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Edge of the Mists Living World Meta-Achievement Guide

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February 7, 2014 - 2:00am -- Lee B.
Edge of the Mists Living World Achievement Guide

Scarlet is at it again and, of course, in this new Living World update there are achievements that are tied to the core of the story. Here we break down the achievements and give you the quickest routes to get them done and add all those achievement points to your account.

Edge of the Mists

40 Total Achievement Points

Delaqua Investigator

20 Achievement Points - Chest of the Mists

Edge of the Mists Sheriff Siriam

First you will need to meet with Sheriff Siriam above Main Haven Headquaters where Canach is being held.

You will then be sent back and forth between the Dead End Bar and the Edge of the Mists to speak with Marjory Delequa, Kasmeer Meade, Rox, Taimi and Braham. When you're prompted to go to the Edge of the Mists just open your WvW panel and click on "Edge of the Mists" to enter.

Edge of the Mists UI

The last leg of the event involves you interpreting the evidence, and while it is highly recommended you draw the conclusions for yourself, here is a list of the answers for quick advancement through this story.

  • Kiel's Report on the Dragon Bash Attack: "Scarlet wanted a pawn on the Captain's Council."
  • Molten Alliance Drill: "I think she was developing a sonic magical device other than weapons."
  • Aetherblade Weapon: "They know each other, but you're wrong. It wasn't a trap. Caithe raided the airship factory."
  • Watchwork Fragments: "To get the watchknights. Controlling them required her personal touch."
  • Cooling Rod: "It all tracks back to the ley lines. We know she's been actively researching them."
  • Component of Omadd's Isolation Module: "When Scarlet looked across the open threshold, she saw things. And something looked back."
  • Energy Probe: "The probes are magical and spread out. She's closing in on a magical location."
  • Scarlet's Journal: "Something is driving her - something she was afraid of but has since embraced."
  • Toxin Sample: "The courtiers grew the plant, and the krait made it toxic. The combination was a poison so powerful..."
  • Steam Creature Wreckage: "That the queen modeled her watchknights on the steam creatures."

Raiders of the Lost Parts

15 Achievement Points - Mini Chest of the Mists

Taimi's Golem Parts

In the Edge of the Mists is Taimi's Golem Parts in order to get Scruffy up again. You need to head to the lower portion of the map, using the bridges and ramps. Each corner of the map has some way to access the middle area.

Live on the Edge

5 Achievement Points

In key places across Tyria there are Aetherblade ships that hover over portals. You will need to defeat the Aetherblades and complete the dynamic event associated with them in order to get the portal to spawn.

Pig Iron Waypoint PortalPiken Ruins Waypoint PortalOceans Gullet PortalYaks Bend Waypoint PortalSorrowful Waypoint Portal