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Black Lion Weapon Giveaway Winners!

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April 19, 2014 - 3:13pm -- Lee B.
Giveaway Contest Winners

As promised today I am announcing the winners to the Black Lion Weapon Giveaway and let me just say upfront that I thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of your submissions. You all captured some great moments in the game that made me wish that I paid more attention to for my own screenshot collection. You all taught me to be just a little bit faster with my screenshot button as well brought some serious tears to my eyes from laughing so hard.

Unfortunately I cannot reward all of you but I do promise that we will have more competitions like this in the near future! I intend to building up a large prize pool for all of you and reward more of you for being part. So please do check out the stories below to see who won and check back in the near future for our next contest.

Third Place: Fide


Welcome to today's lecture.

Today we will deal with how to kill a Char with a catapult. First, you need suitable bait, best is to use a precursor, but ensures that the precursor is not too shiny, as this could otherwise attract Skrit. Next we need to place the bait in catapult range. Take care that the bait is not to be placed in the water, because Chars hate water. Now we have to find an effective projectile to load the catapult, I recommend using one of Balthasars Hounds. Now you only have to aim and shoot, but this is no different from the target practice from our last lecture, so I am not going into details here.

If there are any questions get in contact with me.

What I liked here was the explanation of the weird diagram on the blackboard. Is this some malign scheme of the Loyalists in Ebonhawke to kick the Charr out of their home? Are we discussing new strategies to take out Charr commanders in WvW? I love it and love the dedication to try and explain it. Maybe someone can decipher the New Krytan on the board and let us know what else it says?

Second Place: Minami


Murru Fateripper smacked her sister over the head.

"Of course I have not been in any embarrassing situation in my life! I am Ash legion, we pride ourselves on stealth, infiltration, perfect control and awareness of our surrounding at all times!"

"Oh yes?" replied her sister, gingerly massaging her head "I suppose you don't mind me asking then how that missing patch of fur on your butt came about?"

Murru went whiter than her silky fur.

"You weren't there" she hissed "you can't prove anything!"

Her sister licked her paws, letting Murru suffer. She finally answered after a long minute.

"I WAS there. I followed you, like little sisters do to big sisters. I saw you sit down at the edge of the fissure and start combing your tail fur. I saw your crush from the Iron legion staring at you. You really looked beautiful...

That is, until that fireball shot up from the ground. Your expression spoke for itself, and I was lucky enough to have one of those image freezing contraptions from the Asura..."

She trailed off.

Murru looked like she wanted to sink underground.

Her sister was unforgiving. With a big flourish, she produced the picture in question from her armor pocket.

The laughter could be heard for days.

The laughter could be heard for days is right. Great timing with the environment, great screenshot to capture facial expression and that tail tuck between the legs. I was giggling to the story, too. Poor Murru should pick her grooming locations a bit further away from open fires next time, hm?

First Place: Wedge7


Norn man-baby liked toys.

Norn man-baby's favourite toys were his wooden sword and wooden dagger.

Norn man-baby liked to play in the snow, high in the mountains above the icy waters.

Norn man-baby would often get into a lot of trouble whilst out playing high in the mountains in the snow with his wooden sword and wooden dagger.

Norn man-baby once got caught by his parents whilst out playing high in the mountains in the snow above the icy waters with his wooden sword and wooden dagger.

Norn man-baby did not like getting caught by his parents whilst out playing high in the mountains in the snow above the icy waters with his wooden sword and wooden dagger, so he took off his clothes and had a tantrum.

Norn man-baby does not think you would like to see him when he has a tantrum.

Norn man-baby is right.

When I went through all the submissions I made sure that I read the story first before I looked at the picture. So, when I went through the tale of the "Norn man-baby" I was quite confused as to what I was reading. Then I opened up the picture and it all snapped together to make me laugh out. He truly does look like a giant baby and that story just made it all the better. Here is where the picture and the story together make it an absolute treat and deserving of the first place reward of three Black Lion Claim Tickets!

I hope you all enjoyed this contest and got a kick out of the winning entries almost as much as I did. There will be another contest coming very shortly and I look forward to all of you participating again! Keep on an eye on the Hub or follow us at @CanadasMathlete or @TenTonHammer for details when the contest is announced.


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Submitted by Wedge7 on

Norn man-baby won! 

Norn man-baby will no longer throw a tantrum. 

Norn man-baby thinks both he and everyone else is thankful for this.