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Ascended Armor Gallery

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December 11, 2013 - 3:17pm -- Lewis B

On this page you'll find images for all the Ascended Armor, newly added in the Wintersday patch. You should note that Humans and Norn share the same armor as Sylvari, while the Charr and Asura are slightly different. 

Light Armor

Chat Codes*

  • [&AgE+uwAA][&AgEuwAA][&AgFAuwAA][&AgFBuwAA][&AgFCuwAA][&AgFDuwAA]

*taken from that_shaman's user tool. 


Chat Codes*

  • [&AgFEuwAA][&AgFFuwAA][&AgFGuwAA][&AgFHuwAA][&AgFIuwAA][&AgFJuwAA]

*taken from that_shaman's user tool.

Heavy Armor

Chat Codes*

  • [&AgE4uwAA][&AgE5uwAA][&AgE6uwAA][&AgE7uwAA][&AgE8uwAA][&AgE9uwAA]