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The Great Donation Showdown!

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December 24, 2013 - 12:11am -- Lee B.

You heard it folks THE GREAT DONATION SHOWDOWN is reaching it's epic crescendo here in Lion's Arch!  Ho-Ho-Tron: a Paragon of Soulless Robots everywhere versus Marcello: the Hero of all desperate Bards across Tyria. It's truly been an interesting Wintersday between these two champions as they settle things (like unemployment and political outrage) once and for all. They have taken this battle to the most noble of arenas: Begging and pleaing busy Wintersday revelers for gold and silver to the needy in Divinity's Reach. Truly the most extreme of challenges.

Let's get into some stats of these challengers!

Let's be real. They are evil, and nothing is more evil than an eyepatch.


Manufactured for The Consortium and served as an assistant to Subdirector Noll in Southsun.

Primary Skills: Programmed to belittle, hector, and otherwise browbeat the hapless settlers of Southsun Cove.

Secondary Skills: Music Production, Unsavory Public Relations, Public Profiling, Turncoat

Charges: Guilty of aiding and abetting the criminal Scarlet Briar, sentenced to raising donation for Divinity's Reach.





Marcello DiGiacomo

A dirty, singing vagrant. Sang for donations during the Queen's Jubilee.

Primary Skills: Singing, Playing Instruments, Rhyming

Secondary Skills: Whining, Begging, Bullying

Charges: Aiding and abetting a known criminal, 253 counts of property damage, disturbing the peace, and one count of playing music without a busker's permit.





Both of these contestants certainly have their advantages and disadvantages in this challenge, but they have a long battle ahead of them. With dolyak troubles, present malfunctions, snow maintenance and skritt assaults it will be truly an Iron Man challenge for these two contenders. They truly must lay it all on the line in order to clear their names, and only one will be named: THE GREAT DONATOR of 2013.

But fear not, my dear readers, I will have more information and statistics on their progress soon. Possibly even an exlcusive interview with the contestants to see what their game plan is to last until January 21st where festivities will end in Lion's Arch and the two must make their final tally on their earnings to Lion's Arch. If you have any questions you'd like to answer the two contestants by all means leave your questions here and I will hunt them down to get the answers to their biggest fans!