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Five Things You Should Do For Origins of Madness!

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January 16, 2014 - 3:21pm -- Lee B.

Below you'll find our five tips to help you get a head start for the content up and coming this Tuesday. Waiting til the last minute is going to cause more chaos that necessary so start now and get this stuff done this weekend while you still have time! You surely don't want to be trying to get some Black Lion Keys while your guild is prepping to tackle one of the new bosses.

Level to 80 and GEAR UP!

This seems a little obvious, but it's a good time to push out those characters for those of you new to the game or those of you who kind of want to bring that alt to max level but really haven't felt the reason to yet. Now is the time. These new world bosses are going to need some high levels of coordination and any weak link is unfortunately cause the learning curve to be a much difficult mountain to overcome. If you are uncertain of what classes to get to 80 for the fight push for Warrior, Elementalist and Guardian. These classes have a great punch in regards to the Tequatl fight, so they might just be as useful for the newest bosses.

Already got your character to 80? Awesome. Now just gear it out! For Tequatl the most useful stats were Soldier's, so it's like to be a good place to start for gearing out your newest 80. Now that doesn't mean it's the only option, just the most universally useful. 

Stockpile Consumables

You got your 80. You got your gear. Awesome. Now to make sure you are absolutely ready consider running some consumables. If these new bosses are truly open world and follow any similarity with Tequatl consider picking up some Mortar Seed Turrets, Fire Elemental Powder and Ogre Pet Whistles. These will give you some extra DPS and the turrets are great at soaking the attention of mobs.

Otherwise you need to look into what type of food and utility consumables you want to run.

For open world content, where you need to kill mobs to get another key drop or something, consider running Omnomberry Tarts and Superior Sharpening Stones.

For the boss content, where damage and survival is all that matters, run a Plate of Orrian Steak Frittes and Superior Sharpening Stones (or even a Potion of Karka Toughness).

If you want to go a step beyond the norm for everyone gathered for the fights you could learn, and make, the Recipe: Feast of Orrian Steak Frittes. A bit more expensive but everyone will love you for it.

If you need help finding these consumables, or some alternatives, check out our guide on consumables here!

Practice Tequatl

It makes sense if you're going to tackle the big new bosses that you get acclimated to how ANet is leading the direction of their bosses. A lot of coordination and understanding of phased combat is likely to be key in these new fights. Learn the Ins and Outs of the fight, the difference between the six main areas and which you are better at. It's very likely these skills will pass on to these new bosses.

Farm Black Lion Keys

As much as I hate to say it but if you want those fancy new weapons that are very likely to come out only through the Black Lion Weapons Specialist, save money and experience all the new content? Start farming those Black Lion Keys now. Even if you don't like any of them sell the item later, because they are typically worth some money later down the line (especially the greatsword skins). 

Get a ticket or three. You won't regret it. You can find a guide we've done for this here.

Farm up some gold!

Pretty obvious, but it's pretty key to brand new released content. Typically the first three days are going to have some crazy fluctuating prices on anything new that drops. It's a bit of a gamble, but you can work the market by buying up things that people are way underselling and resell at a higher profit. If you have an eye for the market.

Otherwise typically once we get into the weekend after the update prices will generally tank across the board on any item that has to do with the new content. This is the prime time to buy up whatever you want for a cheaper price, usually, than anywhere down the line. Keep an eye on trends through

Get about 50+ gold through dungeons or world bosses now. This will keep you generally in the okay for whatever comes.


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Even though I've played since first beta, I really appriciate these posts. I've never bothered to buy the consumables since I mainly do WvW but due to this post, I just went to do the chain events and bought them all! Was a real plessure, thanks for the adventure!

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Cannot you add subtitles in other languages? this way all can enjoy better the history.