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Diary Of - Entry 3: Taming Sardu

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May 17, 2012 - 11:14am -- Xerin
Diary of

“Come on Sardu!” I shout.  My brown bear, so lovingly named, has decided it has more interest in a nearby flower bed than battling back the Centaur.

“You’ve been listening to me the last few hours, what’s wrong now?” Sardu looks at me in confusion as I whistle at him, over and over.

Deciding enough is enough, I leave Sardu to his own devices and make my way to Hoelbrak in search of a juvenile raven or arctic wolf, hoping they respond better to my commands, rather than at their own pace.

I’ve been told that I should be able to find quite a few pets in the Norn starting area, with each of the Spirit Guide's shrines surrounded by their spirit animal. 

​Arriving in Hoelbrak for the first time, I’m actually taken aback at not only the scale but of how much I adore snow filled landscapes.  I decide that Tyria doesn’t have enough snow and although the Norn aren’t an ideal race, I make a choice to adventure here rather than in the lush green fields I’ve just left behind.

Running out of the eastern exit with Sardu now plodding along behind me, I run past several Dolyak idly chewing on the frozen grass.

“Hey, there’s a juvenile arctic wolf here!” I tell Sardu, who has begun to look nervous at the thought of being so easily replaced.

“Hmm… I can’t tame it, does anyone know why?” I ask aloud.

“Is it juvenile?” my merry men respond.

“Of course! It’s just stood here.”

“Have you tried selecting it?”

“Yes, it’s just doing nothing”.

​It suddenly dawns on me after the intervention of a friend and to much laughter, that the arctic wolf already has an owner and that the two have become separated.  Feeling a little stupid and wishing that I could set Sardu on the creature (and my friend) in spite, I leave the confines of Hoelbrak, with the sound of laughter ringing in my ears.

Heading towards the Raven Shrine and up the winding path, I realise that Sardu has gone missing, again.   I turn around to see the brown bear face first in a divot, stuck on a fallen branch.  It never occurred to me that I could hurt an animal or myself, but I’m sure at that moment it crossed my mind to fire an arrow through my own head, to put me out of my misery.

Leaving Sardu stuck for a second time I make my way back up the path to the Raven Shrine, finally coming across a juvenile raven at the cliff edge.   Taming my new feathered friend I send Sardu into the wild, never to be seen again. 

“So what shall I call you then?” I ask my new companion.  The raven stared blankly back at me.

Heading back down the path I notice my raven is no longer with me and has, just like his brown bear sibling, got caught on a rock and is unwilling to move from it.

“I know what I’ll call you. You're just like the bear...”  

The raven looked at me oddly and flapped its wings.



Carlos's picture
Submitted by Carlos (not verified) on

When I thought of tales being told about ranger pets in GW2...This was not exactly what I had in mind xD

Was a nice read!

sylvinstar's picture
Submitted by sylvinstar on

I wonder how high pet pathing and AI are on the list of priorities at ArenaNet.  Obviously crash bugs and performance issues trump most things, but I wonder how far below those two items, the pets are..

Razor4884's picture
Submitted by Razor4884 (not verified) on

Arena-net says that they will begin work on the pet AI, and have it fixed before launch.