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Edge of the Mists WvW Achievement Guide

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February 7, 2014 - 11:55am -- Lee B.
Edge of the Mists WvW Achievement Guide

The achievements in Edge of the Mists puts you directly into experiencing the new mechanics introduced in this map ranging from new consumables to terrain that can be altered through a few good trebuchet shots. Some of these achievements are designed to take a good amount of time but the majority of them can be done in a couple hours if you have a good group or are familiar with WvW gameplay. Here you will find a break down of all those achievements to make sure you know exactly what you need to do in order to get those achievement points.

Edge of the Mists

193 Total Achievement Points

Blades in the Mists

1/5/5/5 (16) Achievement Points

Junction Location

Kill 10/100/500/1,000 Aetherblades in the Edge of the Mists.

In the middle of the Edge of the Mists is an area called The Juncture. Here is a large Aetherblade Airship that will consistently spawn Aetherblade Pirates around the holographic Mai Trin.

The Juncture Edge of the Mists

Bridge Buster

1/4/5 (10) Achievement Points

Trebuchet Locations

Destroy 1/5/10 Bridges in the Edge of the Mists.

Truthfully there is one really solid way to farm this out without worrying too much about enemies:. Setting up a treb near to the closest destructible bridges that's near your Keep. I circled out the best spots to set up your treb, then X'd out which bridges you are aiming for.

Trebuchet Bridge Buster

I highly recommend doing this with a friend so they can work on completing "No Road? No Problem!" and make sure you constantly have a bridge to hit.

Check Out These Guns

5 Achievement Points

Statuary Location

Control the Overgrowth Statuary and fire the super cannons.

When your group has control over the Statuary just get up on one of the guns and pop off a shot. Easy as that.

Generator Generator

1/4/5 (10) Achievement Points

Generator Nodes

Spend 10/100/200 supply creating generators.

Fortunately this is an easier, albeit time consuming, one that can be done just as you play through the map. When you take a Resource Generator it will generally have a few hammer and nail icons floating nearby it. That is where you spend supply to create generators.


Intruder Alert

5 Achievement Points

Observatory Location

Purchase and use a sentry turret from the Overgrowth Observatory.

When your group has control of the Observatory speak with one of the Champion Grawl Tricksters to purchase the Sentry Turret for 25 Badges of Honor. Use it and set it up to get the achievement done.

Sentry Turret

Let It Glow

5 Achievement Points

Altar Location

Use the Overgrowth Altar to transform into a Spirit of Light.

When your group has control of the Altar you just ned to use the Altar (after the dynamic event is completed) to channel for a moment to turn into the Orb of Light.

Make It Rain

5 Achievement Points

Airship Location

Purchase and use an air-strike grenade from the Badlands Airport.

When your group has control of the Airpot speak with the Champion Balloon Pilot (after the dynamic event is completed) to spend 25 Badges of Honor to purchase the grenade. Use the grenade anywhere and you're done.

Nice Ride

5 Achievement Points

Workshop Location

Transform into a mecha siege devourer at the Badlands Workshop.

When your group has control of the Workshop speak with the ChampionCharr Mechmaster who will turn you into a mecha siege devourer.

No Road? No Problem!

1/4/5 (10) Achievement Points

Spend 10/100/200 supply on building bridges.

The best way to farm this out is to follow the guide for Bridge Buster, but have someone else destroy the bridge while you repair. Doing it with a partner like this will make sure it's a fluid and constant farm. Having five ranks in Supply Master will help make the trek back and forth between the Resource Generators and the Bridge shorter.


1/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/10 (51) Achievement Points - "Ultimate Raider" title

Resource Generator Location

Caputre 1/25/125/250/500/750/1,000/1,250/1,500/1,750 Reactor Generators.

Unfortunately this is very much an exercise in running around with, or leading, groups to capture Resource Generators over and over again.

Smash Happy

5 Achievement Points

Forge Location

Purchase and use Koda's Hammer from the Frostlands Forge.

When your group has control of the Forge you can speak with the Champion Norn Forgesmith to spend 25 Badges of Honor in order to get the consumable Koda's Hammer. Use it once and you are done.


Some Say It's Your Specialty

1/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/10 (51) Achievement Points - "Ultimate Liberator" title

Special Objective Locations

Capture 1/30/150/300/600/900/1,200/1,500/1,800/2,100 special objective on the Edge of the Mists.

Special Objectives are the three unique structures to each zone (i.e. the Altar or the Belltower). This achievement is identical to Resourceful in that it will take time of you following, or leading, a group of people over a length period of time.

Thaw That Claw

5 Achievements Points

Shrine Location

Summon the Claw of Koda at the Frostlands Shrine.

When your group as control of the Shrine you will see three totems that have blocks at their base. Have three different people stand on the blocks in order to activate the Shrine and summon the Claw of Koda. Make sure you do this wih two other friends so they stay long enough to make sure the achievement is done.

The Bells, the Bells!

5 Achievement Points

Bell tower Location

Control the Frostlands Bell Tower to ring a bell in the Frostlands and summon a Spirit of Koda.

After your group captures the Bell Tower you will have the ability to interact with the many Bells scattered throughout the Frostlands area. Simply interact with one and you will get this achievement done. You will be unable to interact with a bell if a Spirit of Koda is already in front of it.

Bell of Koda

Wurmhole Traveler

5 Achievement Points

Wurm Location

Control the Badlands Wurm Tunnel and travel through one of the tunnels situated all over the map.

Wurm Tunnels