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All I Want for Wintersday Is

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December 4, 2012 - 8:30pm -- innuendo
Guild Wars 2 Wintersday

Dear ArenaNet,

Please consider, on account of my good behavior*, the following requests.

1.Wintersday for Everyone, Everywhere!

I would love to see is some insight into local Wintersday traditions for each race. If that’s not possible, at least show small notes in the capital cities that highlight the terrific differences between each of the 5 major races of Tyria. I know ArenaNet, that this takes more time. But nothing makes me happier than seeing how much cooler the Charr are than the Humans. And just imagine the great halls of Norn fully decorated for the festival. Plus, if you don’t take the time to decorate each home city, think of all the children in Tyria who won’t have any gifts under the tree. Surely if not for me, than for the children!

2. Quality not Quantity

I learned this lesson when I was about 8. Every year my parents asked me, “little innuendo, this year for wintersday do you want quality or quantity?” My younger self always wanted more stuff. Once I tried quality though I never turned back. I don’t want 4 different events and ideas and systems all put into the game half baked. Sure the spread of stuff added to the game with the Lost Shores was impressive, but 75% of it was (and still is) unfinished. I can’t tell you how much I would have loved to see Fractals held back a month to make sure they were ready, and more importantly designed correctly for the community. I trust you to get them right eventually, but we can all agree getting it right the first time is best. That said, if you have any content that is planned for Wintersday that isn’t perfect, hold it. We’re patient, and there is more than enough content in the game to satisfy for now.

3. Share the Love (and the Loot)

I know you guys mentioned the way you rolled out Ascended Gear was flubbed. Well this is your chance to unflub. I want Ascended Gear everywhere in the game. I want it from crafting (and please make it cost something other than the same thing as exotics). I want it from level 1-15 zones, I don’t care how rare. I want it in WvW. I want it regular dungeons. I want it my inventory (no really, if you could make that last one happen I don’t care about the rest). Every place a player can be, they should be able to get Ascended Gear. Because really, that’s the true spirit of Wintersday.

4. Be Thankful for What You Have

Thanksgiving doesn’t have exclusive rights to being thankful. We can be thankful during wintersday too! What you have now ArenaNet is a player base hungry not for more content or more gear tiers or more locations to explore. Sure some people want that, but those people always want that. What most of your players want, instead of more stuff, is to enjoy the stuff you’ve already given them. This means you should spend your time fixing the toys (and professions) you’ve already given us. Fix the content we already get to explore. Make it sparkle, make it shine. I mean it when I say we already have more than enough goodies, you’ve spoiled us like no other MMO studio in history. But there are so many things that need just a little attention and it will improve the whole package by so much.

Arenanet, I know you can do these things. And I can’t speak for everyone, but I know what I want. I want these things not because I’m selfish. I want these things because I think you want these things for us. If not I understand, but in that case I have one last request: Tell the community first.

The Warmest and Kindest Regards,


*No really, I’ve been good! I’ve only killed most of the rabbits I’ve come across. Unlike many adventurers who have killed them all. Not to mention I haven’t exploited in WvW, or scammed noobies on the trading post or buy any “on sale” karma items, or nuttin’ either!


Galen's picture
Submitted by Galen on

I agree with everything said here, though I would recomend you go read that roll out again.

It says that before Tixx gets to Lion's Arch, he will be stopping at each of the other capital cities. I, of course, cannot say if this will involve racial specific celebrations and decorations, but with Tixx stopping by, I would think the cities would put out their brightest and best of wintersday celebratories.

Who knows, perhaps someone will even invite Tixx to a bout of Keg Brawl :)

I have always enjoyed Wintersday the best in GW1, and I am very hopeful that it will be the best in GW2 as well.




Sir Cusfreak's picture
Submitted by Sir Cusfreak on

#2 is by far the most important. I could not agree more. This, this, a million times this.

#1, is cool, but not a #1 for me. Don't get me wrong, I do hope they do that, but it's not of #1 importance for me.

#3, sorry, but no. Just no. I don't want Ascended gear dropping in every place a player can be. I don't necessarily think 'only from fractals' is best, but I don't think 'only from Fractals' is terribly bad either. But, that particular debate has been done. Extremely rare chest rewards from other dungeons might be ok, or a crafting system that is less extreme than Legendary, but still 10x worse than exotics, (and still bound) so that if a player wanted to Agonize themselves in higher level fractal groups they could make themselves some Ascended gear to use. But basically, I don't want to see it raining Ascended items. 

#4 - See #2 above. Again, couldn't agree more. Two days ago, we got a big Bug-Fix Fiesta, and I am SO glad, keep doing that, ANET. Better than a new map. New content is great but there's some cleanups to do with what's there already. If I could add/fix ONE thing, it would be guesting. New maps? Cool. Can my friends come play there too? And then go home after? That would be great, THANKS - best Wintersday ever.  

Anyway, great letter, Innuendo. I hope they listen.