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Is It Worth Saving Lion's Arch?

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March 3, 2014 - 7:13pm -- Lee B.
Is It Worth Saving Lion's Arch?

Wrecked Lion's Arch

Let us be real, guys. Lion’s Arch has been completely wrecked and who knows what damage that gigantic drill has done to the bay for any and all shipping that went out of the city. If we do manage to take back Lion’s Arch is it going to be just a quick patch job to repair the city? I certainly hope not.

To make this a memorable finale we need to be able to look back at the crater that once was Lion’s Arch and be able to tell the story of Lion’s Arch as we knew it. I want to tell stories about Halloween, Christmas, the Karka attack and now this battle as a true veteran of the game. I want to be able to say “I was there and here is my Halo to prove it!” If ArenaNet dusted and polished off the city later it would completely downplay their desire to have a living, changing world and that experience of history. Not to mention the disappointment in their storytelling would only justified after such a dismissal of a near cataclysmic event.

Past events

As much as the lag sucked in the Lost Shores it was still an awesome event mechanically. Would love to tell a new breed of players about it.

I also want the guys at ArenaNet to surprise me with something new and to signify that this is a game with a living, breathing world to it. After all of this is said and done it should be rather obvious that there needs to be this place where all the players, and races, can come together to do what they need to do. This should be that opportunity to make the world advance through the story.

My idea is that they should bring in the Leaders of the “Allied” races, the Pact, Lion’s Arch previous leadership and whoever else to have a summit to make a new trade center for Tyria. That would be so huge and we would finally get some serious insight into the politics and information regarding all of the races. We would rub elbows with the Kodan, Skritt, Quaggans, Hylek, Largos and possibly even the Tengu to learn more about them and what they want out of a new city hub.

Minor Races

There is a lot of opportunity here to get a story completely worthwhile of our interests if they pull it off correctly. We don’t need to ask for Lion’s Arch to come back. Everyone wants to see something new so let us all gather up to get this new hub. Maybe then we will get a new b-iconic of one of the lesser races. Who doesn’t like the idea of setting up shop in a new hub to see Marjory and gang meet up with a Largo?