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Dolyak Delivery - 12 November 2012

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November 12, 2012 - 5:34am -- Xerin
Dolyak Delivery

First up this week is an interesting forum post by Shaade, raising the question about movement speed during combat and why it decreases.  I seem to remember this wasn’t always the case and that the decrease was added some time in late beta.  Overall I don’t mind it, but do hate the fact that it doesn’t remedy itself quick enough.  Often I’m still running at a snails pace when the fight I was part of ended minutes ago.  I understand that the limit on speed is to avoid players exploiting PvE content (and thus bypassing mobs) but in PvP it does feel a little constricted.

Although lacking on presentation, the Legendary Cost Calculator over on Reddit is interesting.  This really hits home how expensive creating one is; something I’m just not sure is worth it.  929g for Incinerator? Ouch!

Hunter’s Insight raises an article aimed squarely at Waypoints in dungeons. I do in many ways understand his concerns in relation to the sporadic nature of them but this is a difficult issue as placing too many Waypoint makes the dungeon too easy and having too few becomes punishing to teams who might have made a single mistake.  Personally, I’d like to see just one well placed Waypoint in dungeons to provide a fair period of travel time back to any bosses you might have wiped on. Anything more than this and dungeons just descend into a rush of death > waypoint > death until the enemy you were fighting, is killed.

I loved Distilled Willpower as Wills blog posts are always short but sweet.  His latest article, A Proposal To Increase Population of Home Cities, is no exception. I wholeheartedly agree with all he’s said as it’s an issue that has been discussed for a long time. For all the love and attention that has gone into capital cities, it’s tragic to see them so empty because everyone is utilising Lions Arch.

Ravious over on Kill Ten Rats discussed the well received “Underflow” system to reignite quiet zones.  It’s a real concern at the moment and something I encountered recently when trying to level my engineer.  Having to skip countless events because there is no one nearby to do them with is such as a shame and will make levelling for new players a chore rather than a fun experience.  I ended up having to craft to level based on the fact it was quicker and easier. I fear if ArenaNet don’t do something soon, they can kiss-goodbye to the hopes of enticing new players.

Are you sick of Risen? Reddit is!

Lastly, over on the official forums the question of why people don’t World versus World has been raised.  It’s a topic Sardu and I discussed only yesterday and from my perspective, there simply isn’t enough of an incentive.  You don’t actually get anything of value for you or your server when you are winning.  Unlike Dark Age of Camelot where Relic’s were real objects of power your realm fought fiercely over, there just isn’t that desire here.  Whether my server comes first or last makes absolutely no difference to my game experience.  If you incentivise playing WvW, by providing the winning server with a boost or item of some description (token drops are awful) you might see more people taking part.  All you would then have to worry about is the queuing…