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Coin Collector: Challenger Cliffs Achievement Guide

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August 14, 2014 - 8:29am -- Lee B.
Coin Collector: Challenger Cliffs Achievement Guide

Dragon’s Reach Part Two released a new area to the Dry Top map: Challenger Cliffs. This area, along with all new mobs and events, has twelve coins scattered around it that are needed for the Coin Collecter: Challenger Cliffs achievement. This guide will help you find all twelve coins quickly and efficiently.

If you need help with the rest of the achievements associated with this zone you can go to our Complete Dry Top Achievement Guide here.

Challenger Cliffs Coin Locations

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 1

You need to head southeast from the Repair Station Waypoint to the large hole beside a large stone pillar to find this coin. Look down into the hole and on one of the ledges is the coin in question.

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 2Moving north from the last coin location you should meet a ledge with a purple sky crystal. Use this crystal to jump to the ledge across from it to find the next coin.

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 3

Directly east from the second coin is a ledge with another coin. Head through the earth elementals and along the ledges to get to this coin.

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 4

To find this coin you need to head south to the ledges above the nearby vista. This coin hides in a nook of the rocks.

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 5

Go east from the last coin to the most southeastern point within Challenger Cliffs. You should see a sloped wall that this coin sits atop of.

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 6From the fifth coin you need to circle around the rocks to find a nearby blue sky crystal. Use this crystal to jump to the top of the ledges and find the coin hidden in the nook of rocks.

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 7

After getting the sixth coin go west along the ledges on this southern wall to the top of the cliffs. This coin will be hiding at the top.

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 8a Challenger Cliffs Coin 8b

Just south of the seventh coin, on the level where the Inquest wander around, is another hole to the underground level. At this hole you need to fall down to the ledges to get to a purple sky crystal. Use this purple sky crystal to jump over a few rocks and get to the nearby coin.

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 9

Near the third crash site point of interest is another hole to the lower levels. Fall down the ledges to get to a wooden plank. Follow this plank to this platform to get the coin.

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 10a Challenger Cliffs Coin 10b

Near the Inquest camp at the underground level is a ledge that allows you to climb into a small, secret cave. Inside this cave is the tenth coin.

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 11

Northeast of the tenth coin is a mound of sand where a blue sky crystal is at. Use this crystal to jump up to a ledge and into a small cave to find another coin.

 Challenger Cliffs Coin 12

Fall down to the Unswept Uplands area and head to the eastern most wall. You will see a series of ledges that has two blue sky crystals and a purple sky crystal. Use these crystals to land on the platform where this last coin waits.