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The Fashion Police Are Here

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August 3, 2014 - 11:02pm -- Vichan Xoan
The Fashion Police Are Here

Tailoring Stations

Dears, we have quite a problem in Tyria. There is a terribly oppressive force in our lands that has exceeded Palawa Joko in terms of their oppression. This force could stop an Elder Dragon in their tracks if they decided to turn their eyes on them. My dear friends I speak to you of the ever watchful Fashion Police. Oh yes. You read that correctly: the Fashion Police.

Think about it lovelies. Do you remember the times we used to enjoy where we could combine our town clothes styles with freedom? Do you remember when clothes used to be clothes instead of tonics? I do and I miss those days. Those days have been taken from us.

Now all the new clothes we see coming out are outfits. This is a shame. I recall looking at the Shadow Assassin armor and considered customizing it to my own preferences but now if I want it I have to just take it – terrible shoulders and all - or leave it. We are losing the ability to remain incredibly fashionable individuals.

Some of you may be saying, “But Vichan! These outfits are tailored to our bodies! It all fits perfectly and we don’t get that terrible clipping issue as much anymore. It is a step in the right direction.” Nonsense I say! Sure a well-tailored outfit is absolutely a necessity to looking good but at the cost of fashion freedom? Should we really be giving all the power to the tailors in deciding what we wear? Charr have never looked so good but is it fair that we force them to wear outfits like onesies?

Female Human/Norn/Sylvari Fancy

The reason I am bringing this up to you is due to the recent leaked preview of an upcoming set of outfits that I am simply titling as Fancy. These clothes are elegant, gorgeous and refined. The only issue is that they are likely another set of restricting outfits. There are so many things one could do to give these outfits a unique style like a touch of Steampunk or a different sort of class if we could combine them with other clothes. Now we all have to look like we’re dressing up for a Ball that has incredibly strict rules on what people are allowed to wear.

What needs to happen is that we remove outfit and clothes altogether. Just make this all enchanted or padded clothing that we can wear it all into battle. Cut out this awkward system that forces us to wear specific styles or not get the option to use them at all. That is the only reasonable solution that gives us all what we want.

Male Human/Norn/Sylvari Fancy

Just face it designers. There is no way to eliminate this whole clipping issue without specifically pouring over every piece of armor. We’ll take the clipping if it means we can customize our incredibly important fashions. The worst thing to do here is to act as some invisible Fashion Police that smacks our hands whenever we try to put a little bit of our own style into your designs.

That or allow us to be able to fight in battle while fully naked. I know I won’t complain if my all male team of strong, exquisite men are going toe to toe with some deadly force. I’ll forget all my complaints in those moments, I assure you.