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All I Want for Wintersday Is (Part 2)

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December 10, 2012 - 8:15am -- Lewis B
Guild Wars 2 Wintersday

1. Let It Snow

Anyone who knows me is all too aware of how much I love snow.  Snow in games makes everything look brilliant as it can change entire landscapes in moments while adding such a wealth of atmosphere. The recent Snowblind Fractal sums up everything I want in my Wintersday content; blizzards and snowstorms. I’d have to say this is one of the most visually stunning and exciting components ever added to the game.  Not only does it look incredible but it leaves you (or rather, me) genuinely excited about what I might stumble across when struggling to see through the snow. I appreciate that this would be a huge amount of work for ArenaNet to extend snow and weather effects across Tyria, but selective use of it could be wonderful.  Can you imagine how exciting it would be if World versus World was fought amidst a blizzard, seeing hundreds of players emerge through the snow to assault a keep.  A constant snow storm would also force servers to adapt their tactics, especially as people could easily sneak around keeps or supply camps.

2. Tooltip Tinkering

The lack of consistency on tooltips and the general inaccuracies of them is something I’ve found frustrating since early beta.  The fact they aren’t accurate and leave more questions than answers is not only a nightmare for new players but those of us who really want to fine-tune our builds come up against a brick wall. Standardising tooltip terms, providing exact specifics on how much X heals or Y increases would go a long way in allowing the community to really establish skill limits and parameters.  At the moment, there are still so many unknowns.  What I find most frustrating is the fact that rectifying tooltips surely cannot be a big job, heck; I bet a member of ArenaNet could complete all of it in one day.

3. Precursor Questing

I’ve never supported the way in which precusors are obtained whether as a random drop or as a miracle from the Mystic Forge.  It supports the blunt-force-method of throwing money at it, and praying for a miracle.  There are ways to reduce the cost but in reality you’ll lose money hand over fist.  What I would like to see is a quest line similar to the Paladin’s in World of Warcraft.  The huge quest chain to obtain your mount was fantastic as not only did it provide you with a focus and objective but still cost you a load of money in the process.  Based on that, why can’t ArenaNet implement something similar?  They could theorise the cost of a precursor and have the quest chain total the same by the time you’ve finished. This would at least provide players with an achievable and measurable goal rather than praying your Buy Order is fulfilled.

4. Fractured Community

I’ve been more than vocal in my dislike of the current Fractal difficulty system.  In fact, I positively hate it and still stand by the fact that it’s the worst thing ArenaNet have ever implemented.  However, it isn’t all doom and gloom! Wintersday and the subsequent patch brings the opportunity for ArenaNet to rectify their ways and implement changes to the difficulty system.  All they need to do is allow all party members to play at the difficulty of the highest ranked player, i.e.; if the party leader is rank 40 and everyone else is rank 3, the party can choose any difficulty to play at between 1 and 40, rather than be restricted to 3.  This alone would cure 99% of the issues surrounding fractals and would once again bring the player base together rather than split them even further.

5. Deck the Hoelbrak

Hoelbrak is my favourite capital city in the game (it’s so much more appealing than Lions Arch) and it’s ripe for decorating with lights, snowmen and presents to really cement the Wintersday feel. Not only is it already snowy (yes!) but it also provides an opportunity for ArenaNet to add Wintersday rewards for partaking in Keg Brawl.  Better yet, changing the portal in the Mists so that it leads to Hoelbrak would see a much underused city buzzing with activity, at the right time of year.


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Submitted by Zerdav on

Hoelbrak for the win! Repeat to infinity...

Keg brawl in general needs to be fixed and better rewarded and this would be a great opportunity. 

Also snow.