Frostgorge Sound to buy Icy Runestones. This ease of access through wealth lead me to believe the endeavour would be quick and painless, but the reality is that there are several obstacles designed to unnecessarily protract the progress; Gift of Mastery and Mystic Clovers.

For those who don’t know, the Gift of Mastery requires 250 Obsidian Shards (2100 Karma each, or numerous Fractal Relics/Laurels) Gift of Exploration (100% World Completion), Bloodstone Shard (200 Skill Points), Gift of Battle (500 tokens from WvW) and finally Mystic Clovers as part of the Gift of Fortune.

If you are thinking about constructing a Legendary weapon, I would sincerely advise you break down the above list into time versus enjoyment. World Completion and the Bloodstone Shard go hand in hand and are relatively simple (albeit incredibly slow) and made significantly worse if you have a profession which isn’t blessed with reliable swiftness. Unfortunately for me, I complete this on my Mesmer, which was nothing short of agony when relying on a 13 second swiftness and Blink. This then leaves hundreds of thousands of Karma remaining for your Mystic Clovers and Obsidian Shards. The former, single handily has to be the worst addition to Guild Wars 2.

I can only assume the individual who designed Mystic Clovers and thought it was a good idea, missed the memo on “fun”. Having used hundreds upon hundreds of Obsidian Shards, I only have 50 Mystic Clovers. With a 30% chance to obtain one, it’s a miserable experience and protracting a process just for the sake of it. This continued focus on the Mystic Forge and random results is not only cruel, but also undermines everything ArenaNet attempted to achieve when they designed Guild Wars 2.

I understand that obtaining a Legendary item should be difficult and time consuming, but not in this fashion. I haven’t done anything “Legendary” in order to obtain mine. I haven’t killed a dragon, completed every dungeon, plucked a feather from a rare moa bird or taken part in a scripted quest chain. Instead, I’ve saved 1000 gold, placed orders on the Trading Post and ran between 5 Waypoints in the Cursed Shores to obtain the Karma I need. How is any of this reflective of the weapons legendary status?

The irony of all this is the fact that I set about creating this Kudzu to sell, having already sold two Bolts between two other friends for 3333g and 3000g (they did ALL the work). However, the thought of doing it again, by myself leaves me reeling, so much so I’ve decided just to equip it when it’s finished.

Were I to suggest a fix for the acquisition of a Legendary weapon, it would simply be a quest chain that mirrored that of the Paladin or Warlocks in World of Warcraft that sent you to the ends of the world and back in order to obtain your unique mount. Using this as a framework (that also leads to obtaining a precursor), while removing all RNG from the process would make it a much more enjoyable experience. As it currently stands however, you’ll find me on Desolation, wild eyed and dishevelled, continuing to run events on the Cursed Shores.

I hope it’s worth it.


Rin Aki's picture
Submitted by Rin Aki on

I hate to say it, but it's really not worth it, in my opinion. Some of them look good, but is it really worth all that stress and effort, and the risk it could put you off playing the game for good, just to have a flashy weapon skin?

I am not touching legendaries at all until they fix this shambles. And don't get me started on the random side of the Mystic Forge. I am ok with getting badges of honor, I'm ok with getting world complete, I'm ok with purchasing runestones and shards with gold and karma, but I am most certainly not ok with relying on a ridiculous amount of luck or gold to get a precursor, or any other item needed to make a legendary for that matter (glovers included). I have no objection with random chances or random effects on skills, and I don't mind random things if they are only minor. But it really has no place on something of this scale, especially when you have to put so much effort into it in other ways.

But then I guess they need to encourage gem sales somehow, and what better way to do it than by making things take a long time to do and adding frustrating levels of chance into the game, most of which can be reduced by purchasing gems.

Maybe after 5 years of playing, if a more 'fun' game hasn't drawn me away by then, I may have my dual dagger legendaries. But if things remain as they are, I very much doubt it as I do not enjoy gambling and I do not enjoy wasting my time and money.

Order of the Ono & Semper Dius

Rifa Black's picture
Submitted by Rifa Black on

have all my gifts ready, just a precursor waiting for RNG to drop for me and i refuse to purchase it for 600+ gold which by far is ridiculous because a big uproar was made when precursors were 300-450 gold.   i can agree with the legendary not being so legendary at all. But the fact that you can sell it to someone, really cheapens it so much more. 

100% Glass Canon - Shoot first, ask questions later.

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Submitted by niknieuwenhuis on

I gave up on my Legandary, tossed over 600 rare greatswords and at least 100 (if not more) exotic ones in the forge. And what do I have to show? Nothing. Ended up giving all the mats to my wife who is actually more lucky then me and might get hers within the next weeks.


The fact that you basically only need money to get one makes me really sad. I would rather see that you need a gift from every single dungeon then the way it is set up now. And then the fact that you can just sell them makes it even worse. How is it worthy to call a Legandary if you can just buy them of the AH? 

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Submitted by Ellipsys on

Let us bring this feedback to ArenaNet!  There is very little "Legendary" about such a harsh RNG, and depending on that along with exorbitant wealth is frustrating.   World of Warcraft has made some improvements as of late with the Pandaria Legendary quest chains that take time and multiple steps, but a relatively "soft" encounter with the RNG and do  not require the player to have a fortune.   

GW2 improves on modern MMOs in many ways, but they need to reduce the grind!  Gating content behind harsh RNGs and requring fortunes that only the most shrewd traders can obtain isn't the way to go, nor are repetitive, boring "reputation grinds" or WoW's previous "Guild Leader gets a Legendary Weapon, but needs 25 other people to raid with them and give them all the tokens for such a weapon" paradigm.    The idea to pattern Legendaries after something like WoW's "Class Quests" is fantastic, and merging that with the MoP Legendary questline etc.. will make for truly a Legendary experience.   I know ANet can do better - and the players deserve it too!

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Submitted by Sir Cusfreak on

Kills me that almost everything required to go into it is account bound and then the weapon isn't. I absolutely hate that theres a Legendary Weapon on the trade post. I'm against soulbinding in 99.9% of all instances, but that's the one thing that truly should be. [yes I understand money sinks. I'm still against soulbind - worst mechanic ever, short of Mystic Clovers (and character levels)  but Legendary Weapons actually should be bound and aren't]

I don't want it to *just* be a 'scavenger hunt' though - I do still want it to cost a ridiculous amount of gold and Karma and skill points and dungeon tokens and Badges of Honor and laurels and merits - add the feather of a rare Moa dipped in the fires of Mount Doom and rinsed in the blood of the Council of Evil and prayed over at the Altar of each of the Six Gods at night and forged on the Bloodstone by a Dwarf NPC who's dynamic event chain requires cooperation by 15 players to spawn and can only begin under exactly the right circumstances and only once a month...or whatever  - but by god, those goals should be by playing the game, not the forge, and the cash and token costs should be *set* - not RNG in any way.  I'm 100% behind saying Clovers are a very, very bad idea, and need to be "iterated" straight to hell.,.but legendaries shouldn't be easy  or common either. I say this because ANET has had a tendency to over-nerf some processes like this in the past, and I'm worried that the day after this 'scavenger hunt' goes into effect there will be a chicken in every pot, so to speak, and that's just as bad as this is. I hope they find the right balance, is all I'm sayin'. 

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Submitted by chaosgyro on

Frankly, the Mystic Toilet was the worst addition to the game. Ever.

It single handedly destroys fun, skill, and the point of crafting. Seriously, head over to and check out the galleries of weapon skins.  Now read how many of them say "Random drop from mystic forge by combining Level 75+ [insert item here]".

P.S. I have a suspicion, based on some of the things she's said, that it's Linsey Murdock who loves and probably designed the horrible RNG shit in this game.

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Submitted by BrownFang Harbinger on

When I first read the announcement for legendaries I made the insane assumption that each legendary would have a unique chain of quests or events with some crafting and traveling involved. The propaganda made it seems as if these great rewards would be hard won, customizable items that suited a player's individual style, kind of like prestige weapons in Call of Duty, but cooler. The reality of the grind, randomness and economics makes legendaries yet another portion of the game that doesn't interest me. I've quite a collection of parts of the game I'm avoiding because they just are not fun for me.

As a kind of core casual player, I end up doing dailies, events and map completion (none of which reap huge rewards in coin). The prospect of grinding dungeons, fractals, forge sessions or tamini standing in fields in order to be able to afford a legendary strikes me as silly and incredibly narrow. Using a wealth of sites outside of the game to play the BLT market sounds like reading about Ferrari's while you have the engine running on the Ferrari in your garage.

Although I've talked to a few players who either have legendaries or are working towards them, I've yet to have a chat with one that included anything like, "this is soooo crazy fun, dude; you gotta do this!" It's been something more akin to what you said Lewis: "almost killed all the passion I had for Guild Wars 2."

That's sad really.

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Submitted by Razor4884 on

Other than the precursors, I have no problem with how legendaries are obtained. Sure the system can be improved upon, but I don't think it's "bad" as it is. It can just be "better."

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Submitted by harrisonchase on

use the 10 clover recipe with it i got 50 clovers with 6 tries and what i got instead of clovers for the one time that i did not get clovers were lodestones