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Black Lion Underground - 31 October 2012

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October 31, 2012 - 4:38am -- Lewis B
Black Lion Underground

By previous monetary standards, I’m poor.  Fear not however, because I’ve made some (hopefully) worth while investments, while also treating myself in the process.  After having all this money, it’s surely a reward for all the hardwork.  Having levelled my engineer I was in need of several items, having levelled her predominantly through crafting at the cost of around 15g.  So far I’ve bought/crafted:

  1. 1x Black Dye
  2. 1x Abyss Dye
  3. 2x Chain Swords
  4. 2x Ghastly Shields
  5. 1x The Crossing
  6. 5x 15 slot bags

I’ll immediately make a loss of 20g on one of the Ghastly Shields based on the fact my engineer now uses one and it’s probably one of the best looking skins in the entire game.  Considering money is obtainable at any time and the shield might not materialise again, I felt it was worthwhile taking the hit for something so awesome. Factoring in the cost of levelling my engineer through crafting, the bags and dyes (as well as the loss on the Ghastly Shield) I am looking at over 50g outlaid on those alone.  I’ve also spent around 40g on The Crossing, two Chain Swords and a second Ghastly Shield.

You might consider this extravagant; however, I consider that items available only for a short period of time will eventually be eaten up by the trading post as supply dwindles, to the point where there is only demand remaining.  The Crossing (an amazing looking staff) and the Ghastly Shield are two items which look so visually appealing that the price of both will undoubtedly spike (it already has).  I expect to make at least 50g from each after Halloween officially ends. As for the Chain Swords, having bought them at 5g each they have already spiked from yesterday (as little as 3g) but with a huge demand and already dwindling supply, I expect these to eventually shift for well over 15g each.

Black Lion Underground

All in all I’d like to think I can turn my original expenses to support my engineer into where I was last week (over the 140g mark) though this might have to wait until a couple of weeks after Halloween finishes.  If you have been following Black Lion Underground and now have a reasonable amount of money to take a gamble, you won’t go far wrong in picking up one of the exclusive Halloween items but you’ll have to be really quick.

As it currently stands in terms of direct Trading Post activity I’m experimenting at the moment with salvaging to try to locate goods that yield a good return of materials for the cost investment. This is still very much in its infancy as to whether it is working but a couple have caught my interest but I'll be going into more detail as to that in a few days.

Black Lion Underground

Tip Of The Day

There is real potential to obtain reasonably rare material from salvaging “Trophy” items. Although they might cost you around 70c per piece (in the case of Valuable Metal Scrap) there is the chance to turn a profit. In the case of Valuable Metal Scrap, salvaging these will see you obtain Orichalcum and Mithril. Both of these components sell for much higher values than the original purchase price of the Scrap.  Taking the salvaged material and then converting and utilising it in crafting professions is a great way of keeping costs down to turn a high profit.



Yski's picture
Submitted by Yski on

I've spent more or less all my money on candy corn, trick or treat bags and one severed dagger. The best part is, they're almost guaranteed to make profit.

Now all I need to do is to finally level up some of my characters above level 40 so I actually have something to buy laugh

Every single forum I've used to spread anti guardian propaganda has subsequently died out on me. Coincidence? I think not!

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

Haha :) I've doubled my money already on every Halloween item.  I'm expecting to have over 200g in a few days time :)

Only level 40? I've a level 80 Mesmer, 70 Engineer and 45 Thief :-\ 

pretty.pixie's picture
Submitted by pretty.pixie on

I've been following this column for quite a bit now, and to my advantage. It helped me understand how buy orders and the market in general works. Last week I decided to take the plunge and managed to turn 3G into 15G.

Lately I've been buying exotic armour with popular sigils. I found that in some cases these sell for well under the value of the sigils. When salvaged with a BL salvage kit you not only get to sell the sigil, but also 1-3 ecto's and assorted crafting mats. 50% pure profit was not uncommon! You need a bit of Gold to start with, though.