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Diary Of - Entry 10: Out Of The Gloom

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July 5, 2012 - 11:30am -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Diary Of

Edging around the giant Drake statue I jump cautiously across two more platforms and onto a raised area, looking down into the darkness below.  My friend has just stepped into view and after throwing one of our torches we quickly decide to cut right, across some stone beams we can see in the distance.

'You first?' I ask sheepishly, knowing I've never been good at balancing.

'Sure, I'll take the lead' my friend politely agrees, hopping onto the first beam and brimming with confidence.  

Edging out slowly, I'm cautious not to move too quickly for fear of stepping off the edge and into certain death. Either that or the need to find my way back; I'm not sure which would be worse. 

Weaving across the beams painfully slowly I'm tempted to explore what looks like a path to the right, away from our current course but I'm quickly dissuaded by my friend who has turned to stare at me from behind his skull mask.

'I don't think theres anything there; a dead end I'm sure'

'How do you know?'

'I overheard someone talking about it after I fell, its not worth the risk'

​'OK, shall we carry on?' I reply while carefully turning around. 

'Yeah, we can't be far away now- surely?' he asks as he bounds across two more beams.

It surprises me how easily my friend makes this look.  For his size, the hulking Charr is making light work of our obstacles and has finally landed on what look like some stairs leading out.

Guild Wars 2 Eternal Battlegrounds Dungeon

'This has got to be it' my friend says cheerfully.

Nodding approvingly and breathing a sight of relief I start to get nervous at the thought of fumbling my final jump onto the stair case.  Without hesitation my friend clears the gap and lands gracefully on the opposite side, spurring me on by throwing his last torch over the edge and into the darkness.  Raising his arms into a cheer, his snarl of triumph echoes through the room.

'I can see the exit from here.' he shouts, before turning to his right and heading up the stairs out of sight. 

Finally gaining my confidence I make the leap and only just land on the stairs. Teetering on the edge I find my balance and run forwards, up the staircase and into the light. Squinting after so long in the dark I stand cautiously next to another giant statue and look down at the caged doorways below. 

'What do you think's behind them?' I ask, hoping it isn't one of the creatures beside me. 

'Shall we head down and find out?

'It looks like there's a path in those stepping stones. Maybe jump across the lights to reach it?'

​Before my friend can respond a fellow adventurer appears behind us and leaps over the edge, causing the cage doors to suddenly open. 



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Oh come on man you can't end it like that its just wrong!

Its a simple world for complicated people