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80 Things to Do At Level 80

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September 12, 2012 - 12:31pm -- Sardu
80 Things to Do At Level 80

There have been some rumblings amongst different segments of the MMOmniverse that, once you reach level 80 in Guild Wars 2, there really isn’t much to do in the game. Having recently hit 80 on my necromancer, I can honestly report that couldn’t be further from the truth. And because I’m in the mood to put my virtual money where my mouth is today, I decided to whip up the following list of 80 things to do once you’ve reached level 80.

Bear in mind that some things on the list may be completed prior to reaching the level cap; it all depends on the path you took and what content you completed to get there. However, given that Guild Wars 2 is a true completionist’s paradise, I highly doubt most players who hit level 80 have done even a quarter of the things listed here.

The items below are listed in no particular order, and I'm sure there are loads of things I didn't even think to include. If you have any of your own suggestions or thoughts on what awaits players at the endgame in GW2, be sure to let us know in the comments!

80 Things to Do At Level 80

  1. Complete your personal story
  2. Defeat Zhaitan
  3. Unlock all available skills for your profession / race
  4. Raise your crafting disciplines to skill level 400
  5. Earn enough gold to purchase a racial armor set
  6. Earn enough karma to purchase an exotic armor set
  7. Play through all dungeons in story mode
  8. Complete all dungeons in explorable mode
  9. Complete all 33 possible explorable mode dungeon paths
  10. Earn enough dungeon tokens to purchase a set of armor
  11. Collect a set of armor from each dungeon in the game
  12. Start a petition to make the Undead Orrian Chicken a new necro minion
  13. Earn enough karma to purchase a racial weapon
  14. Craft an exotic weapon for your character
  15. Craft an exotic armor set for your character
  16. Purchase a Dragon’s Deep weapon
  17. Earn all possible PvE titles
  18. Experiment with new builds for your profession
  19. Discover all possible recipes for your crafting disciplines
  20. Master all crafting disciplines
  21. Experiment with the Mystic Forge
  22. Create a Mystic weapon in the Mystic Forge
  23. Craft a legendary weapon in the Mystic Forge
  24. Explore all areas in the game
  25. Find and use a vial of black dye
  26. Find a vial of black dye and give it to a friend
  27. Create or purchase a full set of 20 slot bags
  28. Give Logan a wedgie
  29. Participate in the Norn Keg Brawl
  30. Unlock all Keg Brawl achievements
  31. Create a new character to experience a different profession / race
  32. Participate in structured PvP
  33. Raise your sPvP rank
  34. Achieve the rank of Ascendant in sPvP
  35. Complete your favorite sPvP cosmetic armor set
  36. Collect new cosmetic weapon skins for sPvP
  37. Unlock all possible cosmetic weapon and armor skins in sPvP
  38. Earn all sPvP titles
  39. Find and complete all 31 jumping puzzles
  40. Complete the current Monthly achievements
  41. Help your guild earn influence to unlock additional perks
  42. Outrun a centaur
  43. Charm all possible pets as a Ranger
  44. Create an all-ranger guild called Team Rocket, lose constantly in sPvP
  45. Collect all 101 types of cooking materials
  46. Fill every collection slot in the bank with at least one item
  47. Participate in World versus World
  48. Help your world win in WvW
  49. Defeat enough enemy players in WvW to complete the medal
  50. Complete the awesome Yakslapper achievement in WvW
  51. Complete all WvW achievements
  52. Build and use all siege weapon types in WvW
  53. Earn all possible WvW Titles
  54. Play the organ in Caledon forest, and party with the Quaggan
  55. Earn enough gold to purchase a Commander Tome
  56. Visit the monument to Killeen and pay your respects
  57. Defeat the Shatterer
  58. Defeat the Claw of Jormag
  59. Defeat Tequatl the Sunless
  60. Add new friends to your friend’s list
  61. Organize an in-game event for your guild
  62. Complete every map in the game
  63. Participate in meta events
  64. Discover and participate in new dynamic events
  65. Collect stacks of butter and butter prank your friends
  66. Learn the ins and outs of the Trading Post
  67. Get rich selling Globs of Ectoplasm
  68. Buy a Box o’ Fun and throw a party in Lion’s Arch
  69. Complete an armor set for your character’s Order
  70. Read all of the books in Divinity's Reach
  71. Read the story of how Ebonhawke was founded
  72. Complete all possible weapon achievements for your character
  73. Defeat the Champion of Grenth and purchase the exotic armor set
  74. Write about your level 80 experience, have it published on GW2Hub
  75. Purchase a set of armor from the guild armorsmith
  76. Purchase a set of weapons from the guild weaponsmith
  77. Complete all Slayer achievements
  78. Complete the Lifetime Survivor achievement
  79. Go skydiving in Arah after defeating Zhaitan
  80. Have fun!


Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

An excellent list! 28 and 65 amused me lots laugh 

There's so much to do in this game!! Reading through the list made me realise how huge this game really is, especially for completionists. Plus, to get all the weapon achievements, you need to create multiple characters anyway, so once 1 hits 80, roll another character! You also need 1 character of each race to complete the story achievements. 

Eeeep, lots of stuff to do! This game will keep me occupied for many years, methinks. 

du4no's picture
Submitted by du4no on

There is so much to do in this game and I love the fact that there is no subscription so I don't have that feeling of commitment and money/time wasted while not logged in and playing.

If I'm busy with RL I can just give the game a break and come back to it later.

All MMOs should be sub free.

Sardu's picture
Submitted by Sardu on

I couldn't agree more. I really think that the success of GW2 is going to help put one of the final nails in the coffin of subscription gaming, though things have already been trending that way for quite some time now.

zeldain's picture
Submitted by zeldain on

Subscription games aren't going anywhere. $15/month isn't considered a problem for those that prefer quality, security, customer service and constant content.

Marius's picture
Submitted by Marius (not verified) on

In GW 2 there is constant content every two weeks.

trenshod's picture
Submitted by trenshod on

Most of the stuff in that list to me sounds grindy or just plain piddily poo. I can't muster the motivation to get a character over 30 hitting 80 would without a doubt be a nail in the coffin *sigh.

Sardu's picture
Submitted by Sardu on

Most MMOs offer substantially less content at the level cap. Raiding is the epitome of pointless grind content. The encounters never change, and you have to run them countless times to earn any rewards you're after.

If a constantly changing landscape, numerous ways to obtain endgame armor and weapons, dungeons with multiple paths, and massive open world events don't sound like a better alternative, then maybe MMOs aren't really your thing?

trenshod's picture
Submitted by trenshod on

If it was truly dynamic content then I would agree with you but its more along the lines "something is going to happen right here just stick around and kill some mobs and you'll see". That to me is a ever so slight improvement to click the NPC with a exclamation mark over his head and complete said quest. Just because you don't like the WoW style of questing doesn't give you the right to judge me as a serious MMORPG player. Its not that I don't like GW2 I just don't have the motivation to keep going.

If you don't think end game GW2 is grindy you may want to look over that list of 80 points again. There is allot of bullet points that I would consider grindy.

Grenthblood's picture
Submitted by Grenthblood on

I looked over the list after reading your comment, and counted 23 things i could classify as "grindy". Doesn't seem like much to me

zeldain's picture
Submitted by zeldain on

You've got a different idea of what "content" is than most.


Games are general a waste of time, but in GW2 that is front and center. There is no character progression at level 80. That's the empty feeling everyone is talking about... it isn't the lack of raids  -  it's the lack of ANYTHING to keep going forward, instead of sideways.


Sideways isn't fun no matter how many times ArenaNet invokes their manifesto.



Aralorna's picture
Submitted by Aralorna on

I'll admit is is a little grindy, but what mmo isn't? And this list pointed out a few things I hadn't even thought of. Can't wait to get to level 80!

dznootz's picture
Submitted by dznootz on

Well I just hit 60... and randomly found this via facebook.

You have convinced me that there infact is nothing to do at 80 other than WvW.

I will be going to tera. You may find doing pointless tasks fun... but your probably also the person that runs around "exploring" instead of leveling.

Makes me sick that they have sold 2 million copies and have no real endgame content.  No raiding? No ranked anything? WvW great... so you win WvW and what do you get?

Unreal can't believe I spent money upgrading my pc for this Pos

Grenthblood's picture
Submitted by Grenthblood on

There is "raiding". Except it isn't raiding. It's the explorable mode of dungeons. Before you say "That doesn't count, you don't have to have skill or plan ahead for those", you obviously haven't tried them. I spent 2 hours with my guild on one path of an explorable AC run, and only made it half-way because we were having trouble learning a couple of the encounters. We used consumables, we reviewed our builds, and we were on Vent the entire time. Sounds like a typical raid environment to me. Except.... There are 33 different explorable dungeon paths in GW2. I don't even see Blizzard sticking that much content in THEIR raids.

As for Ranked PvP. Yes, there is a ranked tournament system. You must have over-looked it. It's the one that you actually have to be in a team prior to signing up for a tournament, and you have to purchase enough tournament tickets to accommodate your entire team. ArenaNet instituted this system so that it would discourage the people that weren't serious about joining tournaments from entering. So there's your structured PvP.

To me it seems like you were ignoring certain aspects of the game in favor of disliking it. But, if you're so set on disliking it then feel free to, there are plenty of other games out there for ya to try. I just didn't want you leaving simply because you got the wrong idea about a game's end content before even hitting the max level :)

lsagol's picture
Submitted by lsagol on

well i invite to read this post might help to see the difference that GW2 gives as a MMO's

The main purpose of them i think is, to show that this kind of games(MMO's) may offer a different form to enjoy than the way it used to be played.

i think GW is an evolving game that will change and adapt through many years to gives his player they enjoyment to be inside it. but as so many games there will be people that won't like it. that won't found fun playing it so i suggest them to try other games than hate a game(if it don't fits you, don't wear it), if you like the other version of MMO's go play them don't waste your hate on a game u don't like and go have fun playing what you like.

strider85's picture
Submitted by strider85 on

This made my day. I read through the entire article you posted to see this at the bottom:


went through all the motions of creating an account just to share this. LOL



now, a short on-topic reply:


I like both games and I will be playing both games. I've stopped playing WoW for several months now as I hit a personal ceiling. There comes a time when your time investment and progression come to a fine medium and that's where you get stuck until you either a) invest more time or b) get better/find a better guild. keep in mind that b) often requires a)

Being a WoW player since vanilla, I've enjoyed my time with that game, and I am also enjoying my time with GW2. Different people enjoy the game in different ways. For me, it was more PvP than raiding. GW offers interesting PvP options and gameplay as well as ranked tournament play which I haven't even touched yet. Until I do, I won't make any judgments.


That being said, I will still purchase and play MoP to experience the new content and revitalize my WoW account thats been inactive for about 4 months now. I've played every expansion thus far and I do enjoy playing the game and experiencing new content. So I will enjoy the new areas and dungeons and raids and I will create a Pandaren Monk and level him to 90. After all, that is what I am paying for isn't it?

I will still be playing GW2 and trying to achieve as much as the above mentioned challenges as possible. Mostly the PvP ones.


One thing that I think a lot of people forget, is that this isn't the final product. They have announced and said there will be additional content, and we can be sure there will be at least one expansion.

Maybe there will be raiding in the future? Who knows? But who really cares?

This game is coming from a team that has already created a successful MMORPG with multiple expansions. Give the GW2 team some credit where credit is due. It's one of the few MMORPGs released over the past few years that even remotely gave wow a run for its money. Look back at all the failed "wow-killers" that died off within a year, namely AoConan, WHO, and SWTOR amongst others.

I see GW2 sticking around for much longer than that at this rate.

PRisoNR's picture
Submitted by PRisoNR on

I find GW2 a great improvement on the traditional MMO in its event system.  What I would have loved to see was a randomized dungeon generator.  I played during the pre-launch and actually got to EXPLORE a story dungeon with a party for the first two dungeons.  By the third dungeon, it was impossible to find a party of people who didn't know the entire map by heart and just wanted to zerg thru it.

Also, some implementation of internal voice client.  I find without the need for parties except the occasional dungeon, theres very little inter-character communication and feels isolating.

TweFoju's picture
Submitted by TweFoju on

my brain just died from reading the to-do-list after 80 from this author

i hope these list are a joke

Index's picture
Submitted by Index on

There's an awful lot of redundancy in this editorial and a lot of things that are simply not attainable (Logan has a permanent wedgie courtesy of Rytlock).

The list can be summarized into just 9 items, however large they might be:

You can 100%:

  • Crafting professions
  • The world map and all things inside it (jiump puzzles, dynamic events, and neat things like lore and the organ fall into this)
  • Dungeons (which is far too easy to accomplish if you havn't 100%'d being terrible at GW2)
  • WvW
  • sPvP
  • Equippable items (dyes included)
  • Personal Story
  • Currency (reach the gold cap)
  • Any achievements that are not attained after completing the above.

An important thing to note is that WvW and sPvP are ongoing because you're facing active players rather than static (and admittedly very easy) PvE content. 100%'ing either of these categories isn't something that anyone can really accomplish outside of getting all the achievements, but is still mentioned because they're both core activities for level 80.

Making a new character is not something you do AT 80. To play through a different personal story you could simply help out a friend and get the full experience. Expecting a player to make hundreds of characters to experience them all is expecting a player to jump through hoops, and saying that even 1% of players will be bothered to complete every single story (much less half of them) is a vast exaggeration. Making a new character once you reach 80 artificially extends the game - it's not additional content.

zeldain's picture
Submitted by zeldain on

Eh, there are a lot of "things to do" but the complaints are about character progression and meaningufl content. You've listed grinds and timewasters.

The complaints are valid... GW2 is an empty game without any depth. It plays more like Diablo than an MMORPG.

Denzel's picture
Submitted by Denzel on

dude stop trolling. sorry that they dont have endless dragons to slain. Not everyone is a carebear. if u dont like the game, thats cool. Go play pandas, its a really meaningful game rofl.

NinthShadow's picture
Submitted by NinthShadow on

A lot of the complaints I hear aren't really that valid. IF you expect "meaningful content" 3 weeks from release, at the level cap, you're insane. However, a huge amount of the fun of GW1 was collecting and exploring. None of the things you collected were really worth anything but prestige, but you collected them. If you are the kind of person who got bored at the end of GW1, don't expect any different. This is still by far better than raiding so you can get gear that gives you that 1% boost that lets you raid a bit harder stuff to raid some more...yo dog.

Denzel's picture
Submitted by Denzel on

this is a great list cause people think that rushing to 80 and doing the last dungeon is "end game". The trust is that the whole game is "endgame". I dont understand why people that play MMOS need 100s of reasons to play it. MW3 is one of the most successful games of all time, and they dont have endless content or any of the pve stuff, people keep playing it everyday cause its a fun game to play. GW2 is just a fun game to play. ive spent over 200 hours in WvW alone. Anet doesnt need to give u motivation to play the game, either u enjoy it so u keep playing or u dont and go back to pandas or using light sabers whatever.

Schiann's picture
Submitted by Schiann on

The biggest problem I am seeing is that many folks are playing GW2 like a traditional MMO, where leveling and following a structured path to the "real" game is typically just what you do.  

That's to be expected when releasing a high profile game in this genre, and I think ArenaNet needs to bear much of the blame for not properly addressing that issue in-game straight away, so that players approach the game with a different mindset.  When you load up the game, it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, so players will think "duck" before they think "goose" -- you have to show them right away it's a goose.

I'm loving the game, myself, and despite hitting level 80 days ago, I haven't at all felt like I was out of things to do.  That said, I'm also an original Guild Wars player, so my expectations were quite different going in.

IMO, if you can "unlearn what you have learned" about MMOs before you load up GW2, you will probably have a much better time than you would otherwise.

Aerin Rae's picture
Submitted by Aerin Rae on

Some of these comments are a huge joke... And the complaints are completely invalid.

There are no "raids" - First of all, if you're looking for "raids," go back to WoW. Second of all, the explorable modes of the dungeons are their version of "raids." And for each dungeon, there are three different paths. I'd say that's quite a bit of variety, especially on release. They've already admitted they'll be adding more content, including dungeons.

It's too "grindy" - What MMO can't be classified as "grindy?" In GW2, the grind is broken up with exploring, completing hearts and events instead of running from place to place completing meaningless quests, crafting, completing your personal story and exploring dungeons. If you're trying to grind, I hate to say this, but - You're playing the game wrong.

There's no end-game content - Again, they've admitted they'll be adding more content. But, I can understand the perception of no end-game content, because the content is evenly distributed for almost any level to enjoy. Those racing to level 80 and looking at it as the end of the game have most likely raced past and missed a variety of dynamic events and aren't giving the difficulty and complexity of the explorable dungeons their due.

I hit level 80 weeks ago and still have tons of things to do and explore. Just because a game isn't your cup of tea doesn't make it a bad game. I'm a GW1 player, too, so maybe that affects my opinion. I found the personal story line and the dungeon stories well written and enjoyable, the cut scenes and the scenery feel hand-crafted, and the world is rich with races and histories, and tributes and references to GW1.

Schiann up there said it best: Ifyou can "unlearn what you have learned" about MMOs before you load up GW2, you will probably have a much better time than you would otherwise.

Guild Wars 2 is a fresh take on the stale formula most MMOs follow. For people who are ready for change, it's great. For people who still love the model WoW and others use, it's just not your thing.

chainshada's picture
Submitted by chainshada on

"If you're trying to grind, I hate to say this, but - You're playing the game wrong."

Sure that goes for levelling, but once you hit 80 and get 100% map completion, this is about all you can do.  And explorables are not equivalent to raids, atleast not until they put worthwhile items to drop from bosses, right now, you run through picking up crap loot that you're either going to vendor or salvage to pick up your 20-30 tokens.  Here is the grind, you need what, 8-10 runs of an instance to get a single piece of gear?  56 runs, if you do them 1 per day, more if you do multiple runs, to get a full set, including weapons..How is 56 runs of the same dungeon not a grind?

The lack of a skin locker (similar to the pvp one) is also disturbing, I do my 56 runs of COF and get my full set, then a month or 2 later I get bored of the exact same look, so I do my 56 runs of HoTW. Now I have 2 choices, transmute my hard-earned COF set to look like the HoTW set,loosing the skin, or go and farm/buy/make another full set of exotics to transmute while my COF set takes up 6-7 bank slots, just incase I feel like wearing it again.

Mid level content is great, but it is not a suitable substitute for proper endgame..simply because they aren't challenging. 60+ people hitting on a stationary boss is pathetic, and you can't say what people do in other MMOs, that after the initial rush the zerg will thin..because it won't, level 80s have nothing better to do, so they still come back and beat on the lvl50 bosses.

Don't get me wrong, the game is good, for me, it was perfect until about Orr(Which is why I'm going to give the game another couple of months while I level 1 from each race to 45 just to see all the beautifully crafted Personal Stories (Until it stops being about my character) but without structured content and a carrot at the end of the stick, the game will suffer for it.

Guest123's picture
Submitted by Guest123 (not verified) on

DO NOT fucking listen this guy about spending your skill points to unlock all the skills this is bullshit if you wanna craft a legendary cause i did it and now its pain in the ass to get 200 skill point again. thanks for attention :D

NIKE FREE 5.0's picture
Submitted by NIKE FREE 5.0 (not verified) on
One of these days we are going to commit suicide together

Alex's picture
Submitted by Alex (not verified) on

The problem is that most of that things involves grind, so you can join lots of this 80 things in only one "Grind"