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The Calm Before the Flame and the Frost

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January 24, 2013 - 4:32pm -- innuendo

I logged in today for my daily dose of doing my dailies in Guild Wars 2 and it struck me just how much I want the new achievement system to be in place. I don’t think anyone would say the currently daily achievement system is their favorite part of the game, but the recent reveal of the new system has really highlighted just how lacking the current implementation is.

I think the approach ArenaNet has laid to tackle some of the content issues in the game is smart. It plays to the strengths of the game, and rewards players for doing the content they already spent time creating. I think something overlooked by a lot of players is just how much content exists in the game between the levels 20 and 60. And level scaling makes sure the content is interesting at all times. Interesting, but not rewarding.

I’ve seen a few developers already speak to the issues of poor reward levels for downscaled players. This, to me, is probably the biggest reason downscaling hasn’t been heralded as the savior of MMO’s the way I thought it might have been before release. Arenanet designed a system in which players could go back to any level zone and have fun, but they punished them for it doling out meager rewards and reduced drop rates. The chatter on the horizon seems to indicate they are aware of this problem and are seeking to remedy it.

If ArenaNet is successful at getting max level players to go out of their way to play level 20 content it could be a watershed moment in MMO’s by finally overcoming the issues vertical scaling creates  for content designers. Coupled with the new daily system, that if done right should shuttle players around Tyria, I can imagine a system where some of the better maps in the game finally get their time to shine.

An example is the southern parts of Lorner Pass. When you come out of the mountains and it opens up in the valley before you. The first time I reached this part of Tyria I literally stopped for a few moments just to soak up how gorgeous that spot of the world is. The storylines there are interesting as well. The pirate bands that roam about keep the spice interesting, and the little stories between them are all well written and executed. 

Sadly, I usually keep an alt around that area since there is relatively good enemy diversity, and it helps my clear the current dailies. I know there are better zones for it, but I like that zone enough that the efficiency loss is worth it. My hope is that the new ever changing dailies will allow more players to see this part of the world, and come to appreciate it like I have.

So as we all wait for the Flame and the Frost update to hit, I recommend you get ready for your daily life to drastically improve. Because if ArenaNet gets the daily system right, and if the laurel reward system does what mystic coins should have done to begin with, we could all see our daily dose of Guild Wars 2 get a little bit sweeter. 


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im totally excited. Laurels <3

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