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August 3, 2012 - 10:48am -- Xerin
Diary Of on GW2Hub

If you’ve been following Diary Of... you’ll probably have noticed that many of the stories change from week to week, with few following a cohesive narrative.  Something I’ve also been asked regularly both in game and out, is whether or not the content is actually real or entirely fictional. I wanted to write this post to really shed some light on Diary Of, its purpose and future but to also answer some of these questions.

First and foremost, the stories absolutely are real.  Though I don’t mention names, in order to preserve player anonymity, everything you read actually takes place in Guild Wars 2.  From the huge sieges in World versus World to the smallest of entries where I battle for control of my rangers pet, all have happened in game. What I love so much about translating game actions into stories is the ability to truly become lost in the world you are partaking in.

In many respects physical role-play in MMOGs is a dying activity and with fewer and fewer servers physically marked as [RP] it only tends to happen within the confines of private conversations or within the walls of guild chat.  While you’ll never hear me role-play in open or closed chat channels (though I’ve been known to call many people Bookah!) it isn’t for a dislike of it, quite the contrary, it’s simply because it’s so challenging to maintain full time.

Many people would likely feel embarrassed about doing role-playing but it is incredibly fun and does lead to some brilliant stories being born.  Unfortunately this doesn’t always translate well into modern MMOGs, especially player versus player encounters such as in Battle of Kyhlo.

“To the windmill my warriors, we’ll slay our foes!”

“No, no! Turn back my brothers, I’m overwhelmed and defeated. Avenge me!”

“Blast those fools, about-turn and destroy their trebuchet. We shall have our revenge.”

I’m sure you can picture the scene.

Part of the reason why I wanted to develop Diary Of... was to allow our readers to let their guard down and picture themselves as role-players, even if they don’t want to physically do it.  We all play MMOGs for different reasons: the buzz of player versus player, the exploration, crafting or social aspects alongside dungeon running, but fundamentally much of it has to be about escapism.  Creating a character to call our own, for us to act as and perform what we can’t in the real world.

We are all capable of role-play and if after reading Diary Of... it allows you to imagine Tyria as a truly living and breathing world, where you think differently about walking into Lions Arch or taking part in a dungeon, then it has succeeded. 

In the coming weeks after Guild Wars 2’s launch, Diary Of... will be focusing on my mesmer, a female asura (or sylvari).  Each week it will follow her exploits in Tyria with Diary Of... having a clear narrative with a progressive story, as her and her guild explore this new world. So if you already read Diary Of..., it’s going to get even better.  If you don’t, now is the time to start.

Happy reading, Bookah’s!


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Submitted by sylvinstar on

Part of my initial love for ranger came through my avatar.  I made a female charr, and from pet selection on I had a connection to that avatar for some reason.  I started thinking about what kind of pet she would start with vs. the one I thought would be best.  Without even thinking I slipped into pen & paper mode and her background invented itself quickly within my mind.  It's funny because Charr were not really on my initial list of preferred races.

There are some great RP communities that play on persistent Neverwinter Nights 1 servers.  It really adds to adventuring and the escapism.  Outdated graphics fade away and you are transported to another time.