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Following the Bread Crumbs in Season Two

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July 11, 2014 - 1:18pm -- Lee B.
Following the Bread Crumbs in Season Two

The next update, Entangled, is right around the corner. With it comes the next step in the story of Maguuma, Mordremoth and what Scarlet was doing in Dry Top. There are a lot of things going on. Here we have gathered all possible hints and clues as to what is coming up in the second season of the Living World.

Scarlet’s Room

So first we need to start where the story is purposefully taking us and a large gold mine of information is within Scarlet’s room. After all the dialogue between the NPCs and the completion of the quest you get left in a room with Taimi and a load of things that can be interacted with. There are two important pieces in this room: Scarlets’s hologram and everything behind Scruffy.

One piece of information that stuck out to me, in Scarlet’s hologram, was the fact that we were hearing more about the steam creatures and how she developed them. Why are we hearing about them here of all times and why are we being told they have a seemingly growing intelligence? Something tells me we’re going to see more come out of the steam creatures than we originally thought. We already knew that Scarlet was associated with them but to tell us more of this information seems to just be setting the stage for something more with them.

The other thing from Scarlet’s hologram was the discussion of the leyline hub. This important location is, what I assume, a junction of leylines. We know this highly interesting location is why Scarlet came to this location in the first place. Later on we’re told that Scarlet was highly interested in a bright, magical location that the miners had dug into. We’re very likely going to be heading to that location very, very soon.

Scarlet's Room

The final cache of information in the room is a table behind Scruffy that discusses all about what happened with Scarlet and Omadd. Two pieces stick out to me on this table: the poster on the wall and the book about “metal puppeteering of golems”. The poster on the wall is something we will discuss later but keep in mind that is calls this drawing some sort of coffin with tendrils coming from it. The book is intriguing because it could hint to what exactly Scarlet did in that machine Omadd made. Could Scarlet have dove into magic itself and someone else began controlling her as a mental puppet? Did Scarlet begin controlling something else?

Dry Top

Vine Growth

There have been some subtle things in Dry Top happening that people could pass over if they aren’t keeping their eyes peeled. In particular we can see vines are starting to encroach upon Dry Top and the residents. One place in particular is right next to the Prosperity Waypoint where a tall vine can be seen wiggling that wasn’t there last week. Where that is (undeniably) leading we will discuss later.

Mysterious Figure

The other thing that should catch one’s eye is the “Mysterious Figure” that overlooks Dry Top from a ledge about the Prosperity Waypoint. This figure, if you get close enough, is a centaur of some sort that is watching Dry Top and the occurrences for some reason. A question that comes to mind is the possibility of a friendly centaur group. It is hard to say their intentions but we know this figure plays another role that we will discuss later on.

Entanglment Teaser Video

This video shows a heck of a lot of information regarding what’s up next in the Living World. We see Dry Top getting completely taken over by those vines we have started to see. The Mysterious Figure appears to be alerting someone to something and it is hard to say if we’re the ones being alerted or if the figure has brought friends. There are even all sorts of crazy things happening even so far as in Timerline Falls where an outpost is completely wrecked by vines. Giants even make a show of appearing and we can tell they are quite the hostile type.

What we see that particularly catches my eyes is that coffin that we saw schematics for in Scarlet’s home. Could this be a second device to tap directly into the leylines that Scarlet revamped from Omadd’s design? I’m almost afraid to find out if one of our allies will be so brave as to go into the coffin with it being so close to the leyline.


There is a lot of information floating around but there are still plenty of questions to be asked about what we have seen so far. More importantly, however, are the questions I have about the things we haven’t seen addressed quite yet. Opening the door to Maguuma offers a lot of potential for a lot of stories to be revisited.

There is a second tree, similar to the Pale Tree, out there in Maguuma somewhere where Malyck is headed. Could this second tree be in danger by Mordremoth’s influence? If so does that mean we need to worry about the Pale Tree? A while ago Angel McCoy, Narrative Designer for ArenaNet, stated at PAX Prime 2013, “I’m going to be trying to do a lot of cool stuff with them (the Sylvari) next year.”

Furthermore we are heading to the heart of where the White Mantle headquartered. We know that White Mantle still exist, to some degree, from the human personal story line. What better place to hold up than back in their forgotten strongholds? Or even back to the Bloodstone in Maguuma’s jungles?