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Ree Soesbee Lore Special: Menschen [WarTower/TowerTalk]

April 8, 2012 - 8:30am -- Haelyn

Elli: So, let’s start with a basic in human lore or in human history. The humans have three different kingdoms or they were based in three diferent kingdoms. So what kingdoms do we have?

Ree: So, once long, long ago, the gods of the humans brought the humans to Tyria. And they founded a kingdom called Orr and the city of Arah. And Arah was the city of the Gods. The Gods actually lived there among the people much like the forbidden city at the center of China’s main city. Arah had an area, where the gods lived and the humans lived around them and worshipped them and adopted Tyria. From there the humans spread north and east up and to a land they called Ascalon, where they founded the kingdom. And from there they headed around to the west to Kryta. When Orr fell some hundred years later the gods went back to heaven. They were no longer needed to guide the human race directly. Orr fell to the Charr. Ascalon and Kryta were the two nations we had in the original guild wars game. They were sort of allied and sort of estranged. The king of Ascalon and the leaders of Kryta had a lot of political differences and in the end the king of Ascalon went crazy and doomed his own country. So at that point the last human nation was Kryta. In Guild Wars 2 we take Kryta 250 years later and we portray how that nation might have grown and evolved and through the course you’ll see how Ascalon is changed and how it is fallen, it’s no longer a human nation. You get to visit Orr with a lot of human history there. The race that gets the most lore out of Orr are the humans, because it was their original country.

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Submitted by sylvinstar on

I don't think I've ever heard a Wartower interview, or read one that was bad.  This is a prime example of good questions - interesting questions.  This really has made me rethink the race for my Main...

I think by making humans the 'underdogs', Arena Net has taken a race that is normally viewed as 'boring' and given it a reason to play for more people.  I just wish I could read German..I could pick out a bit from the comments but not much.