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The Spectator Mode We Deserve

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June 19, 2012 - 3:22pm -- Sardu
GW2Hub Community Spotlight

The Spectator Mode We Deserve

By Brad “Innuendo” Phillips

I know from various places Arenanet has mentioned that "spectator mode" is currently road mapped for "whenever the community yells enough about it that they prioritize it over other features," so before we get too far, this is me yelling about it.

Joking aside, I find it odd that we'll talk about item preview as "mandatory before ship" but something like spectator mode is "based on player demand." Everyone who wants to see sPvP take off from a competitive standpoint knows that spectator mode is simply crucial. Not helpful, crucial. If I (or other viewers) can't easily spectate on high level play, I can't see sPvP becoming what Arenanet have stated they want it to become. This includes stored replays, post round analytics, and other features in this same vein.

Today I wanted to discuss a vision for how spectator mode could (and in my opinion, should) work. I think Arenanet needs something to raise the bar here. The worst part about spectating in a game with 2+ players is the constant need to micro manage your camera. Sometimes I feel like I do more work to watch the game than I do playing it. Trying to find the action, trying to get a good view of said action, making sure I don't miss anything important to the game. It's a hassle, and if you just introduce a bare minimum spectator mode I'll agree with you guys, it's not worth the time before launch.

*Preamble complete*

What I'm about to lay out is an evolved spectator mode meant to be "hands free" and yet still provide a caster-like experience to every spectator (with bonus customization to suit each viewer’s needs).

Autocast aka The Spectator Mode We Deserve

Cheesy name is cheesy, but it sums up the idea in one word. I'll dive into how the nuts and bolts would look in a second. First let me say the idea is simple: let the game handle the camera and viewing angles. Let the game predict where the action is, and ensure that every spectator sees all the action they want to see, and none of the lull they don't. Let the Spectator who joins a match click once to enter and then get to sit back and enjoy a TV like experience. This level of accessibility and quality could instantly put this game on the e-sports map, in ways other games can only aspire.

You could do this fairly simply I believe, at least from a "how it works" point of view. I'll break it down into steps.

1. Add fixed and dynamic camera locations to each sPvP map

GW2 Gear Icon

The idea here should be pretty easy for Arenanet to add to each map. Place about 50-75 "cameras" in the map that give an overview of all the major locations. These cameras will be possible camera angles that Autocast can select. If some areas are tight or it feels appropriate Arenanet could use cameras that track around an area and pan through one for more visibility. An example would a camera that slowly circles around a capture point, back and forth, showing a broader angle without having to have 2 unique cameras in that area.

In addition to those map cameras, each player in the game gets a chase camera that sits a little further out that the normal player's character maximum zoom, no player UI visible (e.g. skill bar, target interface, or map) and shows just the area around the player, The orientation is pointed towards "anchor points" that are placed on the middle of open areas in the map. These anchors ensure that wherever the character is the camera, it is pointed towards the area most open on the map.

In addition to the chase cameras, there is an additional player camera that is just their character's view box. Skill bar and target visible (but I would say no map or chat). This camera sticks to the character's regular in-game camera, so when the player turns the camera this follows. This is easily the most intimate view.

2. You have your cameras, now add your director

GW2 Gear Icon

Based the above there would be roughly 70 to 100 cameras in the map. 50-75 map cameras, 10 chase cameras, and 10 player view cameras. So the next question is how does the game know what camera to use? How does it focus on the most interesting action, while maintaining a level of sanity so that players can follow the camera switches? The answer is “weight”.

Each camera starts the game with a weight value. Camera weight at first is based on its type (map, chase, or player). And then as the match plays out the weight will change based on what the camera can see in its field of view. This would use similar technology to the Level of Detail (LoD) Arenanet is using for particle effects. In short, it tracks what the player can see and it lowers the quality on everything else. Only in this case the game would be tracking what each camera can see and adjusting its weight value as things enter and leave the frame.

Let’s give some examples of a weighting table. For each of these objects in the camera’s field of view, add this weight to the camera. This is not a complete list, but some examples:

  • Player Character = 30 weight + 20 weight if <25% health + 50 weight if downed
  • Capture point = 50 weight + 50 points if contested
  • Pet/summon/minion = 10 weight
  • Regular ability being triggered = 5 weight, lasts 3 seconds from ability's activation
  • Elite ability active = 30 weight

And to refine, you would add map specific values:

  • Trebuchet under attack = 50 weight
  • Trebuchet repair pack = 20 weight
  • Forest NPC = 50 weight

Each camera adds up its weight and Autocast would prioritize the heaviest camera since it will contain the most action. You'll notice in the above table common actions like ability use adds short bursts of weight, while more fixed attractions like capture points carry an inset weight of their own which ensures the camera will tend towards them. With this system in effect, you can add weights to all sorts of actions as well, even skill specific (e.g. death shroud used, warrior burst skill used, heal skill used). The game is already aware these things are different, now they just add a little extra information about their usage to the cameras that see them.

This system in a pure form would result in two unfavorable side effects, at least two I thought of immediately. One, it would get "stuck" on the largest fight for overly extended periods, hopping between various angles of the same fight, at the detriment of all other "side action." Two, it would switch at too frequent a rate to be tracked by players as the weights of these cameras would be very volatile.

This brings me to step 3.

3. Make that director smart

GW2 Gear Icon

This is where you start to fine tune the experience so that it flows naturally. Now all of these numbers are just theory for me; if this was implemented Arenanet would have to tune them to feel correct.

The way you make the system smart isn't a bunch of rules and manual switches, you just evolve the weight system to add contextual weights. Here are some examples, with explanations of their impact on the system (as before, this is not exhaustive):

A) While a camera is active = -100 weight to all cameras within 50 meters.

This has the effect of preventing switches to cameras with identical or nearly similar views. Hopefully the camera would travel around the map a bit, which is desired to see all the action. This is aimed at solving the first of the two issues above.

B) When Autocast switches to a camera = +200 weight.

This provides the camera some "stickiness" after a camera swamp and prevents "quick cuts" which would be jarring to watch, addressing issue two above.

C) While a camera is active = -2 weight per second it has been active.

This would make it unlikely any one camera angle would be used for a long period of time. This, in combination with the above, would create an Autocast that once it cuts to a new camera would stay their briefly, and then after some time be more likely to switch away. Of course, if the action stays intense, the camera would overcome this weight loss.

So what these do in concert is create a camera the after it switches will stick with that view for some period, and then after a little bit, based on the rate of action in that camera, move to a new zone of action, preferably at a location 50+ meters away to ensure you see the all the action on the map. If at any time a new burst of activity comes up and really shoots a new zone of activity up the weight scales, Autocast would still be able to overcome these built in regulators and cut to that action.

At this point I think you *could* stop. You would have a dynamic system that shows the whole fight, focuses on the hot spots without lingering, and also ensures nothing goes unnoticed. But this isn't good enough. We can do more with this tool to really make Autocast the talk of the town.

4. Make that director personal

GW2 Gear Icon

This is where I get excited. Everything above is great, but it's one-size –fits-all. With A simple panel of Autocast preferences I could tailor the view to my exact desires. I'm eager to explain this, so I'll jump right in. Some example sliders follow. Each of these sliders is -10 to 10 (with 0 in the middle).

  • Map Cameras vs Player Chase/Viewbox Cameras
  • Player Viewbox Cameras vs Player Chase Cameras
  • Players vs Objectives (capture point and map specific)
  • Camera Cuts vs Camera Stickiness

Based on the settings, you update the weight impact of each of those cameras or variables. Favoring characters for example would make base character weight an additional 10 or 20 based on the setting. Favoring Camera Stickiness would make the "when camera switches..." effect in step 3 above add 300 or 400 instead of 200 weight, causing the camera to linger on a steady shot longer.

I would imagine the default settings in a system like this would be tailored for new players (Map cameras favored, objectives favored, camera stickiness favored) because that would present a more "sport" like experience where you just see the action without getting too much of a peak behind the curtains. Thankfully GW2 is a very visual game, so you'll see what is going on without needing to see the skill bars of players and become overwhelmed with all the information.

As players watch more they would naturally want to switch to seeing the player’s viewbox more since it will make sense to them, and if they want they can increase the camera switches so they see more action with a less "steady" camera effect. You could even weight certain professions (say I play a warrior and really want to watch other warriors play. Simply add +20 weight to all Warrior cameras).

Players could even have settings to favor elite abilities more, or kills more from these settings. In the end I get to see the action I want, in a way I want. Imagine watching an (American) football broadcast where I get to choose what positions I get to see. If I was a wide receiver growing up I would love to watch their routes down field instead of always watching the QB in the pocket. That would be incredible. Or say I like watching blitzes. I could set settings to see every blitz as it comes off the edge.

All of this would be dynamic, and all without me having to constantly hop around the cameras manually.

An example more specific to e-sports would be something like Tribes: Ascend. Without going into too much detail, the casters for that game really suffer from "follow the capper" since they are the most dynamic part of the field. But when I play Tribes, I play clearer or Heavy on Flag. When I watch a tournament, it would be great if the camera angles I got to see tended towards those roles.

5. Everything else

That's it for the nuts and bolts really. I think the benefits are obvious, but I don't think it can be understated how cool this would be. Imagine a tournament going on of the top players, and with a few clicks I could chose to spectate on the match and sit back and enjoy the whole experience like I was watching it being cast by a live person. This means literally every match in GW2 could have the top quality viewing experience, and the end spectator gets the best possible experience no matter what they want to see. Some games have features where the community could "step in" to cast a game, this feels like a natural evolution of that manual system.

There are fringe benefits to this system too. Since each camera is aware of what it sees, you can introduce some labeling or Auto-Announcing to the system. Imagine the bottom of the screen telling spectators what they see. For example, "Two Red team attacking the Henge", "Blue Warrior attacking Svanir", "Blue defends the Clock Tower in a 3v2", "Innuendo uses Tornado!"

Of course at any time the game could give players an "override" option that lets them manually switch cameras or go into a free float camera, essentially switch to a traditional spectator mode. But that's just bells and whistles. The UI for this would need to be simple as well. I would suggest mirroring the party bar on the top left of the screen to the top right (so that the left side is the red team and the right is the blue). This way at a glance you can see the player panels for all the combatants, and a snapshot of their health and conditions. But again, those things are just extras.

I really think Autocast would introduce new players to the sPvP scene in a way that is unprecedented in other games currently on the market. The game will be telling them what is important, why it's important, and focus on all that action in a dynamic and interesting to watch way. It fosters curiosity and invites new players to learn more about the game. If Arenanet wants the sPvP scene to flourish, if they want it to be inviting to new players just learning the ropes, so this level of presentation could be immensely valuable.

For now, we'll wait and see what they do decide to implement feature wise for spectator mode, and more importantly when those features will be ready. Here's me yelling again that's it should be sooner rather than later.

Thank you for reading.

- Brad


innuendo's picture
Submitted by innuendo (not verified) on

Just wanted to quickly say thanks to Sardu and Lewis for posting this.

I really think this issue is important for the game I hope this post will spur more of the community to "yell" about this feature.

Thanks guys, Go hub!

Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

Interesting article, thanks for posting. 

Surely Anet could just have a similar spectator mode to what they currently have in GW1? Have fixed cameras at certain points on the map (like you mentioned, although 50+ sounds a bit excessive), and cameras following each player, with you having the ability to choose which camera to view from. Your spectator mode idea sounds more elaborate. 

Spectator mode is definitely something I would like to see implemented though, for sure. 

Entombed's picture
Submitted by Entombed (not verified) on

I love these ideas, and the time spent developing this must have been substantial.  Well done Innuendo!  

Zab's picture
Submitted by Zab (not verified) on

Take a look at Riots spectator mode. I think that works fantasticly.

oneeyered's picture
Submitted by oneeyered on

Wow impressive!

Its a simple world for complicated people



ArcherAvatar's picture
Submitted by ArcherAvatar on

Fantastic article... comprehensive and detailed, with very specific and well thought out suggestions.  Let's get these ideas drawn up as a plan of action and stamp that sucker "approved."

Lethality's picture
Submitted by Lethality (not verified) on

Great writeup and a feature fleshed out the way you outline would be great!

But I think you hit on it in your second paragraph: "Everyone who wants to see sPvP take off from a competitive standpoint"  --  That happens to be but a fraction of the player base.

Something like item preview affects _everyone_ in _all_ areas of the game, especially since cosmetic advancement is such a big part of GW2.

innuendo's picture
Submitted by innuendo (not verified) on

Alas, I know.

I think the percentage who wants to see the game take off competitively is larger than you give credit though. There is a lot of guilds interested in the pvp scene in guild wars and that sort of high level attention at the esports stage can do wonders for a game and drive revenue and interest into the product, which improves everyone's experience in game (even down to the crafters and RPers).

Plus, I think part of the goal of this feature would be to bridge that gap between the player bases. Introduce the non competitive to the competitive scene in a controlled and highly polished manner, and you might be surprised how many "convert". A lot of the reason you don't see larger competitive communities in some games is how high the barriers to entry are.

Startcraft has a great system with their leagues as you player more you gain progress towards higher tiers of play and players. But for someone who doesn't have the time available to become competitive themselves could benefit from this system by being highly active in the sPvP scene without necessarily needing to be as dedicated from a play standpoint. I think that lines up well with Arenanet's stated goals for the game being easy to enter and not requiring huge time comitments to enjoy.

Thanks for the comment.


Submarine's picture
Submitted by Submarine (not verified) on

There is too much to yell for at ANet, I lost my voice a long time ago..


Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Can't they just open the game API to mods and someone can create this themselves?

innuendo's picture
Submitted by innuendo (not verified) on

Light hearted word play. Sadly the intent was apparently not clear from the text alone.

Crazy's picture
Submitted by Crazy (not verified) on

Hi, i liked a lot the idea but i have some comments to make:

A sistem like this would make a match very easy to watch , as you mentioned the plan is to make it as if it was TV, i think thats great! But what about high level matches? the first problem i see while reading this is that in competitive play usually the deciding factor for a team to win or lose is in the strategy and not the action, and obviously the espectator would like to see atleast 5 seconds of that player that went out of the group to cap a point while his team is fighting for another.

When 2 high skilled teams collide the battle should be very balanced, so the match isn't going to be decided by what happens in that fight, sure it will help, but what i'm trying to say is that if they are fighting 4vs4 and the other members of the respective teams are far away, usually that lone wolf will be the deciding factor, this weight system would give that player enough weight to be watched, and maybe you are right, but i think the lone wolf that's sneaking by to cap the other team's point while his buddies fight on the middle point is the mvp in that particular fight.


Also imagine 1 team defending the middle point and the other team regrouping to attack, the weight will go to the point instantly when contested, but the mvp at that moment is the lone ranger/thief at the roof who picks the last guy of the enemy team just as they pass through a hallway and 2 things happen, another guy comes and helps his buddy, making hes team be at an numerical advantage at the point they are defending, or he kills that guy because he got him by surprise and should have a very high rate of succes.


Im not trying to kill your idea of an inteligent camera autocasting the match, but i think it needs a bit more refinement even in the theoretical part to take into acount "not standard" play that might occur in high level play and is not only tied to map specific interest points like trebuchet.


also my ideas here aren't useful when the match is not a high level match  as players would be running around randomly doing pointless stuff.

some ideas:

consider 1vs1 fights as another event of interest and give it a weight, i don't think the camera should focus to much on that one fight , but the spectator cant miss that is happening.

minimap is a must for me so that even if the weight on one fight is too high and the camera will focus on it, the spectator knows that one guy from the blue team is sneaking to the other team's point.

cross class combos should have their weight too as they are quite neat.

maybe a replay feature?¿ if 2 fights are happening at the same time, 1v1 in one cap point and 4v4 on the other the system could save the 1v1 fight for when the big middle battle is ended and show: "Hey while that was happening SuperPownzRanger was fighting ImaBadDefender" and show the replay of that fight , or atleast the 15 seconds before one of them finished the other and capped the point.


As it is clearly seen in my post english is not my first language and i apreciate your patience while reading this long comment , thanks and i hope this ideas help you refine your system so taht maybe you can summit some of the ideas to ArenaNet.

innuendo's picture
Submitted by innuendo (not verified) on

You're correct that smaller side fights are devalued in this system. It's would be the goal of the balancing of the system that the weight devaluation seen in step 3 needs to do.

Like I said, that list wasn't exhaustive, and you are extactly correct you need to make sure those side fights are taken into account.

Something like "for each player camera, +2 weight per second that they haven't been seen in frame."

That would have the effect of making sure each match you would get to see every player. It would make those lone ranger players slowly build up a lot of weight as they roam around behind the scenes, and then autocast would switch to essentially "check in" on their action before returning to the larger skirmishes.

But the tackle this from another angle, focusing on the main fight is often what spectators want. In a game of starcraft for example the macro and base build up is arguably more important than the army movements, but 90% or more of every cast is focused on the army. You can't see everything so you might as well see the excitement I suppose... I agree with you, though, autocast would have to have checks in place to ensure action doesn't go missed.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

crazy's picture
Submitted by crazy (not verified) on

thank you too for your fast response:

i totally agree with you, human caster will always be there and they will do a better job than the autocast, but not every match will be casted by a caster so this system could be a great idea.

i was thinking in the lone players as drops in starcraft  now that you mentioned it, camera needs to focus on it for a period of time so that the  spectator knows its there, and go back to the action, when the drop hapens( when the lone wolf finds a target) camera should go back to him again.


also i mentioned to cross class combos because they are the simplest form of teamwork, if you are seen a lot of fire walls and poison clouds and the ranger placed behind them to rain down fire on the enemy you clearly identify that as teamwork, that makes the spectator make guesses like .....oh that team is clearly gonna win, but it might not and thats exiciting in any sport or Esport, thats why for me starcraft2 is very enjoyable to watch, sometimes is clear who got the advantage but sometimes matches turn the other way around completely.

Concerned 's picture
Submitted by Concerned (not verified) on

Slap on Observer from Guild Wars 1, anyone who knows PvP will know who to watch to see what they want.

innuendo's picture
Submitted by innuendo (not verified) on

You're right, everyone who knows pvp will. But what percentage of the player base knows sPvP? Or even if they get the basic ideas (capture points, kill people), would know what to watch as the match evolves?

I'm guessing that percentage is only slightly above the percentage of people who play sPvP at any competitive level. Features like these are to be gateways into what is typically a very high walled competitive scene in MMO's. Sort of shed some light and provide a first taste of the highest level of combat. Without features like this it falls on the players themselves to educate and play the game until they understand. Which can be both daunting and time consuming. Not things you want to impose on your viewing audience.

Kharel's picture
Submitted by Kharel (not verified) on

Absolutely love the idea, and its implementation. The camera selection method you're describing is not unlike what many good search algorithms do when ranking search results. I would take it one step further, even.

When in automatic mode, rank or list the top-weighted cameras. No need to specify exactly what the weight is, but make them available via some sort of UI element, listing either cameras above a certain "action threshold" (which seems to be what your weights would calculate) or the top N cameras--possibly some combination thereof.

When a spectator clicks on that camera in the UI, immediately give the camera a high weight value--say, around +200. This would effectively immediately change the camera view to the new perspective, while allowing the automatic selection process to take place normally when the action moved elsewhere.

This would allow sportscasters and casual viewers to focus on something of interest to them, then move elsewhere automatically when the action ends. Of course, relevant options in the options panel could be added to control the behavior.

innuendo's picture
Submitted by innuendo (not verified) on

Yup, that sort of UI manual override would be perfect and something I thought about but didn't end up including since it wasn't central to the system. But you are exactly correct, the next steps in this system would be a nice UI on top that allows you to make on the fly adjustments.

Click on a player's image in the party displays, add 50 points to each camera with him in it

Click on a capture point's icon, jump to it and add 100 points to each camera that sees it

and other things like that would really help flesh out the tool.

Thanks for the comment.

Sam's picture
Submitted by Sam (not verified) on

I love the thought that went into this post. This is EXACTLY what we need. You're right, for sPvP Torunament to be taken seriously we must have this.

rudy's picture
Submitted by rudy (not verified) on

I gotta agree with with ESK, Im sure the writeup is probably good, but you throw "deserve" in the title, that pretty much says "I am entitled to"  rant, whether it actually is or not.  That, or it says "I'm a teenager".  Don't use words like "deserve"  "demand" etc in a title.  It makes it sound like it's coming from that white kid you always see in the the walmart, throwing a temper tantrum while his parents just stand there and the rest of us want to beat his ass.  

I did breeze over what you wrote though, the idea sounds good.  It'd make it kind of like watching football on tv with all the camera angles?

I don't really use the spectator mode in gw1, but it'd be interesting to see what your idea looks like in real time.   Sounds like you put alot of thought into this.  

innuendo's picture
Submitted by innuendo (not verified) on

"The [blank] we deserve" is a play on the Batman quote, "he's not the hero gotham deserves, he's the hero gotham needs" (or something close to that). It sounded nice mostly.

I'm glad you took the time to read the piece, I think you'll find that at no point did I rant at or towards arenanet. At most I expressed confusion at their statements about feature priority, but everyone can be bewildered at some point.

In fact, I find what they've done in their community responsiveness is unfounded in the industry, which is partly why I took the time to write this piece. If I didn't think they would listen and consider I wouldn't have done it.

Thanks for the reply.

c0c0c0's picture
Submitted by c0c0c0 on

I'll take what they have in GW1 and be happy enough.  I gotta believe that the new code base is close enough they could almost cut and paste it.

I don't see how PvP can really take off without this feature.  How else is someone going to see how it would work without just joining a team and getting roflstomped?

Spoodigity's picture
Submitted by Spoodigity (not verified) on

Nice idea. Have you thought about the inclusion of a replay save mode where you can record a match in game and replay or share it through the in game engine? I imagine this combined with your method would be the ultimate viewing experience. Games like halo 3, call of duty and gta IV use this in game recording feature if you're unfamiliar with what I'm referring to

Did you think about the potential abuses?'s picture
Submitted by Did you think a... (not verified) on

Very well thought-out plan on how to make the camera mechanics of a spectator system work.

However, the one thing spectator-mode proponents seem to overlook is how giving people the ability to watch a match in real-time opens up the potential for cheating.  A spectator who is associated with one of the teams in the match can use the spectator cameras to spy on the other team.  Then, through voice chat or cell phone, relay the locations and strategies of the opposing team to their friends in the match.

This may sound preposterous to those of you who would watch the matches out of a pure desire to see the best team win.  But not everyone will share your noble intentions.  Especially as games move towards the eSport side of things where prizes and even real money are awarded to the winners, I can absolutely guarantee there will be "spectators" who are actually there to spy on the other team to give their friends a decided advantage in the match.

Which isn't to say that a spectator system won't work at all.  But to avoid the abuse of such a system as I outlined above, the only option is to time-delay the match by 30 seconds or more.  Just be aware when coming up with what sounds like a good idea on paper that you need to always ask yourself, "In what way can this idea be used to exploit or cheat the game?".  Then figure out a counter to the cheat or exploit.

I'm not against a spectator system.  I'm against a spectator system that carries the potential for abuse, cheating, exploitation, and giving a team an unfair advantage.  Solve that problem and I'm all for it.

innuendo's picture
Submitted by innuendo (not verified) on

It was something I didn't discuss, but nearly all of these systems have a built in delay of around 2 minutes to prevent this.

So yes. Very astute point and one that is thankfully easy to address.

Absimilard's picture
Submitted by Absimilard on

Very nice Ideas. I am not that much into watching games, but I could see it happening with this game and this system.

The ability to switch from autocast to manual must be swift and seamless though. If there is something I feel is interesting to stick to a spot and watch, I don't want to miss anything because it took to long to change.. This is also very important to those casting the game (I presume at least). They can't rely solely on the program, but I imagine this would actually be a big help to them as well, if they could turn it on and off fast..

It would be great if there was a mini map or a overlay map that could be called up with a button and that had all the fighters on it. You see red and blue representations on the map that is. That way you could forsee something interesting happening and then, by clicking the map, you could head there before it happened.

Lastly I would like the ability (I guess its under the manual camera part) to stick to one character. If I want to track what you do under a match, I would like to be able to tell autocast to just follow you around.

Nice Ideas and I hope they get it in asap. It won't kill me to not have this at launch, but I think it would be really good for the game to have it in soon. 

Semper Dius

Rin Aki's picture
Submitted by Rin Aki on

I like the idea, and the system, Innuendo. You have obviously put some thought into it. I too hope we get some form of spectator mode and I'm fairly certain we will get one. As to getting it at launch though, I can understand your (and others) keenness to have this option at the start, I myself am happy to wait (so long as we don't have to wait too long ;)).

For me, the first few months will be taken up with leveling up, completing the personal story, exploring the wonders and events of Tyria, gearing up my main as best as possible and taking part in WvW and sPvP. So I won't have much time for spectating to start with ;). But it would be a very useful tool to have and I look forward to seeing what Anet implements. Who knows maybe they'll like, or already have something like, your idea. And if this gets their attention and makes them add it before launch, then that can only be a good thing.

Order of the Ono & Semper Dius

Nuu's picture
Submitted by Nuu (not verified) on

Wow very well done & thorough post! I wish we did have spectator mode

sylvinstar's picture
Submitted by sylvinstar on

This would also be a great too for sPvP guilds to build their skills, by having non-participating members view the matches to find weaknesses in play.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Yski approves. Something like this really should be in the game imo. Well written!

Yski's picture
Submitted by Yski on

This is indeed me. I sort of forgot I haven't been here for a couple of days..

Every single forum I've used to spread anti guardian propaganda has subsequently died out on me. Coincidence? I think not!

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I think a really simple way of doing it is just utilizing the current UI system. For example: We know that all competitive PvP will have 5 players on each team. Conveniently enough, the first 5 abilities on the UI are by themselves. So they can easily make it so 1-5 switches the camera to Player 1-5, respectively. F1-F4 can also be easily utilized. F1 can switch the teams, or F1 can be a single team, and F2 can be the other. F2 (or F3, depending on their approach to the previous part) can switch the camera controls, not to individual players, but to capture points/points of interest, i.e. NPC bosses or the trebuchets; 1-3 are capture points and 4-5 could be Red Team Trebuchet and Blue Team Trebuchet, or Svanir and Chieftain. If they want, they can make F4 control certain areas on the map that might have high traffic, i.e. the area just below the Keep in Forest of Nifihel, or right under the Clocktower in Battle of Khylo. And of course, there's always the 6-0 buttons, and can be used however. Maybe time controls, like skip forward, skip backwards, pause/play, slow, rewind. Just my thoughts. Also, on the mini-map, it would be really easy to just highlight spots that the camera can go to that aren't points of interest, just places the camera can potentially go.

I really hope someone with a bigger voice than mine reads this post and spreads it around. This seems really viable and extremely simple to execute. They could probably program this all out in a month, which they definitely have left before release. That's all I have to say. If you read this, thanks.

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I'd love to see an analysis or "stats" table that pops up after each match or could even be running concurrently that shows the numbers of what is happening.  Stats to include would be the basic ones such as damage and healing done but also average number of boons when attacking and conditions on the target at time of attacks.  This would provide a much better understanding of why one team may have one or why one player or another always seems to be in the middle of the action.

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Je viens d'acheter l'escorte, et je me demandais quels sont les signaux que je devrais regarder pour et d'autres signaux qui je ne peux ignorer ou ne pas avoir à être si prudent .. Aussi, si il ya des choses que je pourrais faire pour rendre le passeport encore mieux. Conseils et astuces: D. Merci d'avance ..