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January 18, 2013 - 5:58pm -- Xerin
10 Gold Giveaway

We're kicking off another 10 Gold Giveaway today! In this weeks giveaway, all we want to know is what, if anything, you would change about Guild Wars 2. It can be absolutely anything, whether its specific dungeon encounters, certain skill sets, or just the fact the Polymock arena isn't working. Those who present the best justifications for their requests for change, will be handsomely rewarded.

As always, please post your suggestions in the comments below with the closing date for entries the 31st January. Good luck!


Katagiri's picture
Submitted by Katagiri on

I think mini pets need more utility, either looting or other stuff. I don't see any other meaning than showingoff. They even desapear when you change maps... it's not cool cuz you need to call it again, changing maps should remember your last mini pet.

futurepat's picture
Submitted by futurepat on

I wish dinosaurs with laser beams attached to their heads would randomly invade eternal battlegrounds every 3-12 hours

oh and replace the whole ascended gear grind B.S. with legendary gear sets (same stats as exotic + maybe a small gimmick proc to make them special).  Down with gear grinds!

stianmj's picture
Submitted by stianmj on

wouldnt mind slightly harder bosses that required a little more coordination. ..and higher payoffs on those of course

More ways to get a preq.

The dragons should be tougher! We can AFK the dragons as they are now... spam autoattack


(..and why does it say I joined Jan 18 2013 when I registred at this site when it was made.. before that even, at sardus necro site..)

R0GUE NINJA's picture
Submitted by R0GUE NINJA on

1.Rotatable Preview of what weapons your character has currently got equipped.

These would show in the space above your character name/info within the character select area.

Reason: Would be nice to see what weapons each character has at a glance when selecting a character.

2. For the legendary "Eternity" to have opposite footsteps from the blade.

If it was night time then Dusk effects on the blade but dawn footprints show on the ground. This would change to the opposite during the daytime.

Reason: Even though the blade is pretty noticeable to most some people notice the footsteps first and this way people would know that a person who has "Eternity" has done so and not just have Dawn or Dusk.

WingedWolf's picture
Submitted by WingedWolf on

I would make the final storyline quest of the game NOT a dungeon. It's difficult to find a competent PUG full of people actually willing to do it in story mode, with no token reward. :/

[I'm an active gamer and guild leader, but also a mom of 3 under 8, and my gaming times tend to be off-peak, which doesn't help. :( ]

vakhba's picture
Submitted by vakhba on

Weapon dye. The lack thereof severely limits the ability to customise my chars. I spend more time mixing and matchung weapons and re-re-dyeing my clothes than actually playing. This is especially a big letdown for gw1-veterans (such as me) because there it already was in.


(I'm totally fine that some weapons with shader / particle effects may be out of the question, but say a wooden longbow or a sword of solid Deldrimor steel should really have multi-colour hilts.)

Coffee4cr's picture
Submitted by Coffee4cr on

I want them to get rid of Magic find, and put the magic find buff as a guild buff.


That way we're not stuck sacrificing a stat for MF


BrownFang Harbinger's picture
Submitted by BrownFang Harbinger on

Modern, intuitive interface design

I'd make a "simple" interface change for this PC game so that all text prompts could be fully navigable using the keyboard. Having to click "Commune with ..." would be replaced with a single key stroke that could be assigned to a controller button when and if GW2 ever gets off the fence and natively supports controllers. Having to use the mouse to click through story dialog instead of 1 or more keys is slow and awkward. This is no more evident than when the only option available is "Yes" and I can't use the Y or F keys to move on. I think Windows 98 had this kind of interface design. Most modern operating systems make all dialog boxes keyboard navigable; so, this isn't really a stretch.

Obviously, localization would require that the keys assigned were as universal as possible and mapped in a way that makes sense in applicable languages. This shouldn't be a major issue as the game is already localized and has ongoing localization issues for new content.

Since GW2 is a PC game that uses mouse and keyboard controls, all of it's windows should have some kind of keyboard relevant control.

Obviously, reducing the click depth to 3 or fewer mouse clicks for all game elements, with a focus on 1 click, would do wonders to modernize the interface.

Ironxxx's picture
Submitted by Ironxxx on

I don't want much:

* I want the TP button to open to the TP and not the item shop, I look at the TP 100 times more than I look at the item shop.

* I want item preview active on TP items, this would stop me having to alt tab out of the game to go to 3rd party sites. I want to look at the beautiful artwork of the game in the game not via google.

* I'd like the TP window to remember what I've searched for even though I click on the deliveries or listings button and go back - it should stay on the same damn search screen! Anet have made most of the game so fluid and casual friendly, it feels like they used all their best designers on the rest of the game and got the work experience guy to finish the TP off.

* We desperately need a Dungeon finder tool tho I'd like it if you had to travel to the dungeon first before it was active. I have a family now, this isn't 2005 when I could stand in the capital yelling for a group for an hour. I need to choose what I want to do and be able to do it more or less immediately. This will come more and more important as more content is added to the game and less people head into the classic dungeons.

TheLazyGeek's picture
Submitted by TheLazyGeek on

The use of town clothing is awkward and should have it changed to allow the clothes to be worn even in or out of combat much like costume slots in the original Guild Wars worked.  They serve no purpose beyond just being there and despite the really fantastic costumes released over the months, I just can't bring myself to buy them knowing I will never wear them.

mortenya's picture
Submitted by mortenya on

I would like to have some costumization available to weapon skills. we have few elites, and a handful of good utilities on most classes, but I'd like a way to be able to either add effects, or make some minor changes to some of the weapons skills to suit different specs or playstyles.

This could be done via quests, weapon sub-types, or perhaps (probably not a good idea) forging the weapons with specific materials.

vanguardsoul's picture
Submitted by vanguardsoul on

I would like to see more ways to casual players find groups for Dungeons/Fractals.

Ktaa's picture
Submitted by Ktaa on

Some of the things I'd like to see changed have already been mentioned! So I'm going to go off track a bit.

I'd like to add more mini-games. Asurans are a technological race, it wouldn't be hard to imagine them developing video games for Tyria. Start with arcade games such as:

Divinity Streets (side scroller): You play as Rytlock, prowling the back streets of Divinities Reach punching anyone that looks remotely like Logan Thackeray.

Quaggan Crossing (top down): Help a baby Quaggan cross over land to get to the water on the other side, dodging charr tanks and fighting the occasional enemy.

For humans, we'd finally get bar fighting and the shooting range would be open. Sylvari area's could get some sort of "plants vs orr" (hehe) and so on.

Also...Karka bowling.

Krainz's picture
Submitted by Krainz on

I would add previews in the Trading Post, so you could actually see how the item looks before buying it.

I would change dungeons as well, since there's too much problem with mob skipping, I would change that so every trash mob killed in the dungeon gives a stacking buff to the characters, which would increase drop rates at chests. The more mobs you kill, better chances you'll have at the end.

I also would add an option to "request duel", so two agreeing players would be able to fight each other.

Skil bars are something in need, so I actually would add that too.

And since I'm a roleplayer, I would make it able to add actual equipments to the town clothes set, because there are plenty of medium and light armors that fit better in a noble scenario than the defaults.

elviento's picture
Submitted by elviento on

*sorry for the english errors, portuguese speaker here* ;)

I would like to change how the personal history behaviour, adding the possibility to know what happened in past with the characters you meet. So, if you meet a character in your personal history and he/she is important on OTHER history arcs, you could "go back in time" and know what happened to him/her till that point. 

Let me try explain, I know it sounds confusing :)

I will give Professor Gorr as an example but there are several others(and no, no spoilers).
I have all classes and races (so, 8 characters slots) because I wanted to check the personal history for each class. Happened that Asura was the race I played last and BANG! I meet Professor Gorr during it. But wait, Professor Gorr was participating on Order Of Whispers arc...

How? When? Why? 
If I never played an Asura I would never know how he joined the Order or Whispers. Worse, I would never pay attention to him in the last steps of Personal History in Orr, where is located in the Airship. He is important to the history, but if you never played an Asura, you will never how/why he is so important.

The history being told in game is a great part of it, so I would change the game to give players the options to know better the NPCs history that are already ingame

In PvP, we work side by side
In PvE we gathered, our missions all to conquer
In Roleplaying, we RP'd with pride 

jdothersh's picture
Submitted by jdothersh on

I agree with some of the other posters about the ability to preview trading post items from the tp itself, but I also think that the final bosses in dungeons should drop a chest with a higher rate of dropping rare or exotic items. Sine we get tokens from dungeons, I don't think the lack of this feature makes or breaks the game, but I've probably run close to 100 explorable dungeons and just yesterday was the first exotic drop I had out of all of those runs. Otherwise, it would be amazing to trade your dungeon tokens in for gold or other useful items (like fractals of the mistsmhow you can trade them for 20 slot bags, obsidian shards, etc)

Frotee's picture
Submitted by Frotee on

I would like to have dyes account bound, not character bound - as it was supposed to be at some point.

I love to change my armor dye every once in a while, on all my characters - and getting a decent selection on all of them is either really time consuming or quite expensive. I'd much rather have one dye pool for all of them. This is especially annoying when starting an alt, who will have a really poor dye choice in the beginning.

On the subject of dyes, especially if they do stay character-bound, it would be awesome if it were possible to search for dyes according to hue in the trading post. That way, getting to a decent selection on all characters would be much more comfortable.

BrownFang Harbinger's picture
Submitted by BrownFang Harbinger on

I would like to be able to save and load complete character builds, including jewelry, traits, weapons, armor and dye color with an interface that lets me filter out portions of the build before I load it.

For example, if I've designed an uber-warrior build that uses sword/axe with a rifle secondary; but, I want to test it with a different secondary, such as a hammer, I should be able to load everything but the secondary, which I would set manually after load. Of course, this would mean that I would have to be able to review the specifics of builds before I loaded them onto my character. Ideally, such a system would give me an interface that allowed me to compare 2 or more builds side by side before actually loading. This kind of flexibility would empower all players to optimize their toons to their play styles without taxing their memories or requiring reference to web sites or phone apps or other sources outside of the game.

Players who play multiple toons would benefit from this as well as those who specialize with a main.

krazyxazn's picture
Submitted by krazyxazn on

More mini-games like the Norn Keg Brawl and account wide dye system (if that hasn't been done yet).

s3rvant's picture
Submitted by s3rvant on

Add a great LFG tool. Whether looking to run a dungeon, farm, holiday event or just goof around, there should be something aside from zone chat to get a group organized. Bonus points for being game-wide and helping the players immediately move to the same overflow.

Proverbium of Epic Muffins [EPIC] on Dragonbrand

Klondike Pete's picture
Submitted by Klondike Pete on

The environment / ambient audio is what I would change the most. Currently, it is as if ArenaNet completely forgot about this part of the game.

If I go into a cave, for example, I expect to hear sounds common to a cave (dripping water, cavernous echos, etc). Currently, there is almost no environmental sounds like this. There is pleasant music in the background, but that is about it. When I change to a completely different environment, nothing really changes. The audio is basically the same from environment to environment.

Absimilard's picture
Submitted by Absimilard on

There are so many obvious things that should be changed or put in the way they where "promised", but I would like to see the social in game games get some more lovin'. I want to be able to get a guild-only Keg match or have the game help set up a ladder for the asuran robot battles. There should be many more of these activities and mini-pets are obvious tools for it.

The costume brawl is a nice step to making something like this, but the potential is huge and as of yet totally untouched.

Imagine being able to set up a game-activity where anyone can enter using a 4s fee, then the 3 thats finish first or whatever, gets to split the winnings. Would be awesome. 

Semper Dius

Zorric's picture
Submitted by Zorric on

The one thing I would changed is simple and I think a lot of players would agree: T-PUB(The Pick Up Bug). You are moving toward an item you need to pick up and then suddenly you have run off a cliff with no control on your part whatsoever. Or you're in the middle of a boss fight and you try picking up a boss item to see your character do a sprint for freedom into a wall while the boss smashes you in the face. Sometimes it's a few feet and other times it's like you have suddenly joined a marathon for Lion's Arch and you got to go get this marathon done while leaving that all important(or not) item behind. I've seen players die and get downed many a time with T-PUB. I wish you all luck with T-PUB and remember: Stop, pick up, and GO!

Ayelet's picture
Submitted by Ayelet on

I've never seen this happen!  I'm wondering, though, are you hitting auto-run (the r key) as you hit the interact (f key)?  If so, just hit r again to toggle it back off.  Auto-run can be nice if you're running somewhere, but want to type in the chat box.   

Dirmis's picture
Submitted by Dirmis on

I would like to see more back items at a lower level and with an actual appearance. Not just event items and ascended or profession gear. In my opinion that would be a nicer hark back to GW1 where practically everyone wore capes, maybe a bit more variety would be good but I just feel empty looking at my character's blank back...

"Whom shall we send in search of this new world? whom shall we find sufficient?

xenustehg's picture
Submitted by xenustehg on

   I think there should be a some kind of condition for entering WvW. Like... some researchment in guild tree that gives permission to enter to WvW for members.

   No offence but it's really annoying when a good guild cant get together due to few players who decided to farm in BG's without any participation to server.

Valdin's picture
Submitted by Valdin on

Tons of great comments and a lot of fantastic ideas for the devs!

There are so many things that could be done, but at what cost?  Pet battles in Lion's Arch, for example.  The ring is there, it looks like it would be interesting, but there's no benefit to do so.  Why would we do it?  I think pets would have to change substantially for there to be a benefit.

High on my list, mentioned before, is the LFG tool.  I appreciate that there are other sites, outside of the game, that help facilitate this.  I do.  I shouldn't have to go outside the game to easily find a group.  Cross-server would be fantabulous.

jollux's picture
Submitted by jollux on

I'd love to be able to unlock and save skins in PvE for armor and/or weapons on each character; it'd be nice to have something like the lockers in PvP. That way I can sport several different looks without having to spend a million transmutation stones or buy a separate set.

I also think, like many others, I would love to have an in-game LFG tool!

Ganu's picture
Submitted by Ganu on

Id like to change the market, it generates loss wen you sell items...

Phug's picture
Submitted by Phug on

couple things I'd love.

1.  Crafting.  I'd love to be able to make a queue of what to build.  So if I need to make shoulders for instance, it will automatically queue up the pieces I can craft myself, and/or the ability to make a list of things that I want to build.  A custom build order if you will.  Bonus points if it tells me what materials I'm short.


2.  Ability to save weapon trait sets similar to GW1.  Make switching between PVP and PVE spec easier. 

jsannn's picture
Submitted by jsannn on

I would change the weapon skills. Instead every weapon having 5 unchangable skills for every profession, it would have 3. Those 3 skills will function the same as curren weapon skills (when the character uses 2 weapons the first 2 skills will be attached to the main weapon, the remaining to the secondary). The other 2 skills (or one for main, one for secondary) will function as something between the curren weapon and utitly skills. There will be several of those skills for every weapon, which can be bought with skill points and changed at will. This will add great variety to the builds which now are too much the same with characters with same proffesion and weapon classes.

Phayded's picture
Submitted by Phayded on

1.  I would like to see the group events have a little more variety.  All the zones seem to follow the same formulaic pattern of take over town, rescue town, kill big champion.  There are a few gems scattered here and there and they are fun but some more variety would be nice.  Also the end game events becoming a huge zerg and karma farm are a bit annoying.

2.  I would like to see some way to encourage small skirmish type fighting rather than the zergfest that WvW has become.

Zerdav's picture
Submitted by Zerdav on

Fix keg brawl, including that broken lob skill, and giving rewards like unique armour and special brews. Make it a proper competitive part of the game, like spvp. 

Sanctus11's picture
Submitted by Sanctus11 on

Mine is simple and I know they could do it :

A floating consumables window / bag.

It would act like a bag so you could save your food, potions, maintenance oils, etc.

You could move it to the edges of the screen either horizontally or vertically.

zeck's picture
Submitted by zeck on

Legendary weapons need some think to they are more special. Some little dmg or some proc effect. and why not legendary armor. XD
We need Guild Wars Armory to see players stats and gear.
Game memo pad to have some info for fast share.
Town Cloth need more disings.
Dungeons reconnect (inside)
FotM reconnect.
TP previews.

Mini pets need more utility like a have some bag to materials or food.

Sigmatics's picture
Submitted by Sigmatics on

This is a rather simple change I proposed a few months ago on reddit.

For the love of the game's art, allow us to zoom into first person.

This feature was implemented in beta, but since it appears to have had some issues, it has been removed since. Without this feature, though, it becomes a lot harder to appreciate the magnificent sceneries that Guild Wars 2 has to offer (without constantly typing /sleep).

Another big wish if of course a small optional hotbar or hotkeys containing 4 slots for minis/food/other consumables. But that would require more effort than the above, so I hope the above simple change could be implemented.

Ayelet's picture
Submitted by Ayelet on

This and so much more.  Alliance chat is just a start.

Durden's picture
Submitted by Durden on

(First of all, excuse my language, I'm not a native english speaker :) ).



Anet should definitely make the Tengus' land, west of Lion's Arch, available. Why, would you ask me ? It's as simple as 2+2 gives 3. 

Just imagine. You are in LA, a little drunk (yep, challenging a Norn at a drinking game isn't a good idea), and all you want to do is running out of the city to show how mighty you are against an evil doe (not a good idea either, given how hard it is to kill one when you're sober).

But on your way out, an idea crosses you mind : maybe it'll be a good thing to clear your mind a little bit before, by splashing some cold water on your face. And there's a perfect place to do that in LA. The diving point, west of Sanctum Harbor.

Running (crawling) to this holy place, you lose your way and end up in front of a big, really big door. Like one an asuran golem wouldn't be able to scratch. A normal person would have already turned back. But you're drunk. And maybe there's a doe behind this.. giant rock thing. So you knock two times at it.

Thanks to God (aka Anet devs), it opens. After having collapsed forward (yup, bearing against an opening door isn't a good idea), you get back up, and what you see ? A land FULL of chickens. Big ones, walking. And little ones. Walking too. The only difference you notice, except for their size, is what they wear. Big-chickens have clothes, little-chickens have.. well, feathers.

That's when you notice you're hungry. No doe in sight, but a chicken will do. You see a little one, alone, sleeping on a heap of straw. Sneaking silently (hum, "as silently as you can") behind it, you start to feel the excitement a hunter feels when he's about to end a long, breath-taking hunt. And then, the next thing you feel is a sword-hilt against your skull.

When you wake up, you find yourself on a heap of straw. THE heap of straw. The little-chicken still sleeping, beside you. You feel a bit better though, as the world isn't turning around you anymore. Except for a little head-ache, you're fine. And alive. And sober (don't know which is the more important one). You turn around, just to see the beak of a big-chicken, turned toward you. And the two piercing eyes just above it, staring at you. Then, big-chicken starts to speak : 

"Remember this : nobody is allowed to touch a chicken there. Try again, and you're dead. We'll keep an eye on you."

Leaving, he just adds : 

"Hope you feel a bit better now ! Don't drink too much if you can't handle it, you idiot."

Shrugging, you rub your eyes, get up on you legs, and start walking into this curious city, among big-and-dangerous-chickens, little-but-defended-chickens, and other races of Tyria. You can even see a Norn just in front of yo.. 

"YOU ! YES YOU ! DEAR FRIEND ! You may have won our battle yesterday, but tonight, you're going to crawl in the middle of the bottles you couldn't drink !"


See. That's the kind of story you could live if Anet devs decided to open up the Tengus' land to us. Kind of appealing, hum ?

And if you don't drink, well.. Tengus are well-known traders, maybe you could have some interessant business there ;) .

Taran Redleaf's picture
Submitted by Taran Redleaf on

I would change Pet mechanics in the game. This would include, but not limited to...

a. Pets as optional.  A class that uses "pets" such as Ranger companions, Necromancer minions, Engineer turrets, Mesmer clones, and so forth could have builds that use "pets" and viable builds that do not use pets. Players should have options to try their profession in different ways such as a Minion Master or Marks/Condition Master.

b. Pets with unique names.  All pets can be "named" (regardless of profession) but do not have to be named.  And the names would stay with the pet even when stowed or replaced by another pet.

c. Pets would have more control features available to the player.  Pets have their default skills, but players could override the pet "rotation" by commanding it to "bite" or "claw" or use its special ability on demand. Pet special abilities should also be able to be set as "use as soon as its available" if the player desires.

d. Pets could "duel" one another, ("my dog can beat your clone") when in a city.

e. Pets could be "upgraded".  For example, a Ranger may tame an "exotic" version of a standard pet or an Engineer may craft an "exotic" version of a useful turret (after completing a length quest chain).  Special rare pets would be introduced into the game (perhaps even a type of existing pet with a different appearance).

f. Pets could have their own builds (Traits for pets such as more defensive stats on birds or stronger attack abilities on bears); also, pet traits could add more unique abilities to specialize a pet (such as stability or knockback).

g. Pets could be "dyed" (such stripes, spots, or varying shades) or cosmeticaly altered in appearance (such as dog sweaters).

h. Pet "food" with special buffs would be introduced to the Chef crafting recipes for increasing pet abilities (such as long crowd crowd control duration, higher precision, higher power/damage, or even more toughness and vitality).  These pet "foods" would not interfere with current player buff foods. Or if that interferes with game balance, allow pets to receive the same bonus as the player (extending the same food buff to pets).

i. Pets would also have increased survivability.  Pets would take only 90% damage from AoE attacks and receive bonus toughness and vitality from their owner.

Well, that's the basics of what I would like to see changed in GW2.  I'm sure there is more I could add especially about existing pet mechanics and combat situations.

Deepshanx's picture
Submitted by Deepshanx on

Just started playing GW2 and think it's pretty sweet overall.

One thing that might help some of new people is some sort of "search " ability to find in game things like  - -  where is the NPC that collects a certain " special event " item. It could be a link on the item itself that will show up on our map, like the way-point links do. ( Maybe a unique icon over these collector's heads, like the repair npc's  and such )

or    - -   map with a pull down menu that shows where certain cities are located within the larger territories.

Also, maybe bump up the limit of the crafting item allowed in crafting bank slots - example :  iron ore is limited to 250, but for those of us that really enjoy that part of the game, we have to make space in our VERY limited regular shared bank slots for mats ...  even after purchasing the extra banking slots.

Love the game, but struggling a bit with some of these beginner things ( Oh, and if these things exist in-game already, my apologies ) Thanks fellas, awesome job imho !!

Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

There are a few things I would like to see changed, but it seems that Anet are already thinking about them. Things such as improved Guild functions, a better LFG tool, improved tutorial, improved boss encounters, changes to dungeons / fractals, culling, and better use for achievements. 

What I would love to see is a better Hero panel: 

  • The ability to preview underwater weapons whilst you have them equipped would be nice. 
  • A bestiary section, much like that in WAR's Tome of Knowledge, would be great. We sort of have it in the slayer achievement tab, but I'd like to see it expanded to provide more info about the different monsters. Also, a continuous / rolling record of kills, so you know how many you've killed, rather than it stopping at 1000 kills. 
  • Similar to above, but concerning the weapon master achievement: keep a grand total tally of kills with each weapon, rather than stopping at 5000. You don't have to earn any extra achievement points for values above 5000 (1000 for slayer), but it would be lovely to know your grand totals. 

I'd also like the ability to waypoint to any capital city from anywhere in the world for free. I know you can do it by going to the Heart of the Mists, then to LA, then to the capital city of choice, but that's 3 loading screens that you don't need. I guess it's there to promote sPvP a bit more, but it's not really needed. 

Oh, and TP preview. Please. 

Ayelet's picture
Submitted by Ayelet on

More than anything else I'd like to see A-Net assign a person to be in charge of guilds/communites within the game.  I'm not talking about the community team of Martin, Regina, Rubi et al, who are responsible for getting information between the devs and the player base and back again, but someone who is on point for dealing with the social aspects inside the game -- for building the upgrade tiers and items, dealing with the mechanics of influence, understanding and working toward tools and guild UI that gives guild leadership the information that they need to deal with their rosters.

I'd love to see them put someone in development in charge of community design.  Someone with heart like Gaile; someone like Robert Hrouda that isn't afraid to speak to players about their jobs, what they do and why they do it.  Someone who has good sense about what is and what isn't needed within guild leadership before any guild leader ever has to say it, and someone who is willing to listen to guild leaders anyway.  :)  Someone who is a strong voice for social groups in those development meetings that we hear so much about.  That's what we need.

When I read the details of guesting  and realize that they will completely split international communities, when I change the message of the day in the guild UI and know that it won't be displayed to guild members when they log on, when I look at Asura Outsourcing and completely understand that it's broken and unusable, when my little guild of 130 people has already completed every tiered upgrade available to us, then I know, without question, that there is no one on the A-Net staff that is responsible for the community base that they continually say matters so much to them.  I'd like to see that changed.   

Ashira's picture
Submitted by Ashira on

I have no problem spending my gold to level up my armor but would be really helpful to be able to see the armor (clothing) we are buying before we spend the $. Sure, if we don't like the style we can then buy transformation stones, but knowing what we we upgrading to (in some cases, depending on style, 'downgrading), would be a great improvement.  And btw, LOVE the game! 

Ashira's picture
Submitted by Ashira on

The ability to fly, whether for 3 seconds 5 seconds, would be an awesome boon. An ability we would need to earn, or loot to obtain and could only be used one time. Perhaps as a gem or signet that you could carry in your inventory until you wanted to use it.

Once used,  you would need to earn a new one through challenges or looting.

Creo Everhard's picture
Submitted by Creo Everhard on

I'd (really) like a more flexible UI, i.e., the ability to move/place UI elements as I please.



ExtraXtreme's picture
Submitted by ExtraXtreme on

Here are my top 10 suggestions (in no particular order) on changes that I believe can be made to Guild Wars 2:


1) Mounts - Yes, I know this has been mentioned again and again, but that doesn't stop me from wanting it.  Even though you can walk everywhere and (if you keep piling on the swiftness boons) get from point A to B in a fairly short amount of time, it would be nice if there were mounts that you could ride.  It could work similarly to the ranger's pet taming ability, and the ability could be gained from an NPC trainer.

2)  Armor Variation - I believe that there needs to be more armor variation in the lower levels.  Until you reach about level 40 or 50, there really isn't a lot to choose from to make you stand out from other players.

3) Loot - The loot system really needs some serious work.  Myself and many other people I have talked to often get very frustrated when we complete a dungeon or some other really hard quest, and our reward is something that is not able to be used by our class and/or profession!  This can be extremely aggravating, especially if you just spent 3+ hours on a dungeon.

4) Dye Previewing - There should really be a way to preview dyes when you are considering buying one, since they are so expensive.  Having this ability would save hundreds of players the groans and frustration of spending a truckload of cash on a dye that doesn't even end up looking right.

5) Underwater Combat - While this can be fun at times, it eventually just gets on your nerves.  Your weapons are underpowered, your abilities cause very little damage, and your maneuverability stinks.  There needs to be some serious buffing on the underwater weapons and abilities, as well as perhaps a slight nerf for the underwater bosses (who are nearly unbeatable even with a crew of 20 people).

6) WvW Loot Bags - This might be my biggest problem of all.  Often when I am in combat with several players, I don't see or have time to get the loot bags that drop.  This leads to me being unable to collect very many Badges of Honor at all, and also results in my missing out on a lot of really cool loot.  I suggest that you either make them more noticeable (like a glow or small "beacon" effect), or just have an option to place the loot bags directly in your inventory when you kill something.  If you make the loot bags stackable , then this will not take up much inventory space.

7) Guild Emblems - It should be cheaper to display your guild emblem.  Right now it costs 1 gold.  50 silver would be much more reasonable, especially since it costs additional money to put emblems on weapons and gear.

8) Waypoint Prices - Due to the multitude of things you have to pay gold to do in this game, I would highly recommend lowering the prices of teleporting to waypoints.  Having to pay so much for traveling to a waypoint can really become a problem, especially if you have a tendency to die a lot.

9) Guild Customization - Other than emblems and names, there is really not much to distinguish one guild from another.  There should be more options for this.  Things like custom color schemes or a victory shout (for when anyone in the guild makes a kill or victory) would really help to distinguish one guild from another.

10) Hair/Skin Dye - There should be a way to get dyes for your hair and skin, or just be able to use the dyes that you use on your clothes to dye them.  For those of us who like to go around with no helmets or a lot of skin exposed, it would be nice if we could dye them bright colors to make us better stand out in a crowd.

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Submitted by capnbishop on

I had to think about this one.  There aren't really a lot of particularly profound changes that I would make to GW2 that aren't already on the list of things that ArenaNet is planning to implement anyway.  Built in LFG utilities, guild halls, events and things to draw more people into mid range zones, etc.  I'm quite content with the game as is, and am excited about changes to come.  Sure, there are lots of improvements that can be made, but those improvements are being made!

Thus, what I would change is not something *in* the game, but rather a very simple change *outside* the game.  I want a background agent that will install updates to GW2 automatically as soon as they become available, so that my game is fully up to date by the time I come home from work.

Sure, this can easily be done using the Windows Task Scheduler and scheduling it to periodically execute GW2 with the "-image" argument (this will cause GW2 to open, install any updates, then immidiately close).  That's what I currently do, but then the window pops up and annoys me whenever it launches.  It's not a big deal, but it would be nice if there was a built in desktop agent that handles it automatically and without the interface.

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Guild wars 2 is a Pretty Amazing game emphasis on the word amazing. It has a very lage map, that just by walking around can be a good way to kill time. as i have been told it doesn't need too much grinding and has some pretty good multipayer ( as the game as mostly about multipayer). so i have nothing to chance about it. If i have said anything that is wrong then please correct me, but im just saying its a good game smiley

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Submitted by Ashira on

When you are in battle and want to help revive someone, the :revive"  popup on the screen is covered by the "search" popup (to seach for your loot). Which is all good, I like being rewarded when I kill, but the search popup should not be stacked on top of  - or interfere - with the revive popup/function. 

When in heavy battle, every second counts and to have to click through multiple 'search' pop up's to get to the buried 'revive', is very frustrating.  They should be positioned in diff places on our screens so we have the option to pickup our loot or revive a fellow player.