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Dolyak Delivery - 04 December 2012

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December 4, 2012 - 7:06pm -- Xerin
Dolyak Delivery

First on the list this week is an article from Reddit and a set of cynical patch notes drawn from the 03 December update. Although humorous, I can't help but feel there's a little too much truth in there as well. I've found myself really struggling to understand how so few bugs have been squashed permanently and while I appreciate its a difficulty process, surely fixing a trait here or a skill there can't be too difficult, can it?

Gamespy have an interesting article that picks out two of the much needed improvements Guild Wars 2 has to make in order to regain its sociability. The first is Guilds, the second is a dungeon finder.  I absolutely agree with both, with the latter an absolute necessity and the former something that's remained frustratingly thin all through Beta. Allowing people to represent multiple guilds has always been a big no-no for my guild and I as it spreads membership thin and doesn't guarantee participation.  What are you thoughts on both points? If you're also seeking other peoples opinions on the matter, there's an excellent Reddit discussion on it.

There's a fix on the way for disconnecting in Fractals.  Hurrah! Although that still doesn't address the fact that the difficulty progression is both divisive and frustrating and quite possibly one of the most ill thought out ideas in Guild Wars 2.

This Cooking guide deserves attention for showing you the path from 1 to 400 for as little as 1 gold and 2200 Karma. I still love, though.

Here's an interesting list of Fractal bugs. My favorite has to be the Dredge exploit that allows you to miss 99% of the beginning by jumping through a solid wire fence.

This is a topic close to my heart and is the primary reason for me no longer playing my mesmer. I really think ArenaNet need to consider removing Portals from the game based on the fact every single mesmer that takes part in tPvP or WvW is asked to bring the skill, often with repercussions if they don't (group kick being the most common). The skill is so pivotal to the success of guilds in WvW (I know, my guild uses it constantly) that no one skill should be so fundamental.  Not only does this pigeon hole mesmers, but restricts our role in WvW so heavily that it becomes boring, very quickly. I really can't agree more with the thread starter and would ask that ArenaNet seriously consider its implementation and if necessary, add repercussions to those who keep using portals (a negative de-buff on exit would help). 

Lastly, what are your thoughts on the monetization of Guild Wars 2?


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Submitted by s3rvant on

I like the "idea" of being in multiple guilds... but in practice it just doesn't work out that way. Definitely agree that they need a dungeon finder of some sort (even just a chat channel would help). I don't play much WvW, so didn't realize that the portal issue had gotten that bad. Perhaps just limit it to 5 uses or 5 nearest allies gain buff allowing them to use it or something; that way the skill is limited like other AoE skills.

Proverbium of Epic Muffins [EPIC] on Dragonbrand

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Submitted by Ian Smith on

While the "chat channel" LFG system sounded good in theory last week, the major problem I see with it is gold sellers.   It basically gives them X amount of channels to spam their wares in.  I lean towards a "listing" LFG system, myself.  A way for me to check a box of what I'm looking for or what my group wants to do. 

Ex.   AC: path 2 & 3,  CM: path story,  TA: path 1. FotM: tier 6-10. 

Something of that sort that I can look through and then whisper others that have listed the same if they would like to form up or if I may join them (the social part and a way to start communication between people).  It wouldn't even need to be global in my opinion, just Home World would be a huge improvement, I think.