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Fractals of the Mists get Fractured Today!

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November 26, 2013 - 9:10am -- Lee B.

Today's the day ladies and gents! We get to finally explore the Thaumanova Facility prior to it's meltdown as well as tackle into the old Molten Facility and Aetherblade Retreat. On top of this we get all sorts of changes to the old Fractals, some bug fixing, some changes with Agony Resistance and rewards! We'll discuss each of these at length below so get reading and be fully prepared for Fractured when the update hits in full.

Overall Changes

Everyone post Fractal 30 will be reset down to Fractal 30. Following this the hard cap to Fractals are now set at 50, and will be updated ten at a time (i.e: 10, 20 or 30 new fractals)

Infused Items will now get an exclusive Agony Resist infusion slot that can only be infused with new Agony Resist infusions that drop inside the fractals. When you combine these new infusions with an identical infusion (i.e: "+2 Agony Resistance Infusion" and "+2 Agony Resistance Infusion") they will increase to the next increment (i.e. "+3 Agony Resistance Infusion"). These new infusions can be upgraded "infinitely" so there is never a hard cap of agony resistance. All Infused Rings and Back pieces will get updated to have a new slot to put Agony Resistance infusions in.

Agony has been changed so non-player characters, like pets, are no long affected by it. (Full Ranger or Necromancer runs anyone?)

Fractals have had their gold, experience and karma rewards to reflect the current dungeon rewards. On top of this Fractal Levels 0-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50? have separate rewards that are rewarded daily and tied to the account. Gold on these increase with the fractal difficulty. Lastly all Fractal progression is tied to your account rather than your profession.

Now there is a chance to get a new Endless Fractal Tonic (which can change you into a wiggly phallic tentacle for your hentai needs), new Rune/Sigil recipes and a fractal weapons container so you can pick which weapon you want. The chance for these dropping the higher in the fractals you go. The weapon container now drops skins instead of weapons with no stats on them.

A Story Mode Fractal will be available to introduce us to the Thaumanova Fractal for two weeks. Enjoy the new story Fractal with Ellen Kiel!

I trust her with my life.

Fractals have been put into four tiers of increasing difficulty and rotation. 

  • Fractal 1: Underwater, Swamp, Urban and Uncategorized
  • Fractal 2: Uncategorized, Snow, Urban, Molten and Cliffside
  • Fractal 3: Aetherblade, Grawl, Thaumanova Reactor, Dredge and Cliffside
  • "Boss" Fractal: Jade Maw Fractal, Molten Facility Boss Fractal, Aetherblade Boss Fractal

(Unconfirmed but the developer in charge of the live stream did mention that if you get Cliffside as your second Fractal, you can't get Dredge.)

Leaderboards added that are essentially a race to see who completes it all first. Whoever reaches a fractal level first is ranked first for that level for the entirety of the foreseeable future.

Mistlock Instabilities

Mistlock Instabilities introduce a new gambit-like feature for Fractals 31 to 50. The Instabilities are tied to each Fractal level, and are not randomized.

Examples: Fractal 31 introduces you to the Mossman stalking you through each and every Fractal you visit, Fractal 39 has it so that enemies will explode when killed.

"We plan to keep expanding the Instabilities and already have over 100 planned and some more  already in development."