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ArenaNet: Thank You Guys for an Amazing 2013!

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December 21, 2013 - 12:47pm -- Lee B.

The end of 2013 comes and ArenaNet gives us one final thanks for the year, with a video that takes clips from their community appearances and highlighting some key moments in the past. It's a small video, but it's good to know they still come to us and thank us for everything so far, and everything still to come. Makes me proud to be part of this game.

From the video, however. My favorite part? Lady opening a GW2 Toaster. I want one and where do I get one. I will find this out, friends, if it is the last thing I do. I promise you this!

My favorite part of the year? Well. I may overuse this image a bit but...

I just can't handle that face... It's so perfect.

Tell us what your favorite moment from the year was, and hey, go shoot the hard working guys at ArenaNet a thanks on their forums. Let's give them a solid Christmas present to show that, as much as we want some things to change, we still love 'em and this game. I'm sure that, and a rainbow Quaggan plushie, would make their year end right.


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Submitted by capnbishop on

My favorite GW2 moment of 2013 was when Anet announced that the Living World would have bi-weekly releases.  I know that the Living World has been more than a little controversial, but I love it.  While the first few Molten Alliance were kind of lame, the later releases became tighter and more interesting.  When Anet kicked into high gear and started pumping them out every 2 weeks, I was impressed, and very excited.  On top of all the great content which already exists, there's constantly new stuff coming out at an incredible rate.  This actually became exhausting to keep up with.  That's a pretty incredible problem to have: that my favorite game has so much content that it's hard to keep up with.