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Jonathan Sharp Drops a sPvP Update

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January 8, 2013 - 8:21pm -- innuendo

In what I can only describe as attempts to pacify the sPvP crowd, Jonathan Sharp has again stepped in front of the angry masses to explain the current production roadmap for sPvP. He walks down a list of priorities the team has, but is light on time tables. A quick run down the features ArenaNet is targeting follows below.

  • Custom Servers - It seems this is being touted as penicillin for the sPvP community since it will allow the player base to manually work around some of the limitations of the current system. By putting the tools in player's hands ArenaNet can enable customer tournaments to be run without having to do anything else.
  • Matchmaking - Improved tournament forming should be a boon for anyone. This comes hand in hand with improved leader boards (in game this time, hopefully).
  • Tutorials - It seems they want to do more to introduce players to sPvP, since the current intro is amazingly sparse. I guess learning to revive downed players and finish them isn't enough to become a pvp tournament master?
  • 1 team v 1 team - Since the sPVP community has seen some diminished action it has been hard to get into 8 team tournaments, these short 1 round matches would do a lot to help, especially with ranking and match making. I formally submit to call them "exhibitions." For now it looks like just Temple of the Silent Storm, but since we have at least 2 months before the update, that's likely to change.

If you were expecting an update soon, it looks like you should revise your expectations. He clearly says we wont see any of these changes in January, and should expect them in future patches. The community seems to be growing weary of these frequent "soon" posts from Chap, but if you don't have anything else to present, you don't have anything else to present.

The biggest thing I see missing from that list is spectator mode. You can't host a custom tournament without the ability to watch. Custom Arenas would be great and solve a lot of issues, but as I've been saying since before launch, we really need to be able to watch these games. You can't have a sport without spectators.

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Submitted by Yski on

I wonder how large the sPvP team is compared to theĀ PvE team? We've seen plenty of new PvE stuff, but several key sPvP features are still missing and I can't really think of anything they've added to sPvP with the exception of very minor things like qualification points.

But enough ranting. It's good to see there something coming, at some point anyway. cheeky

I'd definitely prioritize custom tournaments and spectator mode though, as those things alone would do wonders to sPvP. Watching others play generally teaches more than a tutorial anyway, and while better match making and shorter tournaments are neat I don't think they're important enough to justify them being done before spectator mode.

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