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Black Lion Underground - 06 December 2012

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December 6, 2012 - 7:06pm -- Xerin
Black Lion Underground

In reality there are only four viable methods of making money on the Trading Post.  These four methods have provided me with a wealth of income that has afforded me the opportunity to fully equip two level 80 professions with the best available: all exotic jewelry and armour, ascended back pieces and 18 to 20 slot bags (alongside lots of fancy weapons such as two Chaos Gun's).  


Predicting the market is a key part of making money and is aided a great deal by patch notes, keeping your finger on the pulse for potential market fluctuations as a result of an article or guide and generally being willing to take a gamble.  The recent spike in Giant Eye’s worked wonderfully in my favour, having bought 30 when they were relatively cheap (50s each). Although I didn’t sell these on, I instead ploughed them into a Wall of the Mists which is currently listed for 145g purchase price. Whether that will sell is another matter.

Wall of the Mists


A laborious method of placing huge quantities of buy orders to then flip the product at a higher market value.  I’ve never found anything I can’t flip within a few hours or days, but its time consuming to keep on top of it and margins can be small (5s each to 50s).  If the Trading Post browser was quicker in your ability to navigate and load items the whole process would be so much more pleasant. For this to work you really have to think big and spread out your buying options to be as varied as possible in the hopes the orders are fulfilled.  It’s not unrealistic to turn 1g profit per hour if you knuckle down though you can kiss good-bye to doing anything else.


Utilising your gathering skills while out in the game world and then selling this on the Trading Post is a sure fire way of making money.  Orichalcum, Gold and Mithril all still sell well and even better if you take up a crafting skill such as Jewel Crafting, to then turn them into usable items.  I will add though that this is a painfully boring process but made easier if undertaken while levelling.

Gem Buying

When Gem prices crash to their lowest levels, it’s well worth cashing in and buying them.  Whether this means you handing over your credit card or simply changing your own gold, the return can be enormous.  It isn’t uncommon to double the amount of gold you put in when the prices spike though the ability to buy gems is getting less and less due to the sky-rocketing costs.

I’ve tried for weeks to develop or identify methods outside of these four that are reliable, consistent and effective and there really isn’t anything. The use of all four is realistically the only way to ensure a good level of continuous income.

Black Lion Underground

Tip Of The Day

With Wintersday fast approaching there's no better time to invest in gems.  Although prices are high it's still worth investing as I think the price will absolutely sky rocket at Christmas. 

Black Lion Underground


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Submitted by Ayelet on

There is one other way that you taught me in the early versions of Black Lion, and that is salvaging and selling what is received from the salvage.   This works for runes, sigils and ecto and it's probably my best money maker.