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Dolyak Delivery - 05 November 2012

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November 5, 2012 - 3:47am -- Xerin
Dolyak Delivery

First on this list this week is Tasha Darke who runs Attached to Keyboard.  She has posted two excellent articles which give a thorough breakdown of Vitality vs. Toughness and Power vs. Precision. Both articles are easy to understand and set out a clear picture of how the relationship of both work.  I’m so impressed with them that I’m going to be getting in touch with Tasha to ask whether she would be happy with Guild Wars 2 Hub placing them into our Guides section.  For anyone really wanting to knuckle down statistics, I’d look no further.

I love Hunter’s Insight, but have to disagree with his editorials on the Clock Tower. I personally love it.  It was frustrating and infuriating but absolutely wonderful all at the same time.  I can’t remember the last time game content made me say to myself: “just one more go”. It took me around 45 minutes in total to complete it and that was on my female Charr engineer.  The only difficult part is the very beginning, the rest is absolutely easy.  Most of the time the errors were my own (jumping too early or late).  I think complaints aimed at the Clock Tower are from individuals who are poor at platforming or who simply got too frustrated, continuing to make additional mistakes because of it.  Taking a break from difficult content and coming back with a clear head makes it so much easier.

The eternal question as to why men play female characters rages over on the official forums.  Appropriately titled “The Female Human Epidemic”, the thread starter asks the question as to why so many players play as the opposite sex.  From my perspective, having never played a male character in any MMOG (despite being male) it comes down to two things: aesthetics and sense of speed.  Aesthetically female character models are more attractive (slimmer, often smoother animations and greater customisation options) and because of their slimmer postures, give a greater sense of movement speed.  Male characters of any race always feel bulky, slow and cumbersome.  What are your thoughts on this issue?

The subject of mesmer Portals is still rearing its head in and around community forums and “Portal Bombing” as it has become known, is a real cause for concern.  Even having a level 80 mesmer, I hate the fact that a single skill is defining the profession which genuinely puts me off playing it. I think placing a debuff on players when they exit a portal is a good idea, as they’ve effectively been through a warp. Why not have a debuff of weakness and vulnerability?

Syl over at Raging Monkeys has a article covering some of the current trends or problems in Guild Wars 2. In this instance, Syl points out the niggling bugs that still remain (such as not being able to filter the Trading Post properly) and how World of Warcraft has spoilt many player perceptions of what content should be present.  What I think many people miss however the fact that WoW did not launch in that state.  It’s taken years and years for WoW to be where it is now and like Guild Wars 2, it launched with little or barebones features.  We shouldn’t let time skew our perception of how a product really was, because WoW was far from finished when it opened its doors.

Lastly, DistilledWillpower has a small article hypothesising about the coming event on November 15 with speculation rife that it will be the underwater dragon.  He also draws on the possible name for the dragon, spotted by an eagle eyed community member.  Personally, I’m hoping it’s the giant sea worm in the concept art!