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How to Dress With Your Mistforged Weapon

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June 18, 2014 - 5:12am -- Vichan Xoan
How to Dress With Your Mistforged Weapon

Mistforged 2Mistforged 1

Mistforged 3Mistforged 4

Mistforged 5

First and foremost it is important to speak about the qualities of these weapons on their own. The first thing that comes to mind is: By the Gods that is a lot of sharp edges. I mean just look at the focus for crying out loud! Why do we need a knife on a focus? The shield alone looks like it could cause more trouble for the person defending with it than for the attacker. Oh and that pistol. Who puts a bayonet on a pistol and not on a rifle? So many questionable decisions the weapon smiths made here.

Other than this these strange design decisions one must be aware of the qualities of the weapons if you wish to dress to match. The main colors of these weapons are a strong, deep steel gray while it has filigree of gold and an enchantment that shines a bright white. So that is a majority of a steel gray, a secondary of gold and just the tiniest hint of bright white.

This means, my lovelies, that if you got with a solid white you are doing a disservice of the colored qualities of the rest of the weapon. If you stick with only a steel grey you are not acknowledging those unique colorful characteristics of the gold and white. To go with solely steel and gold will be close, and can be used, but it neglects that white that is there for a reason and deserves just the smallest bit of acknowledgment in your gear.

So here I found a warrior lugging around one of those new weapons and made him stand still as I gave him proper makeover. We finally settled on what you see here after listening to him complain for the thirtieth time about how he doesn’t think a shirtless approach is appropriate

Armor 1Armor 2

The colors we went with are Celestial, Gold, Antique Gold (for the cloth part of the leggings) and Iron. Now I understand, dears, that Celestial is a terribly expensive color and I can’t expect just anyone to have it. You can use Mithril or Icing as an alternative but you won’t get that strong white glow in your armor without Celestial.

Dye Colors

Now for the armor that entirely depends on the person who wears it and what armor. I do know that some people will think that the Radiant armor pieces are going to match well with these weapons and I want to strongly warn that those armor pieces will be so terribly gaudy with those weapons. Not to say it can’t be done but you have to be careful with the rest of the attire so you don’t overpower yourself with too much glowing white.

Now do keep in mind that by no means do you need to make your armor match those weapons. After all they are little more than deadly accessories. You can’t be expected to match every set of clothes to just some accessory. It just looks a little bit nicer if you do.

Here’s a small gallery of some of the best outfits I could find today of such gear. Hopefully these will get your inner fashionista stirring and setting you on the path of something truly marvelous. If you’re feeling brave maybe you could show off your outfit?

Guest One

Guest Two

Agree with Vichan’s taste in these new weapons or think he’s so totally out of it? Let us know in the comment section below or send us a message at @TenTonHammer or @CanadasMathlete. Make sure to include in your tweet #Vichan so we know who to get the message to!