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Hidden Edge of the Mists Achievements Guide

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February 7, 2014 - 6:19am -- Lee B.
Edge of the Mists Secret Achievement Guide

Within the Edge of the Mists are a set of five achievements that aren't normally listed under your Edge of the Mists tab under WvW. These achievements require you to know what to look for to unlock them and get the achievement point aware associated with them. Each of them will make you fall some massive distance, and four of them require precision in your fall.

Hidden Achievements

21 Total Achievement Points

Ledge of the Mists

1 Achievement Point

Edge of the Mists Secret Achievement Ledge of the Mists

The easiest of the hidden achievements to get. Simply run off an edge and dive into the endless abyss to get this achievement.

Bucket List

5 Achievement Points

Edge of the Mists Pull the Plug

Complete "Daring Dunk", "Hold Your Breath" and "Tidal Splash" to get this achievement.

This achievement requires you to get into each of the three towers across the map. Situated nearby a set of stairs you will find a bucket of water. Leap into this bucket and active the "Pull the Plug" prompt to be teleported to the top of the tower. At the tower you will find a pair of swimming goggles and then leap down from the tower into that small bucket of water below.

Tidal Splash

5 Achievement Points

Inferno's Needle Tower

Jump from the top of Badlands Tower "Infernos Needle" and land in the small bucket of water to get this achievement.

Hold Your Breath

5 Achievement Points

Tytone Perch Tower

Leap from the top of Frostlands Tower "Tytone Perch" and land in the small bucket of water to get this achievement

Daring Dunk

5 Achievement Points

Stonegaze Spire Tower

Throw yourself from the top of the Overgrowth Tower "Stonegaze Spire" and land within the small bucket of water to get this achievement.