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Are Digital Promotions Working For Guild Wars 2?

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February 16, 2014 - 2:25pm -- Lee B.
Are Digital Promotions Working For Guild Wars 2?

An interesting new digital promotion was used in the recent Ready Up livestream where the Ready Up team made a pledge: for every correct prediction viewers made for the matches they would give us 250 bonus rank rewards points for each PvP match this weekend. This is an interesting new direction ArenaNet has taken to encourage more cohesion within the community. For our sake I hope it is a direction they stick with, as it encourages more active participation on both sides and is immediately rewarding for everyone involved.

ArenaNet isn’t new to this marketing direction to reward players for active participation in their social medias, but it is the one that seems most reasonable. In the past ArenaNet encouraged players to help them reach 1 million Facebook likes prior to hitting then end of July 2013. It was a great promotion and benefited everyone involved but clearly we didn’t get these rewards.

The issue was that – and I am not familiar with the exact numbers mind you – at the time of the promotion we had less than a month to get 80,000 likes on Facebook. Literally over 2,750 individual accounts had to hit “Like” every single day for the rest of the month in order to achieve this goal. That’s a huge amount of individual hits. I’m not claiming to be any sort of social media expert but after a game has been out for eleven months it doesn’t seem like they would be able to appeal to such a huge sudden boost in their social media presence in western markets.

Facebook Promotion

Quaggans are cute but that is a HUGE amount of hits, ArenaNet!

However, not all is bad. On top of the recent Ready Up promotion, ArenaNet has even begun to give away free items on the Black Lion Trading Post. So far we’ve only received consumables like boosters, but it shows that they are considering these free promotions. It’s a very small scaled promotion currently, but I want to remind you readers that when ArenaNet does something unannounced like this they tend to do it for testing reasons. I’m not going to claim any sort of intimate knowledge but it seems to me that ArenaNet is testing our reactions to this and how to proceed from here.

Black Lion Trading Post Promotion

It’s my hopes that we see more creative uses of these digital promotions for the game. There is so much incredible opportunity here that benefits both sides. So long as they don’t set that bar too incredibly high, again.

What do you guys think could be done? How do you feel about the past promotions both digital and physical? Throw some ideas in the comment section below or tweet them at me @GuildWars2Hub.